• Nuclear Weapons; History and Religion
    Nuclear Weapons; History and Religion In some sort of crude sense which no vulgarity, no humor, no overstatement can quite extinguish, the physicists have known sin; and this is a knowledge which they cannot lose. J. Robert Oppenheimer (AJ Software and Multimedia. History of Atomic Bomb). The
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  • What Is History
    I define history as important events that have happened in the past, and the ones that are presently happening. At some time or another everything will be considered history. History tells a story, whether it's written, painted, carved, or sung; a collection of events that someone explains to you
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  • History of Fashion
    Fashion is defined as a style of dress that is popular during a certain time or era ("Fashion", 1). It often changes and reflects a persons' social class in old days. In modern times it reflects personality. Fads come and go as people find new and different things to like. Until the 20th century
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  • Understanding the History of Healthcare
    Looking at the reasons why it is important to understand the history and evolution of the healthcare system. History has a tendency to repeat itself. In the healthcare industry, it is important to know the events that have brought us to this point. Healthcare continues to evolve at an alarming rate
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  • The History of Dream Theory
    The History of Dream Theory 1 DREAM THEORY Your Name Your School Your Class Your Teacher's Name The History of Dream Theory 2 Abstract Dreams are the language of a person's subconscious mind. Therefore, taking the opportunity to understand them can lead to great enrichment. This
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  • History of Depo Provera
    The History of Depo-Provera Melissa D. Turley LIS 342 University of Illinois at Springfield In this ever-changing world of medicine, the advancement of the different forms of birth control still amaze me. Women have a choice between the old fashioned pill, Norplant implants, Net-En,
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  • A Man for All Season and Machiavelli's Doctrine: Reiteration of History
    A Man For All Season and Machiavelli's Doctrine: Reiteration of History A Man For All Seasons, a play written by Robert Bolt, in essence is both a moral play and a historical play. Sir Thomas More, a "man of the greatest virtue this kingdom has ever produced" (Dean Swift), is famous for choosing t
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  • Does History Tell Us the Truth
    The philosopher R. G. Collingwood argued that history is always a product of the relationship between the past and the present. He argued that there are no "pure" facts. They all come to us through the mind of the one who records them. As the famous historian Fustel de Coulanges said, "Do not appl
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  • History of Psychology
    A PSYCHOLOGICAL APPROACH TO ETHICS ABSTRACT This article has the purpose of calling attention to C.G. Jung's archetypal concept of the Self as an approach to ethics. The distinction between simple morality and transcendent ethics is established. Comparison is made between the archetype of the Self
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  • History of Drug Laws and Law Enforcement
    Drug Laws and Drug Law Enforcement Since the late 19th century, the federal and states governments of the United States have enacted laws and policies to deter the use and distribution of illegal drugs. These laws and policies have not only deemed what drugs are legal and illegal, but have als
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  • What Is History?
    History is of great importance to our world and everyday lives. The knowledge of what has happened in the past is what prevents it from happening again, as long as we pay close attention. History gives us insight into our world, and how everything has come to be. The study of it can improve our
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  • Why Do We Study the History of Criminal Justice
    In this assignment I have been asked to detail two things why I think that it is important to study the history of criminal justice as well as how studying history helps us to I think that it is important to study the history of criminal justice because often times I have imagined a world where
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  • History
    H I S T O R Y The word history is most commonly used to express a thing that has already happened. So one can say that the mankind LIVES the history. But the term history does not mean only this - it means much more: it can also mean a kind of science, that has a growing importance in the develop
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  • End of Recorded History as an End of Oppression:
    End of Recorded History as an End of Oppression: A Simpler Life with Happiness "Observe the herd which is grazing beside you. It does not know what yesterday or today is. It springs around, eats, rests, digests, jumps up again, and so from morning to night and from day to day, with its likes a
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  • Andrew Jackson History
    When Andrew Jackson decided to make his veto message regarding the Bank of The United States on July 10, 1832 one thing was on his mind: killing the Bank of The United States forever!! This one event was the fuel Jackson used for his reconstruction of the U.S. It all started to unravel during his
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  • Philadelphia 76ers History
    Introduction The Philadelphia 76ers is one of the oldest franchises in the history of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Although ticket sales have declined as a result of recent poor performance, the team has enjoyed moderate success over the years with two championship titles and a loya
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  • Definition and History of Psychology
    Introduction: This paper is about the definition of Psychology and the history. It will include the three major stages of psychology, as well as the psychological theories and the main leaders of each theory. In the conclusion I will expand my discussion by stating and explaining my opinion to t
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  • History of Englsih Language
    Teaching English as a Foreign Language. This term is predominantly used when English is being taught in a country where it isn’t the native language (for example teaching English to Spanish people in Spain). For various historical and economic reasons, English has become the dominant language o
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  • History of Ford Motor Company
    Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) Ford Motor Company – A History Vehicle History Ford Motor Company was founded by Henry Ford in Detroit, Michigan. Ford was a skilled craftsman, who used his skills to create an experimental car in 1896. He created a two cylinder vehicle that was capable of going
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  • What Is History? What Is the Future? What Is the Present? Is History a Valid Guide to the Future?
    What is history? History is defined as the study of the past, focused on human activity and leading up to the present day. It is very important for the lives of our future that we learn our history for “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” (Santayana). History is a much
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