"How Is Building A Brand In A Business To Business Context Different From Doing So In The Consumer Market" Essays and Research Papers

How Is Building A Brand In A Business To Business Context Different From Doing So In The Consumer Market

Assignment 1 – P1 Introduction In this task I will be defining marketing and market research, I will also talk about products from two organisations. The two organization am going to talk about is JD sports and Sony. Trainers from JD sports and PS3 from Sony are the two products. Marketing and market research Marketing is the process to sell a product to customers for the purpose of selling is to make profit, it is also putting the right product in the right place, at the right price and...

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Brand Building Strategy


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Market Research in Brand Building

Market Research in Brand Building | | INTRODUCTION Marketers often need studies conducted on consumers, to identify their specific needs and what they are willing to purchase, that provide market insight for specific marketing situations and decisions. Effectively market research is a specific area of marketing that informs businesses like about the things consumers need, how best to design products to answer those needs and how to advertise those products to consumers. Market research...

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Business Market

 COMMUNICATING WITH CUSTOMERS: BUSINESS MARKETS A Written Report Presented to Prof. Maria Theresa Ranquilman Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila Intramuros, Manila In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Master in Business Administration By Analyn P. Deogracias October 2014 Connecting with Customers: Business Markets Organizational Buying It is a decision-making process by which formal organizations establish the need for purchased products...

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of business, purpose and ownership of two contrasting businesses. P2 Describe the different stakeholders who influence the purpose of two contrasting businesses. P3 Describe how two businesses are organised. P4 Explain how their style of organisation helps them to fulfil their purposes. P5 Describe the influence of two contrasting economic environment on business activities within a selected organisation. P6 Describe how political, legal and social factors are impacting upon the business activities...

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how sony compete in market

analysts for brand development Introduction In a competitive market, the organisations most likely to meet their objectives are those that are capable of leading rather than following changes within that market. Managers need to build a business that is capable of responding quickly to changes in both consumer requirements and the business environment. This means constantly developing innovations and being able to launch them into the market place. Successful organisations consist of different people...

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Business-2-Business vs Business-2-Consumer

Business-2 Business VS Business-2-Consumer Charletta Key EBUS 400 – E-Business Mark L. Schlam, M.S. June 22, 2006 Business-2-Business VS Business-2-Consumer Just about every business today has a web site. Weather they are doing business with other businesses or selling directly to the public, a business today needs to have a web site. This paper will discuss Business-2 Business (B2B), Business-2-Consumer (B2C). The paper will look at the marketing concept, and the similarities and differences...

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Week 2 Consumer Behavior

objective as it repositioned itself in the "synchronized commerce" marketspace? UPS has been in the package delivery business for 95 years, providing services to businesses and consumers worldwide in more than 200 countries. In 1994, UPS began to investigate the potential of e-commerce and started an internal group focused on enabling e-commerce. UPS redefined its core business and found ways to change its structure and processes, forming new businesses to take advantage of new opportunities. UPS...

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Global Context of Modern Business

have the oldest continuous civilisation. China has over 4,000 years of provable history. Beijing is the capital of China and is the most important point for the country. The official language is standard Chinese, which is derived from the Mandarin language however most business people speak English. There are many dialects in China however there is only one written language. A communist form of government rules China. The Chinese government promotes atheism although the constitution guarantees freedom...

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Building Brand Values

to 'brand values' as if everyone knows what we mean. It is assumed that there is a general understanding that a brand stands for something and what it stands for must have a value. These values can be critically important or small inconsequential things but above all they are the things which give the brand its worth and differentiate it from all others. Through these brand values a product or service is enhanced beyond its functional purpose. In this context the brand provides the consumer with...

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Business Journalism

BUSINESS JOURNALISM Today, financial journalism has taken the centrestage. Economic decision making is decentralised to the extent that it has never been before. This has made economic coverage an all the more sensitive affair. The Indian economy was liberalised in 1991 and its doors ere thrown open to multinational corporations. Consequently, a large number of tie-ups with foreign companies were witnessed. This led to the emergence and growth of more economic newspapers and periodicals. Even the...

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Why culture is important in doing international business?

Introduction In the business world today, borders are blending and multi-national mergers are causing many company nationalities to become indistinct. As the globalization of markets rapidly increases, many companies are finding international expansion a necessity of competition. The world is greatly affected by this movement towards a global market, and many companies are finding it extremely important to adapt to other cultures. The most considerable obstructions to successful international marketing...

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Consumer Behaviour

CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOUR - INTRODUCTION The job of marketer is to meet and satisfy target customers needs and wants but “knowing customer" is not a simple task. Understanding the buying behavior of the target market for its company products is the essential task for the marketing dep’t. The job of the marketers is to “think customer” and to guide the company into developing offers, which are meaningful and attractive to target customers and creating solutions that deliver satisfaction to the customers...

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Amazon E-Business

Running head AMAZON.COM’S E-BUSINESS MODEL Amazon.com’s E-Business Model Monte Guyton Strayer University Assignment #2 Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Course BUS508: Contemporary Business Dr. Miller Fall 2011 Amazon.com’s E-Business Model Discussion 1. Discuss the pros and cons of Amazon’s growth and diversification of business and specialization, and make recommendations about what Amazon could have done differently. The internet...

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FIRST DIPLOMA- BUSINESS DUE: 11TH OCTOBER Different types of business information, sources and purposes. Information is knowledge/data that is specific to a purpose; information is presented to give meaning and relevance that can lead to an increase in understanding. A piece of information is considered valueless as it can greatly help businesses enhance the business. Different types of business information ...

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How to Make Online Business Successful

make Online Business Successful This essay shows you how to run successful business – getting more visitors and making more profit. Through five chapters you’ll learn to build solid foundations for your business, make user friendly web site, market your business, make surfers find you through search engines, use most effective way of marketing and to promote your business on different channels. Market analysis – before jumping into some business it is necessary to check out the market. Getting...

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Lookus Business 115 Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Stand Informal Business Report Johnny Lookus Kerrington University BUSN115 Introduction to Business and Technology Professor Felix Lao Johnny’s Ragin’ Lemonade Stand Informal Business Report INTRODUCTION As of now, Johnny’s Ragin’ Lemonades is looking for growth within the company, hoping to expand it its territory and to become a popular name amongst other beverages. This informal business report is going to breakdown our plans to grow/expand and move further up in the market. This informal report...

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Business Research Methods- Brand Loyalty

Business Research Methods Research Proposal Title of research How the role of Brand Loyalty affects consumer behaviour towards Supermarket chains around the Portsmouth student area. Research Statement This research is going to be about how the level of people’s loyalty to a brand or certain supermarket can affect their actual behaviour to carry out a purchase. I am looking to see if certain loyalty schemes being used affect people’s decisions and also if the customer interaction within the...

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Business Ethics on Organization

Responsibility (CSR) is fast becoming a benchmark for the image of any company. Describe a Singapore based company’s (franchise / franchisee can be included) CSR initiatives and how it has benefited the organization and consumer. Use CSR approaches, Human Resources involvement, Risk Management, Brand differentiation and CSR role in building customer loyalty. Table of Contents Assignment Title ____________________________________ Page 1. Table of Contents ___________________________________ Page 2. ...

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E-business & its practical uses

History of E-Business and its Practical Issues What is e-Business? To define the meaning of e-Business, we cannot say without the history of internet. Internet is formed by the new protocol information distribution, known as World Wide Web (www) which is first introduced in 1991. In 1992, e-mail connection over the internet evolved. After trying to implement internet into business for a few years, companies like Amazon and Delphi has evolved and served to customers using internet technology. Therefore...

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Business Analysis

Table of Context Executive Summary Introduction The company was founded in 1964 by a student of Phil Knight, middle-distance runner at the University of Oregon team, and his coach Bill Bowerman. Initially it was called Blue Ribbon Sports and specialized in the order of athletic footwear in Asian countries and resell them in the U.S. market. Upon graduating Knight wrote a paper that proposed quality running shoes could be manufactured in Japan. But his letters to manufacturers in Japan...

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Business Market vs Consumer Market

Business Markets versus Consumer Markets B2B marketing is different from consumer goods marketingB2B marketing is different from consumer marketing. B2B marketing is different from consumer marketing. The most important areas of differences are: market structure, products, buyer behaviour, demand, distribution channels, prices and communication. These differences affect marketing processes in a critical way. Market structure B2B markets are more segmented than consumer markets. That means fewer...

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Rural Market

Rural markets From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Rural Markets are defined as those segments of overall market of any economy, which are distinct from the other types of markets like stock market, commodity markets or Labor economics. Rural Markets constitute an important segment of overall economy, for example, in the USA, out of about 3000 countries, around 2000 counties are rural, that is, non-urbanized, with population of 55 million. Typically, a rural...

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to show how Vinamilk can become successful in the milk market in Vietnam, even though with a lot of competitors. Also Vinamilk will be able to expand or open franchise in foreign countries. The report is divided into five parts. The introduction will include all the information about Vinamilk Company such as the target market and state the key factors. Then, about the methods, it will show you how can I collect the data and where did I gather the information. Findings part will show how the Vinamilk...

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Branding in Rural Market

BRANDING IN RUR MARKET : BY Sonali Saxena A brand is a name that distinguishes a product from others. It has its own identity in the market with its symbol and tagline. When we talk about brands in rural markets some of the names which come to our mind are Rajdoot Bikes,Ghari Detergent,Dolly TV and chic shampoo etc Findings indicated that good quality, value for money and sense of identity with brand were likely to act as key determinants of a FMCG brand in rural India. Better finish and good...

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the factors to be known to do business in China. China has become one of the fastest-growing economies in the world recently. China has transformed itself from a command economy to a market one. Its management systems have changed in many aspects. China’s market contains foreign enterprises, domestic stated owned companies, and private companies. The human resource systems are extremely different among them. The change in different types of enterprises is in different directions. There are still many...

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Domestic and Business

and global business environment covers entire factors inside the country of operation and it’s outside including those of production, marketing, finance and administration. A model business has two significant activities one is production or purchase of goods and services and the second one is its sale for profit. During that entire process whatever a company has to face at domestic and global fronts is its environment where it has to survive with other competitors. Domestic business environment ...

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the student view:1. Why is merchandise so important to a Premier League soccer club? Why do clubs go into retailing and mail-order when their core business is football?Answer: It is important because: * it generates extra revenue over and above gate receipts, television rights, etc. * there are particularly high margins to be earned easily * fans are willing to buy and to pay premium prices for something tangible connected with the club * buying from the club's own retail outlet, catalogue...

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Marketing: How B2B Differs from B2C

Marketing: How B2B Differs From B2C Marketing b2b v b2c Marketing allows organizations to promote their products or services with the intent of maximizing their profit and gaining consumers’ confidence. In today’s society marketing the correct product/service can be difficult but implementing the marketing process and planning accurately can alleviate potential obstacles. This paper will discuss the meaning of marketing, define business to business (B2B), define business to consumer (B2C), and...

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P1 P1 – Describe How Marketing Techniques Are Used to Market Products in Two Organisations.

describe how marketing techniques are used to market products in two organisations. Overall concept: The main thing behind marketing in a business is finding the customer’s needs and produce the product/ services to satisfy their needs, this way the customer can choose what they would want included in their product/ service. A business that follows this rule is market-orientated. There is alternatives orientation for businesses, these are; The production concept: This is where the business produces...

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Osim: Building a Global Brand

Individual Assignment 3 - OSIM: Building a Global Brand 1)What is the meaning of the brand identity of OSIM? Brand identity of OSIM refers to how OSIM wants its consumers and potential consumers to view OSIM and its products. OSIM wants to improve the quality of life of its customers through the use of OSIM's products and view OSIM as a leading global brand. What are the different aspects of this identity? OSIM's brand identity, includes its name, trademark, communications, and visual appearance...

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The Company’s business segment is divided into four which includes: 1) Mobile Phones, 2) Multimedia, 3) Networks and 4) Enterprise Solution. The first segment is to provide data device and mobile voice. It provides hand phones which based on EDGE/GSM, CDMA and 3G/WSDMA cellular technologies. There are many different models and types of analysis to identify company’s strength and weaknesses or to create future framework for further development. SWOT analysis is a technique from which we can understand...

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Imc and Brand Building

IMC and brand building In this essay, the integrated marketing communication is discussed. Integrated marketing communicated plays an important part in the brand building process. Brand is the central of the IMC. And an effective IMC can help the business build the positive brand image. After introduce the relationship between IMC and brand building process, Bee&Flower are the example of brand building using IMC and get the great process. The advertising, the international marketing, and the sales...

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Explain Different Types of Business Information, Their Sources and Purposes

Explain different types of business information, their sources and purposes Business information is one of the three main segments of the information industry. The primary forms of business information include: · News · Market research · Credit and financial information · Company and executive profiles · Industry, country and economic analysis · IT research · Television Types of business information include Verbal information Verbal communication can either be done face-to-face...

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Evaluation of a Business Model

Evaluation of a business model.- Procter & Gamble The aim of this essay is to build an outline of a business model which will be demonstrated with the help of - “building blocks” template, for a selected enterprise. The enterprise selected for this essay is Procter & Gamble. First this essay will give a brief description of Procter & Gamble and then move on to explaining and evaluating various sections of the template for Procter & Gamble, and finally this essay will conclude...

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An International Business Issue Discussed

Overview Doing business over borders and through time zones has become commonplace in the twenty-first century. International firms are consistently examined by the cultural differences between countries when they expand their products or services into foreign markets, and seek the most productive and talented employees of the world out. Culture, being intangible in shape, builds up of a particular society's behaviors, from religion beliefs to dressing style to art to methods of farming. Trompenaars...

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Business Proposal

Business Proposal Melissa Wojciehowski ECO561 March 14, 2013 Ed Hartman Business Proposal Thomas Money Service (TMS) Inc. opened its doors in 1940 with the primary purpose of supplying the average household with loans for everyday needs. Since its origination, the company’s success has spawned an expansion including business loans, business acquisition financing, and commercial real estate loans. In 1946 Thomas merged with Future Growth Inc., an equipment financing company. The merger proved...

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Unit 10: Market Research in Business

Unit 10: Market Research in Business In this assignment I will continue working alongside the local entrepreneur to discovering whether or not there is a market available in order for them to open up an internet cafe. I will be creating a research plan which sets out to investigate whether or not the entrepreneur should set up the business. The research plan will have to consist of objectives and these objectives must be S.M.A.R.T, the research objectives will also have to be based on what I would...

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Introduction to business, Tesco

environment all affects in the activity of the business. This article focuses on how they do this on Tesco in the UK and also in China. Tesco’s in UK Tesco’s started operating in the UK 1924 and by now, the run 3054 stores just in the UK. Tesco is a worldwide business, but over 60% of group sales and profits come from the UK business. I will be investigating at external environment for Tesco’s in UK – political, legal and social and how these affect the business activity of Tesco. Political Factors Looking...

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Business and Consumer Protection in Islam

BUSINESS AND CONSUMER PROTECTION IN ISLAM A.Islamic Business Modern business is a very complex reality. Many factors influence and determine the business activity. Among other organizational factors managerial, scientific technological and socio-cultural-political, the business complexity of social activities, business with the complexities of modern society. For social events, business in many ways intertwined with the complexities of modern society. All the factors that make up the complexities...

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The Origins and Context of Ethical and Cultural Considerations for Doing Business in China

delegation visit to the People’s Republic of China(PRC), this briefing note will build on the salient points of the ethical and cultural considerations required before undertaking business ventures in the PRC. First, through a closer look at some aspects of the origins of the Chinese cultural and ethical business context one may develop an appropriate frame of reference for the present discussion. Then, with a brief examination of the issues of corruption, extralegal affairs, and piracy, it is possible...

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Brand Loyalty

Brand Loyalty One of the most desirable traits that marketers would like to see in the consumers they are positioning their product towards is loyalty to their brand. Brand loyalty can be defined as “the extent of the faithfulness of consumers to a particular brand, expressed through their repeat purchases, irrespective of the marketing pressure generated by the competing brands.” (Business Dictionary, 2012) An expression of brand loyalty from consumers can help companies to experience significant...

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Ethical Business Behavior

be discussing Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) using Anglo-American and Primark case studies as examples. First, I will discuss what is meant by ethical business behavior. Second, I will discuss how Anglo-American and Primark apply ethics into their business practices. Third, I will discuss what the costs and benefits are to an organization when they behave ethically. Finally, I will choose one component from Svennson & Woods’ model from “A Model of Business Ethics”, and...

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Business in the Economy

|The Business Environment | | | |Karron Lay | |February 2, 2013 ...

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Real Estate Business in Bangladesh

Abstract: The term business communication is used for all messages that we send and receive for official purpose like running a business, managing an organization, conducting the formal affairs of a voluntary organization and so on. Business communication is marked by formality as against personal and social Communication. The success of any business to a large extent depends on efficient and effective communication. It Takes place among business entities, in market and market places, within organizations...

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Business Context

mohan kumar injeti dilshan jayalath introduction : business in other words means a commercial activity or an economic system in which goods and services are exchanged for one another or money, on the basis of their perceived worth. Every business requires some form of investment and a sufficient number of customers to whom its output can be sold at profit on a consistent basis. To further explain the above said definition of business, the leading supermarket conglomerate giant TESCO has been...

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How Thorpe Park markets Swarm

In this assignment I will be evaluating how well Thorpe Park used different market techniques to market their new ‘The Swarm’ ride. Brand building and influencing buyer behaviour One of the techniques used by Thorpe Park to market their rides is influencing buyer behaviour. Influencing buyer behaviour is when businesses change things around their product to try and get customers to purchase their product or service. For example Thorpe Park may lower their prices during the autumn because...

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Contemporary Business Environments Topics

UNCONVENTIONAL MARKETING “Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently” DEFINITION: As the topic (unconventional marketing) tells us that there should be no definition, there are no rules, there is no leader. The only thing that matters is ‘being different’ in such a way that attracts more attention and gives you more profits than the standard marketing practices. RELEVANCE IN CONTEMPORARY ENVIRONMENT: As the world is becoming glocalized (global village), the competition...

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Emerging Technologies in Business Writing

1 ITECH3214/6214 – Emerging Technologies in Business In-Class Writing Assignment Due Date: Week 5 – in Lecture Marks: 10 [10% of overall mark] Description of Assignment: The purpose of this assignment is to enable students to critically evaluate aspects of emerging technologies with relation to business concepts; and communicate these key issues in a written report. Be sure that you provide detailed, specific answers to the questions below. You have 60 minutes to complete this...

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Business Administration

to meet the consumers demands and the company's objectives. It involves selling the company's products to satisfy the needs of consumers. It includes planning, conception and execution of ideas, pricing, promotion, and distribution of a company's products with the purpose of obtaining the company's objectives and satisfying the consumers. Marketing can be done within a local or domestic market or across national borders or in the international market. Here are some of the different features of...

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 Brand Comparison Paper Edwin Loeffler, Jessica Canaday, Mackenzie Damm, Cindy Berrios BRM/353 September 8, 2014 Bridget Peaco Brand Comparison Paper Introduction Pepsi Co. and Coca-Cola have been in business for a long time and both are largely successful companies in the beverage industry. They both have different brand components in comparison. A few of the different comparisons would be pricing, quality, packaging, logos, brand equity and features. In the following paper we will...

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Business Proposal

Business Proposal Will Bury’s Price Elasticity Anikki Manasseh ECO/561 April 22, 2013 Dr. Xiaodong Wu Introduction In order to find your place in the business world, one has to try and create something that is different or can revolutionize the outlook of one that is or as already existed. Getting into the business enterprise is one that is not an easy task and it does take commitment, dedication, and the ability to be persistent for cause of proving that the venture is one...

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Brand Management Article Review

Lopes & Mark Casson (Winter, 2007). Entrepreneurship and the Development of Global Brands: Business History Review 81 by The President and Fellows of Harvard College (Extract from page 651-680) World’s economy in early 1980s leaded to the merger wave in business industries. Only few independent brands have survived during that period. In the article, the authors addressed the question of why so few independent brands survived and they also aim to address about the contribution of entrepreneurs to...

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Building Up Brand Awareness in a Social Media Context

Building up brand awareness in a social media context Tag: Social media, brand awareness, micro blog, weibo Nowadays, we live in an era of information and communication bloom, not just locally but also on a global basis, in which each of us venerably is exposed to enormous messages, news reports, commentaries and features from different kinds of medium. Moreover, we not just the passive passengers of the information turmoil, in fact we do proactively participate into the game and become part...

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Business 100

1.10b Review Questions 1. What reasons would you give if you were advising someone to study business? There are four compelling reasons for studying business described in this chapter. a. To start your own business b. For help in choosing a career c. To be a successful employee d. To become a better informed consumer and investor 2. What factors affect a person’s choice of career? Deciding what kind of career you want to devote your life...

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The impacts of TAOBAO(business to customer) on E-business in China.

The impacts of TAOBAO(business to customer) on E-business in China. Introduction In the last few decades, an increasing number of consumers are willing to choose online shopping rather than traditional purchase methods, such as supermarket and mall. The website named TAOBAO is a newly developing online shopping website, based on business-to-customer(B2C). This system can be defined as one model of electronic business (E-business) and that includes “Selling individual products to individual buyers...

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consumer behavior

rule and why it is important to marketers. The 80/20 rule of marketing is derived from the broader Pareto Principle concept introduced by Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto in 1906. Pareto noted that the majority of wealth in a free market economy is concentrated within a relatively small group of people -- roughly 20 percent of the population. Importance of rule 80/20 to marketers: Marketing investment: relates to how money is spent on advertising & marketing campaigns. Generally, 20% of marketing...

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Business to Business

UKAMi MARKETING MANAGEMENT Analyzing Business Markets In this chapter, we will address the following questions : 1.What is the business market, and how does it differ from the consumer market? 2.What buying situations do organizational buyers face? 3.Who participates in the business-to-business buying process? 4.How do business buyers make their decisions? 5.How can companies build strong relationships with business customers? 6.How do institutional buyers and government...

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Doing Business in Japan

 Doing Business in Japan Global Business Section 02 Samantha Evans Julia Groce Half a world away, Japan is an enticing business market. With the world’s third largest economy, some of the largest companies in the world call Japan home and the Japanese role in the international community is considerably large (BBC). Though their international influence continues to grow, Japan still remains a very traditional society with strong social hierarchies that affect the...

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Components of a Business Plan

Components of a Business Plan The format and contents of a business plan is something that has been refined many, many times over the years but there are some key components to make your plan turn into a successful business. When creating a business plan it’s important to make sure that when someone is reading they can understand and interpret your vision for the business and feel the passion you feel about starting your own business. To assure understanding between you and your reader you must...

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