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Gd Folks Creed

(2 cлайд) Folk music songs deal with almost every kind of human activity. Folk music often expresses the character of ethnic and social groups and sometimes a nation. It is the music of the people. A folk song can express political or religious beliefs, tell a story or describe history, or just provide amusement.   (3 слайд) Folk music is usually learned by listening rather than by reading the notes or words. The music is shared from person to person, from place to place, and from generation to...

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Yesu Kalishia Creed Introduction: ‘ He [Jesus] told them, “This is what is written: The Christ will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day, and repentance and forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all nations, beginning in Jerusalem. You are witnesses of these things. I am going to send you what my Father has promised; but stay in the city until you have been clothed with power from on high”’ (Luke 24.46-49). ‘But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes...

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Real Gd Lit

initials "GD" initials "BOS" or "BOSS (Brothers of the Struggle or Brothers of the Strong Struggle) the number 6 raised pitchforks Gangster Disciples Identifiers/symbols: six-point star Imperial Gangsters Identifiers/symbols: crown with rounded edges initials "IG" raised pitchforks La Raza Identifiers/symbols: initials "LR" Folk Nation...

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The Apostle's Creed

THESIS STATEMENT The Apostles’ Creed is a compilation of belief statements that embodies a widely accepted and terse summary of the fundamentals of Christianity, and although the Apostles’ Creed does not have the same authority as Scripture, this paper will seek to prove that if upheld to the apostolic tradition, or its orthodoxy, the creed’s summation of Christian doctrine is one that all believers should grasp, support, and consider. INTRODUCTION Throughout church history it has been necessary...

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Five Things about Matrin Creed

uses ° I like the placement of his work ° I like the way his work deals with and creates limitations ° I dislike elements of simplicity in his work ° I like the titles he uses in association with the work I like the materials he uses: Martin Creed uses materials from the everyday world to create his art. He will often use office supplies such as clean white paper, blue tack, polystyrene and cardboard. What interests me about using such materials is that he places these common supplies, used...

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Folk Custom

Chapter One A General Introduction to Folk Customs 1. Folk customs: a definition Folk customs, or folk ways, comprise the part of cultural life that people of a country or nation have created, practiced and transmitted in their endeavors to satisfy their needs at various stages of their history and society. Deep-rooted in the cultural life of a community, folk customs are passed down from generation to generation in a temporal dimension and spread from one place to another in a spatial dimension...

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American Creed

Political Science 24 March 2014 American Creed We see the American Creed as a set of values and beliefs that can be found in the American political culture. (Coleman, Goldstein, and Howell) The beliefs and values are equality, individualism, democracy, liberty, natural rights, property, and religion. We, as the American culture have the opportunity to all be equals, live in a democracy, be individual, have the opportunity to acquire property and use said property as we see fit. Our religion...

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Queer as Folk

There should be a warning before purchasing Queer as Folk. Warning: What you are about to watch is extremely explicit or Warning: Naked bodies are guaranteed to be shown ever 3 minutes. Many gay advocates hate the series because they believe its obsession with sex overshadows other aspects of the gay community. Think about it though. Certain heterosexual television shows like Sex and The City are all about sex and sexuality, and it is accepted because ultimately the majority of the relationships...

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Folk Healing

Long English 102 April 12, 2011 Folk Healing in American Culture Folk Medicine is more than homemade remedies. It is commonly referred to as what we call folklore today. Beliefs and practices thought to treat or cure a disease or ailment with certain roots, spices, plants, or other spiritual rituals linked with superstitions are common in Folk Medicine. To the people that practice folk healing, it is a science based on religious practices and principals. I The passing down of information...

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Folk Dance

FOLK DANCE The term folk dance describes dances that share some or all of the following attributes: * They are dances performed at social functions by people with little or no professional training, often to traditional music or music based on traditional music. * They are not designed for public performance or the stage, although traditional folkdances may be later arranged and set for stage performances. * Their execution is dominated by an inherited tradition rather than by...

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Gd Topics

well in your GD and increase your chances of selection. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The current state of our Education System. Is Naxalism the biggest threat to national security? Budget 2012: Has the finance minister done enough? M&A: India Inc going global With media publishing and telecasting trivia, censorship is the need of the hour. Should the public sector be privatized...

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Folk Dances

wear Langa-Oni (Half-Saree) the traditional attire of young girls of the region. The women gather in large numbers along with their Bathukammas in their locality place them in the middle and dance around them while singing soul stirring Bathukamma folk songs. Synchronising steps and claps in unison provide a splendorous look to the festivities. The songs are more of the stories of common woman, her dreams, her responsibilities, plights sung spontaneously most of the time. Some times the songs describe...

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In the Folk Museum

In the folk museum  A darkness in the rooms - sinister connotations Betrays the absence of voices, - personification Departing from steps  And veranda rails – Hyphen marks a break to the extended metaphor of Autumn On to a street that leads around Autumn  Which stands at the door  Dressed in yellow and brown. Personification/metaphor I look at words – connotes disconnection, diction “look” not “read” That describe machinery, clothes, transport, - accumulation, shows little interest...

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the creed

would say, a confusion of orders. He knows in advance: in the letter of the Creed which he recites with his brothers, following so many others, there is infinitely more depth in reserve and timeliness in potential than in all the explanations and critical reductions that would affect to "go beyond" it. He knows this in advance, and experience and reflection reveal it to him a little more each day. Above all, this Creed teaches us the mystery of the divine Trinity. It is in this mystery that our...

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Folk Dance

------------------------------------------------- Folk Dance History in the Philippines It is impossible to know when exactly dancing became a part of life in the Philippines. Many traditional dances were designed to thank the gods for natural and agricultural events, such as rain and harvests. The dances were performed during festivals and remembrances of past military victories, and still are performed at celebrations of births and weddings in modern times. Many modern folk dance festivals still feature ancient...

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Folk Hero

“Folk Hero” H.M. Tolcher How are gender stereotypes explored? SUPPORTING TECHNIQUE QUOTE EFFECT & LINK TO GENDER STEREOTYPES Imagery/simile “The senior gathered in clumps, pale faces turning inwards each mirroring the other’s shock, small whirlpools of silence in the noisy ocean of the great quadrangle.” Shows how the seniors (assuming they are boys) are grieving the loss of M’Gill. The simile evokes a sound imagery of how the quadrangle is “noisy” however; the grieving students are silently...

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Gds-Global Distribution System Introduction

* Introduction Global Distribution System, GDS for short, is a worldwide computerized reservation network used as a single point of access for reserving airline seats, hotel rooms, rental cars, and other travel related items by travel agents, online reservation sites, and large corporations. GDS is also called automated reservation system (ARS) or computerized reservation system (CRS) http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/Global-Distribution-System-GDS.html * History: from flight reservation...

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The Creed of the Non Commissioned Officer

The Creed of the Noncommissioned Officer is, to some, just words that must be uttered during ceremonies and those times when new sergeants earn their stripes. To others, there is no higher thought. These Soldiers live their time while in uniform trying their best to uphold everything written in those three paragraphs. Some choose what those words mean; others make little effort in deciding but let others decide for them. When I entered the service of my country 6 years ago, I had no clue that such...

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The Nicene Creed Essay

The Nicene Creed is the creed or profession of faith that was adopted in the city of Nicaea by the first ecumenical council, which met there in the year 325. At that time, the text ended after the words "We believe in the Holy Spirit", after which an anathema was added. The doctrine of the Trinity is commonly expressed as: "One God, three Persons”, but this word "Trinity" does not appear in the Bible. So the doctrine is formally defined in the Nicene Creed, which declares Jesus to be: "God of God...

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Nco Creed Essay

Creed of the Noncommissioned Officer and how it affects leading soldiers The creed of the noncommissioned officer is a baseline for all noncommissioned officers Corporal all the way up to Sergeant Major, on how to conduct oneself in the leading of soldiers. It does not outline every single situation you may come into throughout your military career but if you live this creed then you should be set for success. In this paper we are going to take an in depth look into the creed and how you...

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Bangladeshi Folk Song

Bangladeshi Folk Song Preface Folk Music songs and music of a community, uninfluenced by any sophisticated musical rules or any standard Music styles. Bangladesh has a rich folk music, which includes both religious and secular songs. Folk music may be described as that type of ancient music, which springs from the heart of a community, based on their natural style of expression, uninfluenced by the rules of classical music and modern popular songs. Any mode or form created by the combination of...

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Vietnam Folk Games

Vietnam folk games Vietnam folk games have been formed and existed for a long time. They are more than entertainment, they contain Vietnamese culture. Bamboo jacks, the game of the dragon and snake, blind man’s buff, the game of squares and so on are very interesting and useful. However, folk games are being gradually lost. Children are at a disadvantage, if they don’t have a chance to play them. So it is very important to introduce and develop folk games to the children and everybody as...

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Folk beliefs

Folk Beliefs about the Patoo The Patoo or Patu is the Jamaican name for the owl.  The name patoo is given both for the Jamaican owl and another bird, the night jar, which is sometimes mistaken for an owl.  It is said that patoo is the same name given to the owl in parts of West Africa, particularly Ghana.  It is not surprising that the name is prevalent in Jamaica as this is due to our West African linkage.  In Jamaica there are two types of owls to which the name patoo is given.  They are the...

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Folk Music and North India

सांस्कृतिक यात्रा पैकेज और सांस्कृतिक पर्यटन पर अधिक जानकारी के लिए राजस्थान, उत्तर भारत के लिए आप नीचे दिए गए प्रश्न फार्म भर सकते हैं. यात्रा राजस्थान की वेबसाइट विरासत के होटल सांस्कृतिक पर्यटन पर आप राजस्थान, उत्तर भारत में ले प्रदान करता है. Folk arts and folk dances form an inseparable part of the culture and traditions of Rajasthan, North India. लोक कला और लोक नृत्यों संस्कृति और राजस्थान, उत्तर भारत की परंपराओं का एक अविभाज्य हिस्सा है. These dance forms have evolved over the centuries in the...

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Tinku, a Bolivian Folk Dance

To what extent has the folk dance of Bolivia, Tinku, changed from the homeland of Bolivia and in the United States since the 1900’s to 2011? There were a lot of changes that happened to the folk dance. Some of the changes were the style of music, positioning of the steps, and the style of the dance itself has changed. Dance, “a series of movements that match the speed and rhythm of a piece of music”, in which everyone is involved in at some point in their life. All around the world there is dance...

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Lipset's American Creed

Lipset's American Creed Liberty. Egalitarianism. Individualism. Populism. Laissez-faire. These five concepts embody the "American creed" as described by author Seymour Martin Lipset. Lipset feels that this "American creed" is representative of an ideology that all Americans share. Lipset's argument is on shaky ground, however, when scrutinized under the microscope of race. Racial relations in this country do much to undermine the validity of Lipset's argument, especially the concepts of...

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Evolution of Folk Music

The Evolution of Folk Music Almost all of the music that we hear today can be traced back in one way or another to folk music. The evolution of folk music is rich in history and it is easy to see how the current events and the times created the changes that were to occur. Folk music got its roots from Anglo-American Folk Music and later evolved into what was known as the blues and continues to influence much of the music that is written to this day. Many artists have had major impacts on the music...

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Visiting Old Folks Home

WHAT I HAVE LEARNT FROM THE EXPERIENCE OF VISITING OLD FOLKS HOME. For most of us, school holidays are the highlights of the year.Without the term breaks,the prospect of a whole year of school will put a damper on any teenagers’ spirit.Most students pursue recreational activities that are usually neglected during school days.They indulge in leisurely reading and catch up on correspondence.Besides allowing a break from the monotony of school,holidays also rejuvenate so that we will be...

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Ancient Rome and Folks

Tactless and restless In depth.... Sagittarius, the ninth sign of the zodiac, is the home of the wanderers of the zodiac. It's not a mindless ramble for these folks, either. Sagittarians are truth-seekers, and the best way for them to do this is to hit the road, talk to others and get some answers. Knowledge is key to these folks, since it fuels their broad-minded approach to life. The Sagittarian-born are keenly interested in philosophy and religion, and they find that these disciplines aid...

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Philippine Folk Illnesses

OPTION 2: Name and discuss 3 folk illnesses and what their biomedical explanations may be. Also discuss how you might tap social medicine perspectives to help patients and their families to respond more effectively to these perceived folk illnesses. Society and culture are factors that help shape people’s perceptions of illnesses, as well as the respective modes of diagnosis and treatment for these illnesses.1 What may seem irrational to a medical practitioner or medical specialist may be rational...

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folk music assignment

Introduction Different people have different opinions and views on what exactly folk music is. Sometimes people feel quite strongly as to whether something should or shouldn’t be labeled as folk music. In general view, there are many different types for the term “folk music” but we normally observe two of them. First one can be referred to as traditional music. it is normally very old and nobody really knows who the composer is but it’s a factthat it belongs to ordinary people withing a culture...

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A Description of Folk Tales

many different Cinderella stories that exist. Cinderella stories are considered by many to be a folk tale. A folk tale is a legend or story handed down from generation, usually by oral retelling . Folk tales often explain something that happens in nature or to express the truth about life, such as a lesson to be learned . Most folk tales were written for adults, but now enjoyed by nearly everyone. Most folk tales include: A beginning with starters with,"Once upon a time Enchantment (magic) Some form...

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GD Random

My Activities  Categories  Community Guidelines  Send Feedback  Help  Other Sites  Yahoo  Mail  News  Finance  Sports  More  View Desktop Version  About Yahoo Privacy & Terms  © 2015 Yahoo! Inc     gangster disciple question?  i've always heard of the gang GD(gangster disciples) wat does it mean like if there reppin 360  or 720. jus wantin to know. thnku for anybody who answers.  3 Answers  •  Law Enforcement & Police    Best Answer (Chosen by Voter)  There are different interpretations for many symbols...

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Israeli Folk Dance

Israeli Folk Dance Williams HUM 111 March 9, 2012 Israeli Folk Dance Israeli folk dancing has been around for many years since Israel as a country was established in 1948. Originally Israeli folk dance was created to mix new culture with the old land, by combining different dance from around the world. This was created for Israelis to dance to in Israel to start a new culture. The dances are performed in a circle or partner like western country side line...

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The Souls of Black Folk

teacher in Northern New Mexico. In the following essay, she examines ways that the text of The Souls of Black Folk embodies Du Bois' experience of duality as well as his "people's." In Du Bois' "Forethought" to his essay collection, The Souls of Black Folk, he entreats the reader to receive his book in an attempt to understand the world of African Americans—in effect the "souls of black folk." Implicit in this appeal is the assumption that the author is capable of representing an entire "people."...

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Ukrainian Folk Dance School

Ukrainian Folk Dance School Final Paper 12/13/2011 Tatiana Doroshenko “People want to be a part of something larger than themselves. They want to be part of something they’re really proud of, that they’ll fight for, sacrifice for, that they trust.” Howard Shultz, CEO, Starbucks I believe that in a many cases successful business has a great personal story behind it. The reason for that is the passion behind the business, an excessive desire to fulfill dreams and make a change in...

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Country Rock / Folk Rock

This genre is best characterized by the use of acoustic and traditional country and folk instruments. For example in the steel pedal guitar can be plays the lead riff in “Country Roads” by John Denver. It can also be heard in “Wild Horses” by the Flying Burrito Brothers. Along with the pedal steel guitar another essential of country and folk rock is a acoustic guitar which can be heard through these albums and is the base for this genre. John Denver used Guild and Yamaha guitars, Neil Young played...

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Urdu and Folk Music

our country – classical and folk. The folk dance and folk music are generally performed by a group of people of a region or community. Every part of India has its own folk music and dance. Some of the popular folk dances of India are the Bhangra of Punjab, Nati of Himachal Pradesh, Bihu of Assam, Ghoomar of Rajasthan and Garba of Gujarat. Folk dances and songs are generally accompanied by loud clapping and shouting. Classical music and dance differ greatly from folk music and dance. The classical...

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Jesus Creed "Response Paper"

Biblical Theological Seminary LEAD Formation and Mission Jeff Knight 11/26/2012 “Jesus Creed” Response Paper The Jesus Creed has really helped me to look at Scripture from what I believe is a more biblical and Jesus centered perspective. While I have read the words Jesus used from Deuteronomy 6:4-9 and Leviticus 19:18 many times in Scripture, I never considered how all His teachings might have stemmed from them. I did not know Jesus had amended the Shema of Judaism because I didn’t know...

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Philippine Folk Literature

PHILIPPINE FOLK LITERATURE Ms. Arcelyn N. Sangalang Instructor- Engl04 Cpoyright 2010 PHILIPPINE FOLK LITERATURE  traditional oral literature of the Filipino people  refers to the collection of tales and superstition about magical creatures and entities  wide range of material due to the ethnic mix of the Philippines 3 MAJOR GROUPS folk narratives folk speech folk songs PHILIPPINE MYTHOLOGY  derived from Philippine folk literature  stories of ancient Philippine mythology include...

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The Souls Of Black Folk Review

 The Souls of Black Folk Review Stephen Fortson Tiffin University W.E.B. Du Bois is one of not only the greatest American philosophers but African American philosophers brought up during the Civil Rights era. Du Bois born in Barrington, Massachusetts to a mother and father that were a part of the free black population. During this particular time of the 1800s, blacks had no rights for the most part until the end of the Civil war, and even then segregation limited the amount of...

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Souls of Black Folk

Book review for Dubois “Souls of Black Folk” The beautiful and profound narrative titled The Souls of Black Folk by W E B Dubois explored and explained the multi-layered problems pertaining to race and identity as they unfolded after the civil war. Thee poignant themes resonated in his writings and stuck out as pivotal and revolutionary. The first one was the notion of a double consciousness as it relates to blacks in a white world. The idea of a veil was a strong metaphor in his writing on...

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Gd/Pi Topics

Global warming. 3.Global markets. 4.Online social networking. 5.World is flat. 6.Controversial advertisements should be banned. 7.Employee relationship management. 8.Research and its importance. 9.Right to information act, citizen’s charter  GD/PI Topics:- 1.Remix in music in today’s world a good trend 2.Are primary schools more important than management schools? 3.Should Advertising be banned? 4. Let sleeping dogs lie. 5. Individual Freedom. 6.Is social networking good/bad?, etc ...

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Pakistani Folk Dances

Pakistani Folk Dances: Dances are traditionally part of the lives of people especially in Pakistan. Dance for Pakistanis is so important that people can communicate with each other and tell a story without uttering a word but rather dancing to send those messages. Folk dances are still popular in Pakistan and vary according to region such as: • Bhangra -Punjab • Luddi - Punjab • Dhammal - Performed at Sufi shrines/ dargahs in Punjab and Sindh • Attan - Folk dance of Pashtuns tribes of...

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Irish Folk Campfire Songs

Irish Folk Campfire Songs William Theibert Baker College Irish Folk Campfire Songs Experimentation and new perspectives characterize contemporary gospel. This is evident in the album by Rend Collective Experiment campfire. The album maintains an authentic feel of worship music by pushing the boundaries of worship music. The band, which has captured the hearts of countless gospel lovers, is in the genre of folk music. The 12-track album is a testament of the band’s brilliance...

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characteristics of folk literature

Characteristics of Folk Literature Setting Character Plot Theme Style Folktales employ certain characteristics or conventions common to virtually all tales. The most familiar involve the setting, character, plot, theme and conflict, and style. A. Setting Most folktale settings remove the tale from the real world, taking us to a time and place where animals talk, witches and wizards roam, and magic spells are commonplace. The settings are usually unimportant and...

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Philippine Folk Dance

Philippine Folk Dance Singkil Most Philippine dances were originally patterned after European dances during the Spanish regime. Pandango Sa Ilaw, Cariñosa, Rigodon and Balitao are examples of these dances Filipinos are known for. Aside from these western-influenced dances, ethnic-created dances such as Tinikling made its way to nationwide recognition. Despite its apparent adaptation to western dances, still Filipinos pay tribute to their cultural roots. Every district in the islands has its...

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Chilean Folk Music

Chilean Folk Music There are four main types of folk music in Chile they are: -Northern Chile, Musica Andina -Central Chile -Mapuche Music -Chiole Music Each type or sub-genre of music has a quite distinct sound and can be related to the racial groups of these areas and to the history of Chile. Racial History of Chile The history of Chile is varied as it has influenced greatly the course of folk music in these four main areas. The history is marked by the following major events: ...

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Critic on Teaching Philippine Folk Dances

CRITIQUE ON TEACHING PHILIPPINE FOLK DANCES Dance education involves teaching of the tradition, techniques, style and the methodologies of teaching the dance itself. Tradition is taught in and out of the school, making dance both as an academic discipline and a social practice or custom. The school teaches formally with syllabi and systems whereas the society teaches in communal activities from rites to games, from work to celebrations. Both serve to perpetuate tradition, by both hows, and whys...

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Analysis of Queer as Folk

every gay man as macho as Will or as effeminate as Jack? The answer is more than likely no. To help further my argument, I turn to a totally different show that gives a completely opposite portrayal of gay men and their lifestyles. The show Queer as Folk was a hit show on Showtime for five years and has gotten critical acclaim for its “honest” representation of gay men. The first episode gives you a run-down of what the entire series is going to be like as the character Justin, a 17 year-old kid, loses...

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The Nature and Status of Folk Psychology

Can Folk Psychology be defended from Paul Churchland’s criticisms of it? The nature and status of Folk Psychology (FP) in philosophy circles is controversial. In this essay I shall begin by briefly defining what folk psychology is. Followed by an outline on eliminativism where some of the controversy lies. My main focus will be on Paul Churchland’s views and his arguments against FP, as this will enable me to facilitate an assessment of his criticisms. Subsequent to that I will search for my own...

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My Pedagogic Creed

dependency on the North for industry and manufacturing 3. The southern white class system and the role the large planters played at the top of this order 4. The role of the “southern lady” in the Old South 5. The characteristics of southern “plain folks” and their place in the southern social and economic order 6. The nature of slavery, its variations, and the role of the slaves in the southern social and economic system 7. The means by which some slaves resisted slavery 8. The features of slave...

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The Souls of Black Folk

Du Bois, W. E. B. The Souls of Black Folk. Chicago: A.C. McClurg & Co.; [Cambridge]: University Press John Wilson and Son, Cambridge, U.S.A., 1903; In The souls of black folk Du Bois examines the years immediately following the Civil War, he relates this to his experiences as a schoolteacher in rural Tennessee, and then he turns his attention to critique materialism in the city of Atlanta where the attention to gaining wealth threatens to replace all other considerations. Rather, Du Bois...

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A comparison between Irish folk music and Indian folk music

songs. Both traditions, although hugely contrasting, do have some common elements. For example, both genres pass down their music orally – meaning by word of mouth, with no history of any written scores, although in recent years the scores for Irish folk music have been written down due to its widespread popularity in countries such as the USA. Indian ‘Hindustani’ scores, however, are significantly more difficult to get hold of. Secondly, both genres play in groups. In Ireland these bands are known...

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Irish Folk Music

Megan McCarthy English 101 Research Paper December 3, 2006 Irish Folk Music A “punctuated equilibrium” is a term used by biologists in reference to a “theory that claims that evolutionary change in the fossil record came in fits and starts rather than in a steady process of slow change” (“punctuated equilibrium”). The origin of Irish music seems to have occurred in a similar fashion. Music in general can touch many areas of our lives. We have an endless array of purposes for music today;...

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Nco Creed

The Creed of the Noncommissioned Officer is, to some, just words that must be uttered during ceremonies and the times when a Soldier earns their Sergeant stripes.   To others, there is no higher thought and it’s these Soldiers who spend their time while in uniform trying their hardest to uphold everything that is written in those paragraphs. When I entered six some years ago, I had no clue such a creed ever existed. Although it has been rewritten in different ways, the NCO Creed still begins each...

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Folk Dances of the Philippines

Folk Dances of the Philippines Traditions and Heritage - Luzon Region We Shall Never Forget our Heritage LUZON -- Consisting of the tribes such as Ifugao, Benquet, Kalinga, Bontoc, Apayo, Kalinga, sometimes these are call Igorot. "But sometimes that is considered degrading." Cordillera name also used for some parts the Luzon Region... Northern most regions of the Philippines, Luzon gets its Cultural influence from Hindu-Buddhist, Spanish and many ethnic religious tribes. All with differences...

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Western Influences on Folk-Custom in Shanghai

Western Influences on Folk-custom in Shanghai The change of Folk-custom is an important part of the change of society. As a metropolis in China, Shanghai combines her own features with many other country’s history and culture. As a result, the Folk-customs in Shanghai have changed a lot due to the impact of western culture. The influences on proprieties As a traditional city in China, Shanghai paid much attention to the etiquette and custom when people met together in the old days. At that time...

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The Reflected Values in Filipino Folk Dance

Gabrielle Marie C. Prado English 10 The Reflected Values in Filipino Folk Dance Introduction Many Filipinos do not appreciate the Philippine dance culture because they always see hip hop, ballet, ballroom and other dance genre. What if they could be wondering how are the Filipinos interpreting their dance? Let’s recall from more than three hundred years ago, the Spaniards came and made a huge influence to the Filipinos. Spain brought with them many different aspects of their culture to the...

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The Apostles' Creed

THE APOSTLES' CREED A research paper submitted to Dr. David Pederson In Partial Fulfillment of the requirements For The course CHHI 520 Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary By Fannie M. Thomas Lynchburg, Virginia October 10, 2011 Table of Contents Introduction..................................................................................................................... 3 History and Origin........................................................................................

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