• Causes and Effects of Prostitution
    A. Prostitution in the Philippines 1. Propagation of prostitution during the time of the Spanish Colonization in the Philippines  The rape of native women by the Spaniards created a reserve of “fallen” women who became available to service not only the homesick Spanish troops and digniti
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  • Prostitution Reconsidered
    Prostitution Reconsidered Prostitution has been around for centuries and has been a heavily debated practice for as long as it has been utilized in society. Prostitution is first and foremost viewed and known as the selling of ones body, sexuality, sex, and so on. However, according to most stan
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  • Prostitution
    Prostitution Toni Smith SOC 210 April13, 2007 Prostitution Encyclopedia Britannica defines prostitution as the practice of engaging in relatively indiscriminate sexual activity, in general with someone who is not a spouse or a friend, in exchange for immediate payment in money or other va
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  • Why Prostitution Should Be Legal
    Why should prostitution be legal? Can anybody tell me what is considered to be the world's most ancient profession? (doesn't require education, mostly involves women) Some researchers confirm that prostitution is indeed the most ancient profession, while others argue with it; however, everybody ag
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  • Historical Aspects of Prostitution
    Prostitution is commonly known as the “world’s oldest profession”. Throughout history, it has existed in one form or another. Before the dawn of civilization, acts that might be considered prostitution may have occurred when early man ‘paid’ for sexual favors with a bit of special food, or
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  • Prostitution Policy and Feminism
    Prostitution Policy and Feminism Many people refer to it as the oldest profession in the world; prostitution. It has been around since the beginning of time. There isn’t a nation, race or country that it hasn’t touched and left its effects. Generally, prostitution can be define
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  • Female Genital Mutilation: Long Term Psychological Effects
    Female Genital Mutilation: Long Term Psychological Effects The Psychology Department The Final Paper Dr. F. Cramer Presented By: Tim Abbas ID # 92-1356 Female Genital Mutilation, or Female Circumcision as sometimes called, is the partial or complete removal of the female clitoris immediately afte
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  • Prostitution
    Outline Thesis: Prostitution should be legalized because not only does it financially benefit the country, but legalized prostitution could also reduce crime. I. Illegalized prostitution A. Preservation of morality B. Health risks C. V
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  • Prostitution Industry
    INTRODUCTION A prostitute is defined by the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary as "a person who offers herself / himself for sexual intercourse for money." Legally, Prostitution is the sale of sexual services. The services may consist of any sexual acts, including those which do not involve c
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  • Prostitution
    Historical approaches to regulation Historically, although prostitution has been viewed as a threat to the moral order and a danger to public health, the state has tended to legislate for the regulation of prostitution, rather than introducing measures focused on its elimination. Even early Christ
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  • The Negative Effects of Television
    THE NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF TELEVISON (Violence in television programs and movies and its impact on children and families is not a new topic. Almost 30 years ago the U.S. Surgeon General warned Americans about the negative effect of television have on the emotions and behaviours of children.) I just w
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  • Effects of Occupational Stess
    The Effects of Occupational Stress To measure something as subjective as stress is difficult to do. Stress is an issue that we must all deal with throughout our lives. Some people think of it as an illness, and others think that it only affects CEOs or executives of large companies – or that on
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  • Ethics of Prostitution
    Probably no one in the English-speaking world is unaware that our Governor has spoken out on subjects where lesser mortals, especially politicians, have held their tongue. His opinions on the assassination of JFK appear to be well-founded (November '99), however, and his views about the religio
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  • Prostitution
    Have you ever met prostitutes or seen pornographic advertisement when you walked in Sham Shui Po? Surely it is very easy for everyone to meet them in the street especially at night. But have you thought about whether what they do should be legalized? Prostitution has been an annoying problem of Hong
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  • How Music Effects People
    Music does have an Effect on Peoples Moods, Emotions & Actions Music has an exceptional way of transcending feelings, emotions, and information across the world. It is a beautiful, yet powerful force is composed of feeling, abundance, and raw emotion and influences our way of dress, our dialect
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  • Effects of Pornography on Women and Censorship
    EFFECTS OF PORNOGRAPHY ON WOMEN AND CENSORSHIP "Pornography and the New Puritans" by John Irving discusses the pornography victims' compensation bill. "Reply to John Irving" by Andrea Dworkin argues against pornography using her own personal experiences. John Irving argues that the victims
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  • Child Abuse in the Urban Community's: the Causes and Effects
    Research Paper Child Abuse in the Urban Community's: The Causes and Effects Wanda Hopkins Social Work with Children Professor: Evelyn Batts November 10, 2004 Hopkins pg 2 Table of Contents Chapter I 1. Question - There is a great need for more research on child abuse in th
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  • Legalization of Prostitution
    Sex for sale – Should Prostitution be legalized? Prostitution!! What comes to mind when one hears this word? Cheap, degrading, trashy, offensive, any other adjectives come to mind? What about accepted? Shocking as it may seem, but research has shown that in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries, pr
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  • Prostitution in Victorian England
    Judith Walkowitz’s book Prostitution and Victorian Society: Women, Class, and the State, deals with the social and economic impact that prostitution had on English society in the mid to late 19th century. Throughout her piece Walkowitz illustrates the plight of women who are in the prostitution fi
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  • Why Women Get Involved in Prostitution
    Prostitution has been going on for many centuries. Many studies have gone on, researching and trying to understand on why women get involved with prostitution and the main effects it has on then. Some report the main causes of early prostitution was due to poverty and deviance. Many see it as a care
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