• Online Social Marketing
    Online Social Marketing: Website Factors in Behavioural Change Brian Cugelman, MA A thesis is submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements of the University of Wolverhampton for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. January 2010 Parts of this thesis have been previously published while
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  • Online Banking
    Online Banking Online banking has now become a major enhancement in the banking system. What is online banking? A system allowing individuals to perform banking activities at home via the internet. Online banking can simply be defined as the process of entering into transactions by a...
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  • Threats to Internal Validity Differences Between Online and Traditional Focus Groups
    Internal validity - means that the conclusion which comes from an experiment is valid for the respondents who participated in the experiment. For any experimental design, we always require interval validity, without which experimental results are not interpretable. Threats to Internal Validity
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  • Overcome the Identified Weaknesses and Threats
    Performance SWOT analysis IKEA is amongst the biggest retailers of furniture in the world. It has grown rapidly since it was founded in 1943. It sells more than 10,000 furnishing products from well over 300 stores in around 40 countries. The company has in excess of 600 million visitors to its stor
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  • Online Banking
    Internet Banking Table of Contents Chapter–1– Introduction 0 Chapter–2– Internet Banking a new medium 7 Chapter--3 - International experience 19 Chapter -4 -The Indian Scenario 33 Chapter- 5- Types of risks associated with Internet banking 41 Chapter- 6- Technology And Security Stan
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  • E-Governance: Its Prospectives, Opportunities and Threats in Nepal
    Abstract The world is rapidly transforming into information driven society, in which information and communication technologies (ICTs) are playing important and indispensable roles. The arrival of new ICTs has significantly enhanced our capabilities to collect, process, and distribute information
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  • Online Financial Services
    Introduction Services What are services? They are defines as concerned with performing tasks in and around households, business firms and institutions. Services industries are those domestic establishments which are providing some kind of services to businesses, governments and other organizations
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  • Internet Marketing: Consumer Behaviour Online
    Abstract This paper is an article review of “Segmenting consumers by E-shopping behaviour and online purchase” by Ruiz Mafe Carla and Lassala Navsrre Carlos. This paper explores that the shopping on the Internet has grown tremendously during the past few years. It radically changes the way peop
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  • The Credit Card & E-Commerce in Chinese Online Game Market
    Abstract: Title – A case study of the virtual money in MMOG: the impact of Cncard on Chinese EPS & online game industry Purpose –This paper examines Junnet.net’s strategy of introducing a common used prepaid card – Cncard. It will demonstrate the impact of Cncard on the Chinese electroni
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  • Ebay: “the World’s Largest Online Marketplace”- a Case Study
    eBay: “The world’s largest online marketplace”- A Case Study J.Gopalkrishnan* V.K Gupta** Abstract eBay, Inc. is the largest and most popular marketplace on the Internet, allowing members to buy and sell almost anything. Launched in 1995, about 147 million people now use eBay. An estimated 43
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  • Identify and Describe the Greatest Environmental Threats That Have Immediate Implications Abercrombie & Fitch
    Abercrombie & Fitch July 25, 2010 Identify and describe the greatest environmental threats that have immediate implications for Abercrombie & Fitch. Hitt, Ireland and Hoskisson define a threat as, “a condition in the general environment that may hinder a company’s efforts to achiev
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  • Online Usage
    EJISDC (2010) 40, 1, 1-32 FACTORS INFLUENCING THE ADOPTION AND USAGE OF ONLINE SERVICES IN SAUDI ARABIA Waleed Al-Ghaith Dept of Management Griffith Business School Griffith University w.alghaith@griffith.edu.au Louis Sanzogni Dept of Management Griffith Business School Griffith University l.san
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  • Problems Faced by Beginning Online Learners
    1 INTRODUCTION Would you like to take a class offered by a class on the other side of the country without leaving the comfort of your home? You can! But, before you enroll in online learning or also known as distance education course, ask yourself what are the problems faced by the beginning online
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  • Online Banking in Bangladesh
    Online Banking in Bangladesh: An Exploratory Study on Dhaka Bank Limited An Internship Report on Online Banking in Bangladesh: An Exploratory Study on Dhaka Bank Limited Course Title: Internship and Viva Course Code: BAN 400 Submitted To Mr. Md. Zillur Rahman Assistant Professor Department
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  • Analyzing the Rolls Royce Achievement in Implementing the Erp System to Overcome Cultural and Technical Obstacles
    Analyzing the Rolls Royce achievement in implementing the ERP system to overcome cultural and technical obstacles The ERP System: What is ERP system? ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, and is defined by the Business dictionary as "Accounting oriented, relational database based, multi-
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  • Online Dispute Resolution in India
    A L T E R N A T I V E D I S P U T E R E S O L U T I O N I N I N D I A SUBMITTED TO: Prof. VIKRAM KUMAR SUBMITTED BY: AKANKSHA PRIYA ROLL NO. 105. A C K N O W L E D G E M E N T Before starting this project
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  • Starting a Business Online
    Assignment One BUS 107 April 19, 2012 Professor   1. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of taking your small business online by performing a SWOT analysis 2-4 items in each category. The online business I am going to start is Earl’s Flowers Togo. We sell flowers arrangements and
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  • Threats to International Society
    Forecasting, Warning and Responding to Transnational Risks C. de Franco; C. Meyer ISBN: 9780230316911 DOI: 10.1057/9780230316911 Palgrave Macmillan Please respect intellectual property rights This material is copyright and its use is restricted by our standard site license terms and conditions
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  • Sword Art Online Volume 5
    Chapter 1 "Welcome, table for one?" As the waiter bowed respectfully, I replied that I was looking for someone, and swept my eyes across the vast expanse of the cafe. From a window seat inside, a loud and unreserved voice immediately called me over. "Hey Kirito-kun, over here!" Elegant classi
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  • Threats & Opportunities for E Business
    EJISDC (2009) 36, 8, 1-31 IT IN PAKISTAN: THREATS & OPPORTUNITIES FOR EBUSINESS Ghulam Muhammad Kundi Department of Public Administration Gomal University, D. I. Khan, Pakistan kundi@gu.edu.pk Department of Public Administration Gomal University, D. I. Khan, Pakistan bahadarmpa@yahoo.c
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