• Ancient Egyptian Religion Seen Through Art and Architecture
    In the life of Egyptian people, religion played a far more important part than modern man can imagine. Religion provided the stimulus to art and philosophy and a matrix for the development of moral principles (Wondering 28). This similarity between everyday tasks and belief in the gods lead to advan
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  • Museum of Modern Art
    Museum of Modern Art in New York Roxanne Briano The Museum of Modern Art in New York City is the world’s leading modern art. Its exhibits have been a major influence in creating and stimulating popular awareness of modern art and its accompanying diversity of its styles and movements. The mus
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  • Modern Art Essay
    Outline: A) Introduction: power of expression with the help of color tonality. B) Paul Klee’s New Harmony. C) Gustav Klimt’s Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I. D) Conclusion. Foreword: This essay discusses the peculiarities of two paintings of the different artists, New Harmony by Paul
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  • Modern Art 1900-40
    Comparison Paper Modern European Art 1900-50 By the end of World War I in 1918, artist had a remarkable change in their styles of art. Two very pronounced artists, Fernand Leger and Max Beckman, served in the war and impacted their art profusely. World War I was an era of industrialization
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  • Introduction to Modern Art Basics
    Academic Institutionalization of the "fine arts” and the nature of academic instruction * The academy set the standard for what was art. * Very specific criteria * Only allowed to do History Painting: an event out of history, the bible, or mythology * Other than histor
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  • Post Modern Art
    34 FROM THE MODERN TO THE POST MODERN AND BEYOND ART OF THE LATER 20TH CENTURY TEXT PAGES 1030–1091 THE ART WORLD’S FOCUS SHIFTS WEST 1. List two characteristics of so-called “Greenbergian formalism”: An emphasis on an artwork’s visual elements rather than its subject
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  • Museum of Modern Art
    San Francisco: Museum of Modern Art A couple of weeks ago, I went to the San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art and visited the second floor room 204. The gallery called Jaquelin H. Home had a collection of Latin America Modernism. One of the works in the gallery was from Frida Kahlo, Manuel
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  • Cezanne Opens Door to Modern Art
    Cezanne Opens Door to Modern Art “To the Impressionists goes the credit for opening Cezanne’s eyes to nature”… “he had long since advanced beyond the naively conventional landscapes of the years 1858-1860, lost interest in copying the masters, and sought inspiration elsewhere than in fash
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  • Modern Art
    After viewing Georg Baselitz’s Auftritt am Sandtreich II – bei (Remix), and Cindy Sherman’s Untitled #224, one can see two very different artists trying to convey a topic that is relatable on many levels. George Baselitz is a German Neo-Expressionist, while Cindy Sherman created work in the A
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  • The Influence of Art on Common People
    The Influence of Art on Common People Art is a medium of self-expression; it can also be a challenge that intimidates people. Art can influence common people in many ways: "It could be a source of inspiration for people with hidden artistic skill; it could ignite the passion to create something
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  • Modern Art
    Modern Art Modern Art is loosely defined as the art styles developed between the years of 1860’s and the 1970’s.  It includes the Claude Monet during the impressionism period of 1870-90, Van Gogh during the post impressionism period of 1885-1905, Ernest Ludwig Kirchner representing the German
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  • Modern Art in New York
     Modern Art in New York- 1930’s-1960’s: Learning Art for the First Time The day is cold, the air crisp and clean and the sun is bright. It is a chilly Friday morning in the fall, where the ground is covered with leaves, an...
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  • Compare Art Nouvouve and Art Deco
    * Art Nouveau * Started in the early 1890s and peaked at the turn of the century until 1920s * Art Nouveau was a reation to the historicism of the Arts and Crafts Movement. It was about creating a whole new style - full of organic shapes and very fond of the female form. Flowing, sinuous lin
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  • History of Art through the Art Institute - Baroque Art
    Notes - Sept 15, 2013 The Art Institute of Chicago Building was 1893 structure built as the World's Congress Auxiliary Building and was built for the Columbian Expo. 5The Art Institute of Chicago opened as the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts on May 24, 1879. Chicago is a young city. 1577...
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  • La Vague Du Japonisme: the Effects of Japanese Art on French Art in the Late 19th Century
    “It is in general the unexplored that attracts us…” – Lady Murasaki, The Tale of Genji. (Lambourne 2005, 10). A preoccupation with “the other” has always been of interest to the French. In Montesquieu’s Lettres Persanes, written in the early 18th century, the French nearly fall ove
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  • Art Criticism and Art History
    Art criticism and Art History Case Study: The use of assemblage and the found object in historical and contemporary art practice. The origins of the practice of assemblage can be traced back to its early twentieth century roots based on ideas presented by Dadaists. The Dada movement was a lite
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  • Art : Comparing Medieval Art to Renaissance Art
    Art Appreciation Name: Chadwick West Instructor: xxxxxxxxxxxx Course: Art Appreciation, ART 137 School: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx December 19, 2012 Comparing Medieval Art to Renaissance Art Medieval art period Medieval art covers a large sco
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  • Egyptian Art
    Egyptian Art was once considered to be unchanged, when viewing this art as a whole. Egyptian Art seems to be repetitive pattern of images and ideas. Yet all of these images are uniquely different. Ranging from 3000b.c to 50b.c. Taking the same principles through out the entire period. Which cons
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  • Egyptian Art and Architecture
    Egyptian Art and Architecture I INTRODUCTION Egyptian Art and Architecture, the buildings, paintings, sculpture, and allied arts of ancient Egypt, from prehistoric times to its conquest by the Romans in 30 bc. Egypt had the longest unified history of any civilization in the ancient Mediterrane
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