• Indian Industrial Policy
    Industrial Policy, 1991 INTRODUCTION The industrial policies pursued till 1990 enabled India to develop a vast and diversified industrial structure. India attained self–sufficiency in a wide range of consumer goods. But the industrial growth was not rapid enough to generate sufficient employme
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  • Indian Industrial Policy
    Industrial Policy, Objectives and Industrial Climate Industrial policy of a nation is the true determinant of foreign investment as well as domestic investment. Objective of the Industrial policy should be for bringing higher growth and prosperity for a country.  Objectives of the Indust
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  • Indian Industrial
    INDUSTRIAL POLICY SINCE 1956 When India achieved Independence in 1947, the national consensus was in favour of rapid industrialization of the economy which was seen not only as the key to economic development but also to economic sovereignty. In the subsequent years, India's Industrial Policy evolv
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  • Industrial Policy of India , Critical Anaysis
    INTRODUCTION In the post-World War II period India was probably the first non-communist developing country to have instituted a full-fledged industrial policy. The purpose of the policy was to co-ordinate investment decisions both in the public and the private sectors and to seize the ‘commandin
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  • Industrial Policy
    INDUSTRIAL POLICY SINCE 1956 When India achieved Independence in 1947, the national consensus was in favour of rapid industrialization of the economy which was seen not only as the key to economic development but also to economic sovereignty. In the subsequent years, India's Industrial Policy evolv
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  • New Industrial Policy of India 1991
    The Industrial Policy announced on July 24, 1991 heralded the economicreforms in India and sought to drastically alter the industrial scenario inour country. The most visible sign of the country¶s economic crisis inearly 1991 was:  Ex tremely low foreign e x change reserves of Rs. 2400 cror
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  • Industrial Policy of 1956
    General Focus To accelerate the rate of economic growth and to speed up industrialisation and, in particular, to develop heavy industries and machine making industries, to expand the public sector, and to build up a large and growing co-operative sector •To provide opportunities for gainful
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  • Industrial Policy Resolution
    Industrial activity is a major source of stability in an economy. It is more crucial in a planned economy wedded to the achievement of such an objective of economic growth and social justice. Achievement of such an objective requires active State participation in the process of industrialization to
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  • Industrial Policy
    tSpecial articles and Industrial Policy Which 1980: since Performance Now? Way Since 1980-81, manufacturingsector output has grown at 7 per cent per year, with economic reforms making little difference to the trend in the 1990s. But growth has decelerated over the last seven years, after
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  • Amendments in Industrial Policy
    Amendments in India’s Industrial Policy The main purposes of India’s Industrial Policy of the Government are to maintain a sustained growth in productivity, to enhance gainful employment, to achieve optimal utilization of human resources, to attain international competitiveness, and to trans
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  • Critical Analysis of New Indian Economic Policy
    INTRODUCTION TO INDIAN ECONOMY The economy of India as per the GDP is the eleventh largest economy in the world and by purchasing power parity the fourth largest. Following strong economic reforms from the socialist inspired economy of Indian nation before the time of independence, the country
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  • Industrial Policy
    cyINDIA’S INDUSTRIAL POLICIES FROM 1948 TO 1991 INDUSTRIAL POLICY RESOLUTION New Delhi, 6 April, 1948 No. 1(3)-44(13)/48-The Government of India have given careful thought to the economic problems facing the country. The nation has now set itself to establish a social order where justice and e
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  • Industrial Policy of Assam
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  • Ap Govt Unveils New Industrial Policy
    The new Industrial and Investment Promotion Policy (IIPP) for 2010-2015 will help unlock investment potential in the State attracting about Rs 75,000 crore over the next five years, according to the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, Mr K. Rosaiah. He unveiled the AP IIPP 2010-2015 on Thursday at the S
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  • Indian Fiscal Policy Impacts
    LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY Term Paper School of Business Department of Management Name of the Student: Azhar Shokin Regd. No.: - 11000968 Course Code: MGT511 Course Title: Business Environment Course Instructor: Vishwas Chakranarayan Course Tutor:
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  • Indian Fiscal Policy
    Fiscal Policy in India, N. Singh and T. N. Srinivasan, February 2004 1 Fiscal Policy in India: Lessons and Priorities* Nirvikar Singh‡ T. N. Srinivasan† February 17, 2004 Abstract This paper assesses India’s current fiscal situation, its likely future evolution, and impacts on the econom
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  • Critique on Indian Banking Reforms in 1991
    1. Critique on banking sector reforms in post 1991 period The Future of Banking Reform   Prior to the economic reforms, the financial sector of India was on the crossroads. To improve the performance of the Indian commercial banks, first phase of banking sector reforms were introduced in 1991 a
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  • Indian Policy Resolution
    Index ❖ Industrial Policy (Introduction) 1 ➢ Objectives 1 ➢ Major Industrial Policy Statements 2 ❖ Industrial Policy Resolution 1948 2 ➢ Acceptance of the importance of both private and public sectors 2
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  • Fiscal Policy of India from 1991 to 2011
    Fiscal Policy in India (An overview 1991-2011) Abstract This essay examines the trajectory of India’s fiscal policy with a focus on historical trends, fiscal discipli
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  • Political - Economical Environment Facing Indian Business
    The Politico –Economic Environment Facing Indian Business. Business, now-a-days is vitally affected by the economic, social, legal, technological and political factors. These factors collectively form business environment. Business environment, as such, is the total of all external forces, whic
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