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Ezra Pound Imagism

The Eyes of Imagism: Ezra Pound Many poets have had their moment of fame in America, but very few have had both the incredible impact on American poetry, and received the brutal criticism that Ezra Pound experienced. From his early years as a poet, to the end of his life Ezra Pound was surrounded by controversy and contempt. Though, through all of this he managed to make one of the most lasting impacts on American poetry, which any one poet has provided. Without the genius of Ezra Pound, the poetry...

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Imagism Ezra Pound

Imagism and Ezra Pound Ezra Pound was one of the greatest poets of the modern era, creating a literary movement known as “imagism.” Pound coined the term in 1912 to assist Hilda Doolittle (H.D.) in the marketing of some of her poems. Doolittle was an unknown author, and Pound decided that her work would be accepted more easily if she were identified with a group of poets (Dettmar/Watt), such as Richard Aldington and F.S. Flint (“Imagists”). Imagists focused mainly on the “clarity of expression...

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Ezra Pound

Sienna Schaal February 12, 2012 American Literature Short Essay Ezra Loomis Pound and the Imagism Movement Ezra Loomis Pound once said, “If a man is not willing to take some risk for his opinions, either his opinions are no good or he is no good.” Ezra Pound was a man of great taste when it came to his poetry and ideas. He had a life size vision that made him famous and helped influence many other poets as well. His vision was to change the thought and structure of poetry into something...

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Ezra Pound

Nick Maat Mr. Harris English III HN 27 November, 2011 Who is Ezra Pound? The people of this country are exactly what make up this country. But what determines the individual person is the character, and the true American character consists of the pursuit of making life better, helping others, to strive to be the best you can be and standing up for what you believe in. In American history, the leaders of this country or the wise individuals that helped put this country together never...

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Ezra Pound in the Imagist Movement

Ezra Pound in the Imagist Movement In the beginning of the 20th century, a poetry style called Imagism was growing. Imagism is derived from Modernism and was created in response to Romanticism. Contrary to Romanticism, Imagist poems consist of brief sentences of dry clarity which painted an exact visual image and poetic statement. Thence leaving little to no room for interpretation due to it's candidness expressing of ideas. Imagism was also a conferrer to the french Symbolist movement...

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Ezra Pound Poetry Paper

Ezra pound came up with vorticism to add further movement, vigor, and intensity to an image. While reading the poems relevant to imagism and vorticism “images half-form and dissolve; uncongenial words and ideas are disconcertingly juxtaposed” (Froula 1). Pound was very interested in imagism and vorticism, which allowed him to expand his horizons and write many great poems in accordance to these two movements. Pound was born in Hailey, Idaho on October 30th. His family moved around a lot from Idaho...

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Ezra Pound

Ezra Pound Ezra Pound was a very interesting and intelligent American poet. He was born in Idaho on October thirtieth, 1885. He wrote many interesting works of poetry such as the one-hundred and twenty sections of Cantos. He had many influences from wars, political leaders, art, and music. He knew since he was young that he wanted to be a poet and said that by the age of thirty he could know more about poetry than any living man and he had a long Journey to being a poet. In his journey, he learned...

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Ezra Pound Research Paper

The Young Genius: Ezra Pound’s influenced poetry on Benito Mussolini and the Fascist movement, time of his stay in St. Elizabeth’s Hospital and the concept of Imagism. “If a nation's literature declines, the nation atrophies and decays.” (Ezra Pound Quotes) Ezra Pound was not a man of many words, but he certainly did have a knack for turning simple words into something beautiful. Pounds’ poetry was influenced by his fascination with Benito Mussolini and the Fascist movement, the time of his stay...

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Ezra Pound

Nathan Hubschman Nathan Hubschman Ezra Pound Response: “The Tree” by Ezra Pound is about how Pound identifies with the tree-like state in which the nymph, Daphne, of Greek myth finds herself in order to escape Apollo. Pound begins the poem explaining how he was a “tree amid the wood” meaning a changed being amid a familiar yet under-perceived environment. He likens this form to the myth of Apollo who chases Daphne until she asks the god, Peneus, to change her into a tree. Even though she is...

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Voices & Visions - Ezra Pound

Voices and Visions: Ezra Pound Out of all of the poets in the Voices and Visions series, Ezra Pound was one the few I was least familiar with. I’ve learned that he is one of modern poetry’s most significant figures–as well as one of the most controversial–of the twentieth century. He was committed and passionate about his work and about the advancement of poetry in the world. He had high standards for the arts and wasn’t afraid to rebuke anyone who didn’t meet them. Pound was born in Hailey...

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Imagism in Ezra Pound, William Carlos Williams and Marianne Moore

Q) What philosophy do Ezra Pound, William Carlos Williams and Marianne Moore share? A) Ezra Pound, William Carlos Williams and Marianne Moore were all modernist poets. Modernist poetry deals with experiment and innovation. All three were imagists, though at a later stage, William Carlos Williams started disagreeing with Ezra Pound. Ezra Pound Ezra Pound was the most aggressive of the modernist poets, who made “Make it new!” his battle cry. He turned to classical Chinese poetry...

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te life of ezra pound

Ezra Pound is generally considered the poet most responsible for defining and promoting a modernist aesthetic in poetry. In the early teens of the twentieth century, he opened a seminal exchange of work and ideas between British and American writers, and was famous for the generosity with which he advanced the work of such major contemporaries as W. B. Yeats, Robert Frost, William Carlos Williams, Marianne Moore, H. D., James Joyce, Ernest Hemingway, and especially T. S. Eliot. His own significant...

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Ezra pound's poem. Analysis into three main perspectives SEMANTICS, SEMIOTICS and PRAGMATICS

So our attempt in this essay is the study of Ezra Pound's poem 'The Garden 'from three perspectives, semantically, semiotically and pragmatically. "The Garden" is a free verse poem written by Ezra Pound. It was first published in 1913 in the collection "Poetry: A Magazine of Verse", then as part of his collection "Lustra" in 1916. The poem is comprised of four stanzas.(Alexander). When reading the poem at a first glance the reader may notice that Pound is describing a young woman who has been born...

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Appreciation of Ezra Pound’s “in a Station of the Metro”

Appreciation of Ezra Pound’s “In a Station of the Metro” In a Station of the Metro is an observation of the poet of the human faces seen in a Paris’s subway station in which the faces turned variously toward light and darkness. The poet, Ezra Pound, was famous for advocating free meter and a more economical use of words and images in poetic expression. He is also one of the leaders of the Imagist Movement of poetry. He advocated to use sharp, accurate, implicative and concise images to express concrete...

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A Critical Review: Vorticism

A Critical Review on an extract from Ezra Pound’s essay ‘Vorticism’ and its correlation to James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man When reading Pound’s essay ‘Vorticism’, it is clear that he was trying to emphasise the originality of the source from which forms of art came to an ‘artist’ who embodied vorticism in all it’s splendour. Joyce’s self-portraiture style novel A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, envisages ideas of vorticism throughout, which can be confirmed, perhaps...

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Disillusion, Defiance, and Discontent (1914-1946)

usually implied not stated Modernism help American literature get world recognition Imagism Imagism is a modernist poetic movement Lasted 1909 to 1917 Followers from the united stated and England Rebelled against sentimentality of nineteenth-century poetry Clear expression, concrete images, everyday language Models came from Greek and Roman classics, Chinese and Japanese poetry Hilda Doolittle and Ezra Pound The Expatriates Postwar led a number of Americans to be exiles Many settled in...

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Ezra Pound and William Butler Yeats

Quotes: "Pain only hurts." - Scott Jurek "The best way out is always through." - Robert Frost "how can we know the dancer from the dance" - William Butler Yeats "Wanting to be someeone else is a waste of who you are." Kurt Cobain "Long distance running is 90% mental and the other half is physical.” Rich Davis Butler Yeats "Wanting to be someeone...

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American Literature. Mark Twain

of Stein’s experimental writing, Stein as an art collector 7. AMERICAN MODERNIST POETRY: EZRA POUND Pound and Whitman, Pound and imagism: “A Few Don’ts by an Imagiste,” Pound’s definition of an image, Pound’s “translations” from the Chinese – Pound and Fenollosa, Pound and the haiku tradition, Pound as a critic of the Western civilization, political controversies surrounding Pound 8. AMERICAN MODERNIST POETRY: WILLIAM CARLOS WILLIAMS AND THE OBJECTIVISTS William...

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Social Life

except deteriorate into ruins. Ezra Pound poem, "A Pact" is written to Walt Whitman to help start an imagism movement. Ezra is asking Whitman about their pact, "I make a pact with you" (p.1285, line 1) which will begin to change the writing in literature in those days. His word choice and imagism helped his movement. Ezra uses a strong tone towards Whitman to indicate he means business. He needed Walt to help in the creation of new, different way of writing. Ezra also uses the metaphor, "We have...

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Analysis of Ezra Pound's Poem Fan Piece for Her Imperial Lord

October 3, 2013 Paper One I chose to focus on Ezra Pound’s poem, “Fan Piece for her Imperial Lord”, a poem in which I argue represents both the sublime as well as beauty. More so, I argue his poem is a direct representation of how the sublime can be found in beauty. How through the idea of pleasure and goodness one can experience pain. Beauty aims to please the senses in some way, focusing on objects of delicacy, smoothness and color. On the contrary, the sublime attempts to evoke a sense...

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Poetry VS Rhetoric

modernists, this reaction would result in a completely new mode of writing: symbolism and its variations. This essay deals with the paradoxical rejection of rhetoric influences in early modernist poetry, as was reflected by William Butler Yeats and Ezra Pound at the time. I will tackle this issue by i) reflecting on which influences they renounced and ii) how this came to be paradoxical. It should be noted however, that these comments are aimed at a certain period in the authors’ work, and do not necessarily...

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generally called a movement, it is more valid to see modernism as an international body of literature characterized by a new self-consciousness about modernity and by radical formal experimentation. Several literary movements and styles, notably Imagism and Vorticism, were fostered within modernism, which flourished from around 1890 until 1940. There was also a period of so-called "high modernism," 1920-5. Generally, modernists were driven by the belief that the assurances once provided by religion...

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James Joyce: Reflections on the Legacy of the Artist

generation” (Pound 123). Each of Joyce’s major works takes place in or near Dublin, the city of his birth and residence until entering a period of self-exile after being “dissatisfied … with Irish nationalism, Catholicism, and his family background” in 1902 (“Biography of James Joyce” 10). Joyce’s works received mixed reviews. After publishing his first novel, A Portrait of the Artist of a Young Man, Joyce received praise from renowned authors, poets and critics such as Ezra Pound, who proclaimed...

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Modernist Literature

fully industrialized world. The first half of the 20th century is then normally referred to in literary histories as ‘Modernism’, a very general term used to talk about a series of different movements and tendencies (impressionism, expressionism, imagism, futurism, dadaism, surrealism...) that tried to break with old tradition and the realistic concept of art. Modernism challenged the assumption of reality, which is at the roots of realism: that there is a common phenomenal world that can be reliably...

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Amy Lowell by Marcia Dinneen

identification with the style of H.D.'s poetry and determined to discover more about it. Armed with a letter of introduction from Poetry editor Harriet Monroe, Lowell traveled to London to meet Ezra Pound, head of the imagist movement. In London Lowell not only learned about imagism and free verse from Pound, but she also met many poets, several of whom became lifelong friends. Over the years Lowell would develop many literary friendships that resulted in an enormous volume of literary correspondence...

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Hemingway and Paris

an inexpensive place to live. This was necessary due to the inconsistent salary of a writer. Still the people of Paris even further supported Hemingway economically. In Paris Everest meet fellow writers including Gertrude Stein, James Joyce and Ezra Pound. These writers, “could help a young writer up the rungs of a career"ii. In this way there was less pressure on money, which allowed Hemingway to use his time writing. Overall; Paris was economically kind to its writers. Still the economy was probably...

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The 1920's Modernism in English narrative

of writing (Arnold Bennett, John Galsworthy and H.G. Wells). In 1914 the situation is about to change again for two reasons: Ezra Pound decided to make London the centre of a new avant garde and started promoting the work of modernist writers such as James Joyce or Joseph Conrad. The First World War. At the beginning of WWI it seemed it was going to frustrate Ezra Pound's plans. During the war people weren't interested in artistic matters and many poets and British artists fought in the war...

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Structure and the major themes of T.S.Eliot’s poem “The Waste Land”

modern world. The poem “The Waste Land” is divided into five parts: “The Burial of the Dead” , “A Game of Chess”, “The Fire Sermon”, ”Death by Water” and “What the Thunder Said”. It opens with an intriguing epigraph dedicated to Ezra Pound. It consists of 434 lines and it’s regarded as one of the longest poems, if not the longest, in English literature. It is a highly complex poem and it requires the reader to be competent in order to fully understand the poem. Professor Z. Ancevski...

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particularly poetry, modernism inspired new and revolutionary ideas, forming distinct poetic groups. Through modernism, came Imagism. Imagists rejected traditional poetry such as romantic and futurist and focused on the notion that less is more. Prominent imagist poet Ezra Pound believed, “It is better to present on Image in a lifetime than to produce voluminous works” (Caws, 356). Imagism was a movement of poets within the Modernist era who wanted to write invaluable and immaculate poetry. Through specific...

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by the realization that knowledge is not absolute . * 3. A few dates 1909 First “Manifesto” of Italian Futurism 1910 Death of Edward VII Post-impressionist exhibition in London 1913 Russian Cubo-futurism English Verticism 1916-20 Dada 1912-17 Imagism Tradition and individual Talent by TS Eliot 1922 Ts. Eliot’s The Waste Land J. Joyce’s Ulysses Death of M.Proust * 4. Modernism as a movement Modernism as a movement can be recognized not only in literature but also in The sciences Philosophy...

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Poetry assignment

The first sestina is by a familiar poet, Ezra Pound. This sestina is perhaps the most famous in the English language. It used to be, and perhaps is still, considered the best sestina in the English language. It is a dramatic monologue, which means that a character is speaking all the words in the poem. That character is a medieval warlord. He is frustrated by a period of peace and he longs for the battles of war, which he loves so much. Ezra Pound said that a poem about such a thing cannot be...

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Hugh Selwyn Mauberley

Whittier-Ferguson English 313 Hugh Selwyn Mauberley IV+V: Leading by Example In part 1, Sections IV and V of Hugh Selwyn Mauberley, Pound writes a powerful condemnation of war and its effects. Pound writes of the soldiers who were sent off to die for a country that is “an old bitch gone in the teeth” and not worth the “wastage” of life in Pound’s estimation. Even the arts are criticized, Pound calling them nothing more than “two gross of battered statues” and “a few thousand battered books”. However, by virtue...

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When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'D

began to be more withdrawn and reclusive. These three symbolic elements the evening star, singing bird, and lilac are intertwined so finely within this works that some scholars believe that they form a Trinity. According to Ezra Pound article, she believes due to the overlapping nature of these symbols, they represent a divine trinity. "The Father is the equated with power, the Son with wisdom, and the Holy Spirit with love." With this in mind the reader is able to observe this...

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Working Parents

Morehouse (Eich 8). From June 1916 to January 1917 came the most creative time of Cummings’ life (Kennedy 115). Cummings was influenced by many people throughout his life. In college Cummings was introduced to the writing and artistry of Ezra Pound, who was a large influence on Cummings’ life (Eich 3). Dory Miller also broadened Cummings’ knowledge of poetry written in English and of the poets of Greece (Reef 15). S. Foster Damon, an art enthusiast, became Cummings’ guide to all that was...

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E.E.Cumming Essay

of Arts Degree, and then went onto receive his Master’s Degree in English and Classical Studies. Towards the end of his college career he was influenced by Gertrude Stein (discovered theory of stream of consciousness) and Ezra Pound (expatriate poet and critic who developed imagism). These accomplishments provide proof that E.E. Cummings was certainly an educated “man of letters”. When E.E. Cummings was 23 he enlisted in the Norton-Harjes Ambulance Corps in Paris. He had five weeks to spend...

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W.B. Yeats

in London, T. S. Eliot and Ezra Pound. His work after 1910 was largely influenced by Pound, becoming more modern in its concision and imagery, but Yeats never abandoned his strict devotion to traditional verse forms. Some critics claim that Yeats spanned the transition from the nineteenth century into twentieth-century modernism in poetry much as Pablo Picasso did in painting while others question whether late Yeats has much in common with modernists of the Ezra Pound and T. S. Eliot variety (Holderman...

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Robert Frost

acceptable reviews. Frost wrote this poem in a rhythmic way, as he later said all poems should be written. A year later, Frost wrote North of Boston. Around the time that poem was published, Frost met Ezra Pound and Edward Thomas, who were two people that later played a major role in Frost’s life. Thomas and Pound were the first two people to review Frost’s work in a favorable way and they also gave helpful encouragement. In “The road not taken” Frost credited Thomas’s walks in the English landscape for...

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mankind, Ezra Pound’s “Make it new” was a dire cry that was ringing in everyone’s ears. Modernists changed the course of history; and yet held on to their past. The drive to preserve the obsolete revolutionized language in various forms for it was felt that language could not convey the complete meaning- “That’s not all, that’s not what I meant at all” - The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S. Eliot. Writers such as Eliot, James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, W.B Yeats, Ezra Pound and so...

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of reading and writing fiction? (1-2 pages typed.) ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 9/23 Richard Wakefield, “In a Poetry Workshop” (1371-1372) Mark Halliday, “Graded Paper” (905-906) Ezra Pound, “In a Station of the Metro” (860) 9/25 Billy Collins (1123-1130), “Introduction to Poetry” (776) 9/27 T.E. Hulme, “On the Differences between Poetry and Prose” (863-864) Wilfred Owen, “Dulce et Decorum Est” (853-854) ________________...

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Eliot as Dramatist

Harvard, where he worked on a dissertation on the English idealist philosopher F.H. Bradley. Eliot also studied Sanskrit and Buddhism. In 1915 Eliot made England his permanent home. With Ezra Pound, his countryman and an advocate on literary modernism, he started to reform poetic diction. Pound was largely responsible for getting Eliot's early poems into print, such as THE LOVE SONG OF J. ALFRED PRUFROCK in the Chicago magazine Poetry in 1915. The title character is tormented by the uncertainty...

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Marianne Moore On "Bird-Witted"

highly regarded modernist periodical. In part because of her extensive European travels before the First World War, Moore came to the attention of poets as diverse as Wallace Stevens, Hilda Doolittle, T. S. Eliot, and Ezra Pound and corresponded for a time with W.H. Auden and Ezra Pound. In her poetry Moore experimented with the stanza and strived to unite what she called "precision, economy of statement [and] logic" with complex rhyme patterns, syllable counts, and ornate diction. Her volumes include...

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Estrangement in W B Yeats and Thomas Hardy

new age of thought there needed to be a new approach to art, i.e. the expression of consciousness. Picasso’s Cubism movement (1907 onwards) endeavoured analytically to give the full experience of the object, by looking at all aspects at once. From Ezra Pound’s piece on Modernism, ‘Make it New’ (1934), the title became a kind of mantra for Modernists, because as society continually changes, ideas should be renewed to fit accordingly (Price, 2011a). The works which will be discussed in this essay are...

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Philip Larkin: an Introduction Tracing the Journey to Affirmation

Deceived” Though he was a leading member of the group, he is also one of the illustrious poets whose works also illustrates, in many of his poems, the features of the symbolist and modernist mode of writing of which W.B.Yeats, T.S.Eliot, Ezra Pound were chief representatives. While consciously or unconsciously carrying out the aims of the movement, Larkin also adopt most of methods and strategies by modernstis symbolists. There were conflicting opinions about Larkin as a poet. In fact...

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Fire and Ice

teacher in New Hampshire; in 1912 he moved his family to England in order to concentrate with his writing. While in England, he published his first book of poems, A Boy's Will, in 1913 and was enthusiastically reviewed by the American modernist poet Ezra Pound (1885–1978), who soon made his acquaintance. In 1914, North of Boston, his second book, was published; in 1915, when Frost returned to the United States, North of Boston was published there and became a major success, bringing him immediate fame...

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Robert Frost

1912, after their New Hampshire farm failed, and it was abroad that Frost met and was influenced by some of the best British poets as Edward Thomas, Rupert Brooke, and Robert Graves. While in England, Frost also established a friendship with poet Ezra Pound, who helped to promote and publish his work. The first collection of poetry that frost came about was “A Boy’s Will,” which contains the poems “Mowing” and “Reluctance.” The title of the work is a reference to a line from Longfellow’s poem “My...

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T.S. Eliot

continuity and wholeness quantified with recurrent themes of time, alienation, isolation, and articulation. Because Eliot used fragmentation as his style when writing this poem, it survived being cut in half by the editing of Ezra Pound. Many author"s argue that Ezra Pound could have edited many more parts out, without effecting the meaning Eliot was trying to convey (Bergonzi 11, Mack 1743, Martin 20-22, 110, Ricks 9, Unger 18). T. S. Eliot"s use of estrangement in poems is his way of expressing...

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T. S. Eliot as a Critic

and Experience in the Philosophy of F. H. Bradley. But World War I had intervened, and he never returned to Harvard to take the final oral examination for the Ph. D. degree. In 1914 Eliot met and began a close association with the American poet Ezra Pound. Early Publications. Eliot was to pursue four careers: editor, dramatist, literary critic, and philosophical poet. He was probably the most erudite poet of his time in the English language. His undergraduate poems were “literary” and conventional...

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Robert Frost Research Paper

38 years old, Robert Frost truly began his career as a poet and found a publisher that would publish his first two books of poems, A Boy’s Will, and North of Boston. “He also met two poets who would affect his life and career in significant ways, Ezra Pound and Edward Thomas” (Bio.com). They were the first to review his work and provide encouragement. Frost gave credit to Thomas’ long walks over the English landscape and indecisiveness and regret of which path to take as inspiration for one of his...

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e.e. cummings

year. Cummings, along with his fellows of “Harvard Aesthetes” John Dos Passos and S. Foster Damon, worked very hard on the school newspaper. During his final year at the University, he was quite influenced by some writers like Gertrude Stein and Ezra Pound. Also, he imparted a controversial starting address to his graduating class titled “The New Art”. This speech introduced his to notoriety as he maintained to deliver the wrong impression that the highly admired imagist poet “Amy Lowell”, whom he...

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Dramatic Monologues: a Brief Introduction

of mind or a process of perception, thought, and feeling’. Though, the invention of the form remains unknown, it was widely practiced widely by poets of the Victorian era like Robert Browning, Alfred Tennyson in"Ulysses", Dante and recent poets like Ezra Pound's "The River Merchant's Wife: A Letter", Amy Lowell, Robert Frost's "The Pauper Witch of Grafton", T.S. Eliot's "Love Song of J". Alfred Prufrock, Robert Hayden's "Night, Death, Mississippi" and other poets of the twentieth century. ...

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Robert Frost Essay

tendencies and traditions from the nineteenth century, but also many techniques from the twentieth. Taking his ideas from the public eye, Frost developed, as many critics note, an original modernism that spoke with a directness that reflected the ways of Ezra Pound and Amy Lowell. (Two other well known authors who wrote of Frost positively.) This modernism mixed with the newly portrayed traditions of the nineteenth century abled Frost to restore the underlying sound and vocal gestures that each word made,...

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Eng 11

Metro” by Ezra Pound Comment: I am surprised when I saw the “poem”. I didn’t know it’s allowed to only have two lines. But I think it is pretty though. Simplicity and brevity is always beautiful. I like how he used the word apparition. Given that he’s in a transport station, faces appear and disappear from your sight as they hurry around. I think it’s the perfect word to use. Fun fact: In the poem, Pound describes a moment in the underground metro station in Paris in 1912; Pound suggested...

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English poetry in between two wars

but he has changed in the opposite direction, from the ideal to the real, the.spiritual to the sensuous. Some of his later poems are almost definitely bawdy." In 'the later part of his career Yeats came under the modernistic, Imagist influence of Ezra Pound. Consequently, his later poems are full of concrete but delicate images and particulars redolent of ancient myths. But the appearance of, what Samuel C. Chew calls, "a most unexpected sensuality" in his poetry is quite baffling indeed. Another feature...

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Frost vs Poe

marrying Frost and White moved to England where Frost’s poetry career fully came to light. He became very influenced by poets such as Rupert Brooke, Robert Graves and Edward Thomas, he also met another poet of the time, Ezra Pound. Frost and Pound developed a close relationship with Pound helping to promote and publish Frost’s poems. By the time Frost and White returned from England three years later he had already published two full length collections of work. During the 1920s, Frost kept gaining popularity...

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J the Dot J

Lawrence Dunbar T.S. Eliot Robert Frost Allen Ginsburg Langston Hughes Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Robert Lowell Edgar Lee Masters Dorothy Parker Sylvia Plath Edgar Allan Poe Ezra Pound Edwin Arlington Robinson Carl Sandburg Anne Sexton Edna St. Vincent-Millay Henry David Thoreau Walt Whitman William Carlos Williams o TPCAST each poem by your primary author....

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Mordernism - Eliot and Lawrence

Through the influence of his fellow American poet Ezra Pound, Eliot's first major poem "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" was published. From 1915, money problems, his exhausting work at the bank, a general dissatisfaction with modern life brought him on the verge of a nervous breakdown and he was treated in Margate and then in a Swiss sanatorium. During this period he finished the first draft of "The Waste Land". He submitted his manuscript to Pound who helped him give the poem its final shape. ...

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Robert Frost

twenty years, Frost’s first collection of poetry A Boy’s Will was published in England in 1913 by a small London printer, David Nutt. American publisher Henry Holt printed it in 1915. Frost’s work was well-received and fellow poets Edward Thomas and Ezra Pound became friends, supporters, and helped promote his work. North of Boston (1914) followed. When World War I started the Frosts were back in New Hampshire, settling at their newly bought farm in Franconia in 1915. A year later Robert began teaching...

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Robert Frost

to go by the book or write a new book is “soul of the poem”. “The Span Of Life” is a matchless title as far as the compactness is concerned. The poem below the title simply explains the title. “The Span Of Life” is as small as “Metro Paris” by Ezra Pound. Both the poems as well as titles are epigrammatic and speak of deep thoughts about life’s irrevocable limitations. Mark Richardson holds that Robert Frost had a seeing eye. He used to observe life very deeply. His vision used to encompass the smallest...

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Robert Frost as a Modernist Poet

still considered a modern poet because the poetry that he wrote was well endowed with the many problems that men who lived in the modern world faced with Science and Technology. He was a contemporary and great friend to such modernist greats as Ezra Pound and Wallace Stevens. Although he resembled these modernist poets, Frost was quite different from the rest of the modern poets of his time. The modern elements of his poetry are those of capitalism, the self-centeredness of the mordent man, the...

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T.S Eliot

Much of this influence was evident in the work. One of Eliot's greatest influences was Ezra Pound. Eliot met Ezra Pound in 1914, and that meeting proved to be of great significance to Eliot's writing career. Ezra pound helped Eliot to find a poem publisher when he was starting out. Through Pound, Eliot made many connections with very important and interesting authors. In addition to the social connections Pound helped Eliot to get, they made many outstanding literary connections as well. Pound's style...

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