"Identify And Explain Macro And Micro Environmental Factors Which Influence Marketing Decisions" Essays and Research Papers

Identify And Explain Macro And Micro Environmental Factors Which Influence Marketing Decisions

Outcome 2.1 Show macro and micro environmental factors which Influence marketing decisions -Gatorade is not PepsiCo official product in Vietnam but it isn’t produced in Vietnam , it was imported from foreign country so the price of the product is higher and isn’t really suitable for Vietnam average income. There are two main environment elements which affect the price of the Gatorade: Micro environment -Competitors: There are many other products to choose in the soft drink market include...

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Marketing Micro and Macro Environmental Factors

Macro and micro environments both fall into the categories of environmental scanning. The general scope of environmental scanning is that it is a component of global environmental analysis. While analyses are typically carried out on the macro environment, the micro environment still has an important role to play. In summary, the macro environment is involved with the industries, companies, markets, clients and competitors, while the micro environment can be represented by the suppliers, competitors...

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Macro and Micro environment: How external factor can influence marketing decisions.

Macro and Micro environment: How external factor can influence marketing decisions. Introduction While the managers making efforts to take advantages of their competitors on the on the inside business structure such as to cut the cost down by simplifying the staff group, the macro and micro factors are escaping detection. Unlike internal environment, the macro and micro environments of a business are not changed by the behavior of its own whilst it is hard for most firms to be ready for reaction...

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Micro and Macro Marketing

MICRO AND MACRO MARKETING ENVIRONMENT Introduction Micro marketing Refers to the internal controllable factors or forces which affects the ability of a company to serve its customers. e.g. the organization, the market, the suppliers, market intermediaries and the marketing mix. The micro marketing environment that surrounds organisations can be complex by nature, however the company has an element of control over how it operates within this environment. Macro marketing Refers to the external...

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Micro and Macro environment factors

will be trying to help and advice marketing manager of Dynamic International Ltd. I will explain what are micro and macro environment factors and how do they affect his marketing decisions as well as consumer buying behaviour. I will propose him segmentation criteria, targeting and positioning for his products. Micro environment Micro environment consists of the different types of stakeholders outside the organisation. The constituents or stakeholders of the micro environment include customers, suppliers...

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Marketing and Environmental Factors

Macro-marketingMacro-marketing literally deals with big/important issues, beyond comparatively simple exchanges between buyers and sellers, or even relationships between companies and customers. In a more interconnected world of markets, marketers, and their stakeholders, macro-marketing is an important mechanism to study both opportunities and shortcomings of marketing, and both its intended positive effects and unintended deleterious effects. This suggests macro-marketing includes an optimistic...

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Marketing Environment

Topic One: The Marketing Environment 1. What is meant by the term marketing environment? The marketing environment consists of the actors and forces that affect a company’s capability to operate effectively in providing products and services to its customers. It is useful to classify these forces into the micro-environment (customers, competitors, distributors and suppliers) and the macro-environment (political and legal, economic, social/cultural, technological, environmental, legal forces). These...

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Micro and Macro Marketing Environment

McDonald’s became a famous global name (refer to appendix 1) which had more than 33,000 restaurants in 119 countries (McDonald’s, 2012). How could it operate profitably in a competitive market? It was due to the flexibility in the changeable marketing environment (Lovelock, 2002). The marketing environment can be assumed as a flexible system. Just like the human body which may die if it fails to adjust to environmental modifications, so the business also may lose if it does not adapt to external...

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Marketing and Consumer Buying Behavior

Marketing Guidelines for A1 (1b) Evaluate the benefits and costs of a marketing orientation for a selected organization Hints: ( What is the marketing orientation (product? production? sales? marketing? societal marketing?) that you will be selecting for Sunshine? ( What are the benefits and costs of such orientation you have selected? Link this orientation to the costs and benefits of building competitive advantage; benefits of building customer satisfaction; desired quality; service and...

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Organization Marketing Process

SUBJECT CODE & TITLE | : | MCG 202 / Marketing | ASSIGNMENT TITLE | : | Applying marketing concepts and theories for organizations | Summary of the Learning Outcomes covered: 1. Investigate the concept and process of marketing 2. Explore the concepts of segmentation, targeting and positioning 3. Identify and analyze the individual elements of the extended marketing mix 4. Apply the extended marketing mix to different marketing segments and contexts ASSIGNMENT TYPE |...

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Marketing and White Goods

Topic 2 - The Marketing Environment. As an independent marketing management consultant, you have been asked by the marketing director of a leading local white goods company to prepare a report discussing the main components of the micro and the macro marketing environments impacting the organisation. You are also to outline why the organisation should be knowledgeable about environmental developments. Abigail Gatt G.F Abela Junior College Group 2A Table Of...

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Macro Environment Factors

Macro Assignment Table of Contents 1. Introduction………………………………………………...3 2. Summaries……………………………………………….....3 3. Macro environment factors………………………………....4 4. Industry involved……………………………………….......5 5. Impact of the factors………………………………………..5 6. Conclusion………………………………………………….6 1.0 Introduction The purpose of this report is to demonstrate an understanding of the marketing macro environment. The proposed research question was: Identify the macro...

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Pepsi: Environmental Factors

Environmental Factors Antonio Presley University of Phoenix August 31, 2009 Abstract Every organization has rules, regulations, and guidelines that help govern the conduct of the employees, global and domestic marketing decisions, and environmental factors. PepsiCo, success can be affected by an internal or external environment analysis. An internal or external environment analysis is an analysis of the target market for a company's goods or services that can provide understanding of environmental...

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 New Zealand Diploma in Business/Bachelor of Applied Management/Bachelor of Tourism Management MGMT.5541/5941 Fundamentals of Marketing Assignment 1 Summer School, 2013 Due Date: Tuesday 14th January 2014 Assignment 1 - Summer School, 2013 The assignment comprises 25% of the total marks for the course. 1. Purpose The purpose of this assessment is to: enhance and assess your knowledge and understanding of the theories, concepts and...

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International marketing Use examples to demonstrate your ability Define you topics e.g. pestle but most marks will be in ability to apply knowledge Look at the brand republic for people doing the resit paper Mind tools and business balls and strategic models good books to look at Key topics: Why would a business internationalise? International marketing strategies e.g. Ansoff growth strategies and think global, act local Culture, what is it and what are typologies and their use to...

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How to Lay Out a Marketing Assignment

HNC Business Marketing Unit 1 Summary of learning outcomes To achieve this unit a learner must: 1 Investigate the concept and process of marketing 2 Explore the concepts of segmentation, targeting and positioning 3 Identify and analyse the individual elements of the extended marketing mix 4 Apply the extended marketing mix to different marketing segments and contexts. Assignment 1 To get you started! NOTE: ALL WORK MUST BE REFERENCED USING THE HARVARD SYSTEM OF REFERENCING!NOT this...

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NDBF 1 2013 | Marketing – Assignment 1 | Cosmopolitan College of Commerce & Technology | | Mohammad Tarmidzie Bin Bahrom | 6/25/2013 | Table of Contents Introduction of Business Environment 3 Marketing Business Environment 3 Micro-Environment 3 Macro Environment 4 PESTEL Analysis of Jollibee Foods Corporation 5 Introduction to Jollibee Foods Corporation 5 Political Factor 6 Economic Environment 6 Socio-Cultural Environment 7 Technological Environment 7 Ecological...

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Macro Environmental Factors

said to affect organizational decisions, strategies, processes and performances ” with reference to a business organization of your choice and using macro environments factors only, comment on the validity of this statement.(25) INTRODUCTION Lancaster (2011) defines the macro environment as ’those global elements over which the organization has no control over but which affect the organization’s ability to serve its customers profitably.’ There are six major macro environment forces: cultural,...

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External factors are beyond the control of a firm, its success depends to a large extent on its adaptability to the environment. The external marketing environment consists of : a) Macro environment, and b) Micro environment a) Micro environment: The environmental factors that are in its proximity. The factors influence the company’s non-capacity to produce and serve the MARKET.The factors are : 1) Suppliers: The suppliers to a firm can also alter its competitive position and marketing capabilities...

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Marketing Principles

Marketing Principles Task 1 – Understand the concept and process of marketing 1a) Following are the elements of the marketing process * Marketing strategy : Targeting * Marketing strategy : Segmentation * Marketing strategy : Positioning * Marketing strategy : Targeting : One need to focus on the following elements * ·Economic factors * ·Demographic elements * ·Technological trends * ·Political/legal events * ·Social/cultural environment *...

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Marketing Principles

1.Marketing Principles Case study of Osim International Ltd A. Definitions of Marketing The activities of a company associated with buying and selling a product or service. It includes advertising, selling and delivering products to people. People who work in marketing departments of companies try to get the attention of target audiences by using slogans, packaging design, celebrity endorsements and general media exposure. The four 'Ps' of marketing are product, place, price and promotion...

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Market Economy and Macro Environment Factors

LECTURER: DANIEL NYAKERI ASSIGNMENT (CAT 1) Quiz: discuss the components of the macro environment and explain how they affect the organization you are working for? (20 mks). Macro environment factors are uncontrollable external forces that affect how a business operates. They are largely out of the control of the business, and often require changes in operating, management, production, and marketing. Analysts often categorize them using the acronyms PEST or PESTEL. Broken down, PEST stands...

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Marketing Principles Questions 2012/13

LONDON CHURCHILL COLLEGE Programme: BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND) in Business Unit Number and Title: Unit 4: Marketing Principles Unit Level: H2 Assignment Ref. Number: 4.1.1 Module Tutor: Sabrina Akbar Email: S.akbar@londonchurchillcollege.co.uk Date Set: 17/06/2013 Key dates Distribution date: 17/06/2013 Submission date: (13/08/2013) 9th week of the term Return date: 4 weeks from submission Introduction The aims of this assignment...

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Marketing : Week 3 Assignment

 China and India BUS 330 Principles of Marketing Instructor: Cynthia Goussak March 17, 2014 Video game consoles have continued to dominate the youth market not only in the United States but overseas as well. With three primary focuses, Playstation, Xbox and the Wii, game consoles have invaded households worldwide. Although Microsoft’s Xbox is has enjoyed owning the the market share as the top dog for the last several years with its first and second generation...

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Marketing Environment

Entrepreneurial Marketing Chapter 3 THE PHILIPPINE MARKETING ENVIRONMENT Written Report Group 1 Alba, Alyanna Marie Cleofe, Rancel Delos Santos, Ferdinand Espos, Norman Linag, Stephanie Macasojot, Jellie Roxas, Derick Villarosa, Christilyn INTRODUCTION We all know that the modern economy has affected the marketing practices and philosophies. The study of marketing must continue in understanding the marketing opportunities. We will discover that marketing is not enclosed...

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Product Selling Marketing

gMarketing-process of moving goods and services to customers Marketing activities-product development, research, communication, distribution, pricing and service Need – Want – Demand- need is essential (food, shelter) want is not (car, laptop) demand is desire to have Exchange-a trade of values between two parties Marketing System- network that permits interaction between buyers and sellers Maslow’s hierarchy of need- a diagram showing how people seek to satisfy their needs (from physiological...

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Macro Marketing

in marketing? why or why not? Bullet Points: 1. Definition of micromarketing 2. Definition of macromarketing 3. Relationship or differences 4. Subjects in macromarketing 5. Special Features of marketing theory 6. Which is better? Why? 1. micromarketing Micro refers to the marketing activities of individual units, normally individual organizations (firms) and consumers or households. (Hunt, 1976) 2. macromarketing Macro suggests a higher level of aggregation, usually marketing systems...

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Factors That Impact on and Influence the Organisation

Factors that impact on and influence the organisation The business environment is often an uncertain one, where managers are faced with many factors that impact on and influence the organisation. The micro-environment includes suppliers, customers and stakeholders, all of which influence the organisation directly. The macro-environment, however, includes factors that influence the organisation but are out of its direct control. The micro-environment is often determined by the industry the...

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Marketing and Question

Question 1 List and briefly explain the external or macro-environmental forces indicating how each element can affect the ability of the organisation to compete in the market. External Environment (Chapter 3) Question 2 Differentiate between the core product, the actual product, and the augmented product as these concepts apply in the motorcar industry. Product (Chapter 8) Question 3 Draw a product life cycle diagram showing the sales and the profit changes that occur over a typical...

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Review Questions for Exam I - Marketing 3301

Questions for Exam I - Marketing 3301 (Chapters 1-6) This offers a general guideline for studying for the test - Make sure that you read the book and study the slides. Chapter 1 1. Define marketing.( know the AMA definition) 2. Is marketing an important subject to study? why 3. How does marketing relate to production? 4. Define utilities. Know the different utilities. 5. Know the differences between the micro and macro functions of marketing 6. Why does...

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Environmental Factors

Environmental Factors MKT 421 March 8, 2011 ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS Nike is an organization that conducts both domestic and global marketing. The environmental factors will be identified that will affect the global and domestic marketing decisions. The following will be addressed as they relate to the organization’s marketing decisions: Analyze the influence of global economic interdependence and the effect of...

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Environmental Factors of Marketing

Environmental Factors of Marketing This paper will discuss the five environmental factors that influence global and domestic marketing decisions that organizations must make. These five environmental factors are technology, demographics, government, culture and economics. Companies are affected differently by these factors depending on the industry they are in and the size of the organization. I will be using the Washington Plaza Hotel to illustrate how these environmental factors affect the...

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Marketing Concept - Britvic

Question 1 Identify three key characteristics of the marketing concept. ‘Marketing concept is a philosophy that an organisation should try to provide products and services that satisfy customer’s needs through a coordinated set of activities that also allows the organisation to achieve its goals’ (Dibb, 2012:18). According to marketing concept customers should be at the centre of all the organisations activities. Therefore all departments of organisation are responsible for customer satisfaction...

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Macro Environment

Macro Environment The larger societal forces that affect the microenvironment- demographic, economic,natural, technological, political, and cultural forces. These factors represent constraints within which all organizations including the automobile industry must function. Macro Environment For any decision there is n number of factors which influences the decision. Be it a decision related to any organisation, any business concern or even an individual. Thus it is per se very much necessary...

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Pestel Analysis of the Macro-Environment

can therefore profoundly affect a company’s course of action.” Only after examine the nature of the marketing environment, we can therefore set up appropriate marketing strategies for organisation. Generally, the marketing environment can be classified into three levels: the external environment, performance environment and internal environment. Organization may have different degree of influence on each level and elements in each level may also have different impact on organization itself. The...

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Environmental Factors and Marketing

Environmental Factors and Marketing Decisions Will a successful marketing plan in one country work in another country? This is unlikely to occur due to many different cultural, political, economic, technological, and competitive environments. Marketing mixes require adjustments to meet local conditions and companies that understand these environmental factors can create advantages when positioning their products or services. Wal-Mart is a global organization and uses market research to understand...

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Pestel: Economics and Factors

Marketing Theories – PESTEL Analysis Posted on May 16, 2012 by admin Welcome to our Marketing Theories series. In this post we will be looking at the PESTEL Analysis in a bit more detail. A PESTEL analysis is a framework or tool used by marketers to analyse and monitor the macro-environmental(external marketing environment) factors that have an impact on an organisation. The result of which is used to identify threats and weaknesses which is used in a SWOT analysis. PESTEL stands for: * P –...

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Marketing and Case Study

should firstly read the accompanying case study which gives background information about the organisation. You should then answer the following questions, relating your responses to the case study where appropriate. 1. Identify three key characteristics of the marketing concept. 2. Explain Britvic’s micro and macro environment. 3. Explain why market research and the information gathered are important to an organisation like Britvic. 4. Explain how Britvic might collect and use market research...

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Macro-Environmental Analysis for Marketing

products. The macro-environment consists of six types of forces economic, demographic, cultural, natural, technological and political. “Vital Foods” must ensure that they take into account the trends, changes and alterations in these environments which can both pose threats and reveal opportunities. Economic Environment The economic environment is best described as having the “factors that affect consumer buying power and spending patterns" (Kotler et al 1998). These factors include income...

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Macro-Environmental Research

Macro-environmental trends.  This portion requires you to discuss and analyse the impact on the industry of the following factors (in case the industry competes in overseas markets, your analysis should have a corresponding dimension): ·         Social, cultural, demographic and environmental forces; ·         Political, governmental and legal forces; ·         Technological forces; and ·         Economic forces. Macro-Environment Definition Major external and uncontrollable factors that...

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Environmental Factors

Environmental factors can play a major part in a company's marketing plan. Environmental factors can include social, ecological, political, cultural, technological, and ethical issues. PepsiCo can face all these issues because they are a global company. Many of these issues can affect PepsiCo's marketing plan even in different areas of the United States. Larger environmental factors affect the way they market globally with different factors having to be considered in each area of the world. A company...

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The Influence and Impact on the Bio Ecological Model System

The Influences and Impact on the Bioecological Model Systems SOC 312: Child, Family & Society Instructor: Lynsey Ulibarri September 17, 2012 The Influences and Impact of the Bioecological Model Systems In today society children develop is a very important process that each parents, caregiver and individual should know. Mainly we can conclude that every child do not develop the same and actually cannot be treated the same when they go through their stages of development. One theory that...

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Marketing Plan for a New Product

Introduction In this assignment, I am going to invent a product, examine all the environmental aspects surrounding it and relate them to the micro and macro environments. I will then carry out a SWOT analysis and an environmental analysis and then draw a number of conclusions and recommendations for my imaginary company. My product I have chosen to invent a product for which there seems to be a market, or at least, there is no similar existing product. It is a conventional swivel clothesline...

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Principals of Marketing

MARKETTING GROUP TWO ASSIGNMENT MICRO ENVIRONMENT Micro environment factors are factors close to a business that have a direct impact on its business operations and success. Before deciding corporate strategy businesses should carry out a full analysis of their micro environment. In this article we discuss common micro environment factors. Customers As all businesses need customers, they should be Centered (Orientated) around customers. The firm's marketing plan should aim to attract and retain...

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Understanding the Marketing Environment

within the macro and microenvironment heavily influence marketing decisions.Using the case study illustrade this. The term micro-environment denotes those elements over which the marketing firm has control or which it can use in order to gain information that will better help it in its marketing operations. In other words, these are elements that can be manipulated, or used to glean information, in order to provide fuller satisfaction to the company’s customers. The objective of marketing philosophy...

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Environmental Factors

Environmental Factors Environmental factors can be political, social, ecological, cultural, technological and ethical in nature. Any organization that develops a product or service that they want to market domestically or globally must consider what the impact each of these factors may have for them. Not considering these factors can result in the failed attempt to market a product, which may be successful domestically, in other countries where there is a significant market potential. ...

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International Marketing Product Decision

Presentation International Marketing Product Decision International marketing involves international companies, who conduct a significant proportion of their business in foreign countries, and the multinationals that design, produce and market their products and services directly. The Product Anything that can be offer for sale to a market is called a product. And for that product to rise to an international level, there are some touchstones it needs to comply with: its nature and origin, its...

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Marketing Principles

Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of goods, services, and ideas to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organisation objectives. Marketing has many ways that products are sold. It includes advertising, selling and delivering products to people. Marketers try to get the attention of target audiences by using slogans, packaging design, celebrity endorsements and general exposure in the media world. The process of developing...

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Environmental Factors

Environmental Factors MKT/421 Marketing July 1, 2013 Environmental Factors Environmental factors can affect businesses and have an influence on marketing decisions. This paper will discuss the environmental factors was Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola’s major marketing decisions are influenced by environmental factors. This paper will address the forecast of high-level global and domestic environmental factors that may influence the company’s marketing decisions...

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Marketing Bla Bla

Marketing report Qantas Airline Name: ID: Unit number: Table of content: Industry Background…………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Marketing auditing and marketing planning…………………………………………………………………………… Business tools …………………………………………………………………….………........................................... Macro Environment Forces………………………………………………………………………….….…............... Economic …………………….………………………………………………………………………...….................... Cultural ……………………….……………………………………………………………………...

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Environmental Factors Paper

 Environmental Factors Paper Elizabeth McUne MKT/421 December 16, 2013 Creig Foster Environmental Factors Paper Introduction This paper will discuss the environmental factors that PepsiCo faces. These factors effect both the domestic, and global marketing the company does. Factors such as trade practices, demographics, cultural differences, and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 will all be discussed, as well as other factors that affect PepsiCo, and their...

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Model questions for Global Marketing

Model questions for Global Marketing Outline and discuss the principal causal factors that encourage firms to undertake the international marketing of their products and services. Cultural and political forces influence international marketing activity. Discuss the impact of these forces and illustrate your answers with examples. “The global competitor will seek to standardise his offering everywhere” (Levitt). Critically evaluate this view with specific reference to a firm’s international...

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Impact of Environmental Factors on Marketing Decisions of Costco

Wholesale CorporationEnvironmental factors consist of all the factors and activities which have a considerable impact on the running of the business. Environmental factors have a powerful impact on the normal functioning of the any business, especially in the marketing decisions (Pagell & Halperin, 2000). These factors pose challenges and threats to the success of any business. In order to deal with such environmental factors a firm should enhance its core competencies and make sound strategies (Staff...

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Blythe & The Marketing Environment

Chapter 2 - Blythe - The Marketing Environment Introduction Organisations are surrounded by laws, competitors etc which are marketing environment Marketing policy operates within a rapidly changing environment External factors must be monitored and responded to St Paul’s Cathedral Major tourist attraction, also a church at the same time Needs £5.5 million to stay open a year Non-profit organisation but needs contributions so some parts of the building you have to pay to see Has to compete with many...

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Britvic Marketing an introduction

Exercise1: Identify three key characteristics of the marketing concept. Answer: The business should pay attention to these five concepts; they are production, product, selling, marketing and societal marketing. Markets are the set of actual and potential buyers of a product. A successful marketing should give customers the right product, at the right price, available in the right place such as shops and online with the right promotion. Human wants, needs and demands for goods and services are quite...

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Macro-Environmental Factors in Vietnam

Macro-Environmental Factors Vietnam is a peninsula, which located in the Southeast Asia monsoon zone. Its long narrow territory stretches 1700km from north to south and in the center a mere 50km from east to west, the territory looks like a dragon stand at east of the Indo-Chinese peninsula. The coastline, which extends for 3260km, has fine beaches and archipelagos. It not only has beautiful landscape attracts countless tourists and also can get rich seafood, provided favorable conditions for raw...

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Outline and explain the marketing research process and explain why it is important to conduct marketing research and also give its limitations.

Marketing research is "the planned and systematic gathering and collation of data and the analysis of information relating to all aspects of marketing and the final consumption of goods or services" -Leader & Krystis. Sometimes a company may want information about its customers, and so will carry out research. The marketing environment is constantly changing and as marketers we need to monitor these changes through research. The research is not used to make decisions but to reduce the risk of making...

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Micro Environment on Marketing

The wider macro-environment Changes in the wider macro-environment may not be as close to the marketing firm’s day-to-day operations, but they are just as important. The main factors making up these wider macro-environmental forces fall into four groups. Political and legal factors Economic factors Social and cultural factors Technological factors (Often referred to as the ‘PEST’ factors in the marketing analytical context, a useful aide-memoire, although in some texts it is sometimes referred...

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tactical trend and the competitive advantage for the domestic automotive sector. This study undertakes to explore the environmental factors that are likely to influence the marketing performance in PERODUA Malaysia. Perodua does not contend with Proton for the similar market position because Perodua mostly produce small-compact cars. . In Malaysia Perodua is second automobile manufacturer which after Proton. PERODUA is a leading automotive firm in the local automotive industry, with aspirations of becoming...

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Macro environment

 Macro environment Our product and all of the other actors operate in a large macro environment of forces that shape opportunities and pose threats to the company is known as macro environment. Six largely uncountable external forces influence our product’s marketing activities. And also it influences decision making, and affect its performance and strategies. These factors include the economic, demographics, legal, political, and social conditions, technological changes, and natural forces Elements...

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