• A Sample Group Counseling Project Proposal
    A group Counseling Project Proposal - sample INTRODUCTION What is Group Counseling? Purpose of the group counseling varies from group to group. It can be therapeutic, educational, or helping people to make fundamental changes in their way of thinking, feeling and behaving (Corey, 2004, p. 7). Gro
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  • Group Counseling
    Running head: Growing Trends in Group Counseling Growing Trends in Group Counseling: Ethical and Technological Issues that Effect Vocational Rehabilitation Term Paper By Diadra McGraw 546 Group Counseling Dr. B. Canfield February 26, 2008 Abstract This paper e
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  • Critical Incidents in Group Counseling
    Critical Incidents in Group Counseling Chapter 28: The Rescuer Background: * Joe has worked as a counselor for 2 years at a liberal arts college leading a support group for freshmen dealing with college transition issues. * Joe’s new job is with a private practice counseling firm
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  • Group Counseling Article Review
    Group Counseling Article Review Article Summary With an increase in the number of teenage girls in this country at risk for delinquency on the rise, the authors of the exploratory study developed a group counseling intervention strategy that focused on holistic wellness. The Smith-Adcock, Webs
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  • Counseling Session
    Counselor: Hi Client: Hi Counselor: We have a counseling session for 30 minutes. We are starting on 4:35 PM. How may I help you today? A good greeting with client is very important. In my point of view for having a good greeting at the first meeting the nonverbal actions are important equal as w
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  • Theory and Practice of Group Counseling Book Review
    Corey, G. (1999). Theory and practice of group counseling. (3rd ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Publishing. This text was written for graduate or undergraduate students in any field involving human services but is especially suitable for students enrolled in any course of Theory and Practice o
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  • Group Counseling in a Multicultural Context
    Jennifer DeFrancis Group Counseling in a Multicultural Context The guide lines and fundamental for counseling in a multicultural context for group therapy can be found in ASGW. According to ASGW B.8. Group workers practice with broad sensitivity to client differences including but not limi
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  • Sow and Session Plans
    A scheme of work covers classroom and salon based learning for the Unit that you are covering. It is usually based on a 3 hours session which may be followed by two sessions of theory and four sessions of practical with support learning time in the classroom and salon (6 sessions in total), with add
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  • ministry and counseling session in a medium security prison
    POST-LAP The project that I did for my LAP consisted of a ministry and counseling session in a medium security prison. This prison is known as Gowanda Correctional Facility and is located in Gowanda, New York. The trip occurred on March 13th, 2013 and consisted of a full day’s tour of...
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  • 8 Week Pre-Marital Counseling Session
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  • Group Therapy Ethics
    Ethical Issues and Group Therapy 2 Abstract Ethics in group counseling is a topic that needs to be looked at by today’s practicing counselors. There are many different agencies and organiz
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  • Closing a Group (Group Counselling
    GROUP COUNSELING Closing A Session Book; Group Techniques – Third Edition > Gerald Corey, Marine Schneider Corey, Patrick Callanan, J. Michael Russell. Chapter 7. Techniques for the Final stage: pg. 164. Ending a Session! Introduction: In an effective functioning group, the members are
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  • Me Too- Expressive Counseling Technique
    Name of Technique The technique is called “Me Too” and functions as a counseling game. It is appropriate to use as a counseling intervention for children in middle and high school grades. Summary of Technique This technique can be used as an icebreaker or counseling activity for
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  • Finding the Validity/Efficiency of Peer Counseling Through Group Works in Jacinto P. Elpa National High School for School Year 2009-2010
    FINDING THE VALIDITY/EFFICIENCY OF PEER COUNSELING THROUGH GROUP WORKS IN JACINTO P. ELPA NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL FOR SCHOOL YEAR 2009-2010 Marieto Cleben V. Lozada Jacinto P. Elpa National High School Tandag City ABSTRACT Every school year, the Guidance In-Charge continually mediates among stud
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  • Biblical Versus Mainstream Counseling Terminology
    Running head: BIBLICAL VERSUS MAINSTREAM COUNSELING TERMINOLOGY Biblical Versus Mainstream Counseling Terminology Patricia Daugherty Liberty University Abstract In the counseling profession today, there is quite a bit of controversy and discussion about Christian counseling compared to con
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  • Counseling Abused Women
    Counseling Abused Women: Factors Contributing to Successful Outcome Table of Contents Introduction Part One: Violence against women The Problem Consequences of violence Origins of violence Part Two: Treatment/Intervention models Service and treatment options Medications Community Treatme
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  • Group Proposal
    Learning with ADHD 1 Running Head: Learning with ADHD Learning with ADHD: Group Proposal HS5241 Group Counseling and Psychotherapy 1246 PineCrest Ave Hagerstown, Md. 21740 Telephone: 240-217-7757 Email: Snalley06@yahoo.com Instructor: Tina Pone Learning with ADHD 2 Title The
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  • Guidance and Counseling
    The CHRISTIAN LEADER as a COUNSELOR Volume I AN INTRODUCTION TO COUNSELING Charles H. and Erica Morris • Levels Two and Three 1. List eight characteristics from Colossians 3:1
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  • Group Process
    Professional Disclosure Statement Bennett Swartz Licensed Mental Health Counselor Welcome. I believe that the counseling process is facilitated by a respectful and trusting relationship between client and counselor. In this spirit, I would like to share the following information about myself, g
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  • Individual Treatment in Group Process Practice Psychoeducational Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy for Divorced Women Experiencing Anxiety and Depression
    Individual Treatment in Group Process Practice Psychoeducational Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy for Divorced Women Experiencing Anxiety and Depression Amy Danowski CNSL/561 August 20, 2012 Donna Clark Assessment: Clinical interview Diagnosis: Axis I 300.02 Generalized
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