"Discuss Coding For Obstetrics Including Items Covered By The Global Fee For Antepartum And Postpartum Periods Of Normal Pregnancy" Essays and Research Papers

Discuss Coding For Obstetrics Including Items Covered By The Global Fee For Antepartum And Postpartum Periods Of Normal Pregnancy

1. Differentiate between the official coding guidelines for using V codes in an inpatient and outpatient setting. The difference between the official coding guidelines for using V codes in an inpatient and outpatient setting is the guidelines for an outpatient setting indicates code sequencing for physician office and clinical encounters. V codes also may be used as the principal and secondary diagnosis in the inpatient setting compared to those that may be as the first listed or secondary diagnosis...

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Medical Billing and Coding 1

Part A 1. Discuss two differences between inpatient and outpatient coding. Outpatient coding is much less complicated than inpatient coding. First, outpatient coding is limited to a length of stay less than 24 hours whereas inpatient stays are longer due to the intensity of services. Second, for outpatient services, physicians are paid using CPT/HCPCS codes, whereas, hospitals are paid for their hospitality using a complex formula (MS-DRG) because of housing, feeding and nurturing the patient...

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Coding Medical 1 final exam

Inpatient coding is done on a daily basis for each service provided until the patient is discharged. Outpatient coding is done at the time of service like an office visit or a same day procedure. Another difference is that outpatient coding uses CPT codes and inpatient uses ICD 9 2. CPT 21931 ICD-9 782.2 3. Discuss coding for obstetrics, including items covered by the global fee for antepartum and postpartum periods of normal pregnancy. Obstetrics has a coding system that includes global fees. The...

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Medical coding

Final Examination Booklet Medical Coding 1 Complete the following exam by answering the questions and compiling your answers into a word-processing document. When you’re ready to submit your answers, refer to the instructions at the end of this exam booklet. You must type all of the answers to the examination questions. Include your name, address, and student number on the top of the first page of your exam answers. Use the exam number 38179400. Be certain to indicate the proper question...

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Medical Coding Final Exam

between coding outpatient and inpatient is the procedure codes. Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes are used for outpatient coding and the International Classification of Diseases Ninth Revision Clinical Modification (ICD-9-CM) is used for inpatient coding. CPT codes are published by the American Medical Association and The World Health Organization (WHO) is responsible for ICD codes. The ICD-9 diagnoses codes are used for both outpatient and inpatient coding. Inpatient medical coding: This...

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fina exam medical coding 1

several differences when it comes to outpatient and inpatient coding. To begin with outpatient coding is much less complicated than inpatient coding. When outpatient the first listed diagnostic code indicates the reason for the encounter. As where with inpatient coding the coders have to be very attentive in order to correctly code the reason for the principal diagnosis, because it is crucial for the MS-DRG formula. Next the outpatient coding is limited to a stay length of less than 24 hours, where...

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POSTPARTUM HAEMORRHAGE​ A postpartum haemorrhage is any bleeding from the genital tract, following the birth of a baby, of more than 500mls or any amount that adversely affects the mother. A primary postpartum haemorrhage occurs within the first 24 hours, a secondary postpartum haemorrhage occurs after 24 hours up to 12 weeks post partum. Potential risk factors for postpartum haemorrhage Multiple pregnancy Macrosomia Polyhydramnios Grandmultiparity Retained placenta Augmented labour Placenta previa...

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Obesity and Pregnancy

Obesity and Pregnancy Have you ever leisurely walked down an isle at Target and noticed a pregnant women waddling from side to side and thought to yourself man she is fat? Well she really is. Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may have an adverse effect on health, leading to reduced life expectancy and increased health problems. Maternal obesity is a major risk factor in short term for both maternal and fetal complications, including maternal...

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Prenatal and Postpartum Scenario

 Prenatal and Postpartum Scenario Mindy Donaldson PSY 280 April 17, 2015 6- Month Pregnant Woman MEMO To: 6- month Pregnant Woman From: Mindy Donaldson Date: April 17, 2015 Re: Daily Activity List The following is a daily activity list for the 6 month developmental pregnancy timeline, this consist of three activities if done daily can have a positive effect on your pregnancy and your infant’s future development. What a baby looks like and how it acts, to an extent are determined...

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Global Coding And Marking Market

Global Coding and Marking Market 2015-2019 Coding and marking equipment is used to print product-specific details on the product itself to provide authentic information to users and manufacturers. Coding includes the printing of manufacturing date, expiry date, size and number of the packaged lot, and other specific details. The codes or marks printed on products are helpful to manufacturers as they help protect the brand and reduce the risk of counterfeit products reaching end-users.   Covered...

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Billing and Coding

Billing coding and compliance strategies take some learning and some practice but they can be done easily with the correct knowledge. Billing compliance has some billing rules to know and it also has many steps involved to get the billing and coding cycles done. The connections between claims, files and diagnoses will be discussed in this essay. The importance of correctly linking procedures and diagnoses and implications of incorrect medical coding will also be discussed. It is also important for...

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STwilliey Normal Pregnancy in a Female

 Normal Pregnancy in a Female Sonja Twilliey William Carey University Hattiesburg, Ms Dr. Robin C. Dennis The pathology of pregnancy is a long, complex process that involves the fertilization of an ovum and its growth into a fetus. Pregnancy introduces a variety of hormonal changes to the human body, so it is important to understand how this process and these physiological changes affect women and the developing fetus. A typical pregnancy lasts about nine months, and it is important that...

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Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be very difficult even for an average healthy woman. There are many risk factors that are added when being overweight and pregnant, making the process much more complex and stressful on the mother and the baby. Weight issues may carry very harmful effects not only for the mother but can impact the development of the fetus as well. This paper will discuss the risks that are related to the health of the mother, fetus, recovery and postpartum. Individual health risks for just being...

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Global Pregnancy Detection Kit Market

Global Pregnancy Detection Kit Market 2015-2019 Pregnancy detection kits are diagnostic products that check for chemical markers related to pregnancy. These kits take up the midstream format, which is one of the three categories under rapid pregnancy tests. The remaining two are the strip format and the card or cassette format. Pregnancy detection kits use the rapid chromatographic immunoassay technique for the detection of hCG in urine to indicate pregnancy. Although these detection kits are...

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1. Discomfort during Pregnancy Nausea , Pyrosis and Vomiting Fatigue Breast Tenderness Palmar Erythema Constipation Muscle Cramps Hypotension Varicosities Hemorrhoids Heart Palpitations Frequent Urination Abdominal Discomfort Leukorrhea Backache Headache Dyspnea Ankle Edema Braxton Hicks Contractions 2. Definition: a. Amenorrhea - It is the absence of menstrual flow. b. Quickening - Is the first moment a woman feels fatal movement. - It is the first movement of the fetus...

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CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background The postpartum or puerperium is a stage that produces changes and adaptations in women, couples and family. Effective coping, during this stage, depends on the relationship between the demands of stressful or difficult situations and the recourses that the puerperal individual has. Roy (2004), in her Middle Range Theory about the Coping and Adaptation Processing, defines Coping as the ''behavioral and cognitive efforts that a person makes to meet the environment...

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Recognizing Postpartum Depression

Recognizing Postpartum Depression The birth of a baby is generally considered a joyful time, but it is also a time when women are susceptible to depression. Such feelings make it extremely difficult for a new mother to take care of herself and her baby and it may put a strain on the family. Depression that occurs after the birth of a baby is called postpartum depression, otherwise known as PPD. Postpartum illness is a serious problem among women. Once thought of as a relatively minor phase within...

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Antenatal Care in Normal Pregnancy

fetus during pregnancy, for the purpose of obtaining the best possible outcome for the mother and child. Throughout the antenatal period a midwife can monitor the progress of the pregnancy which will enable her to support both the maternal and fetal health and development. In 2003 the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE), published the original Antenatal Care Guideline. The aim of the guideline was to “Offer information on best practice for baseline clinical care of pregnancies and comprehensive...

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Postpartum Depression

Introduction What is Postpartum Depression Having a baby should be one of the happiest and most important events in a woman's life. However, although life with a new baby can be both thrilling and rewarding, it can also be a difficult and quite stressful task. Most women make the transition without great difficulty, yet some women experience considerable complexity that may manifest itself as a postpartum psychiatric disorder (O'hara, Hoffman, Philips, & Wright, 1992). Many physical and emotional...

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Pregnancy is the fertilization and development of one or more offspring, known as an embryo or fetus, in a woman's uterus. It is the common name for gestation in humans. A multiple pregnancy involves more than one embryo or fetus in a single pregnancy, such as with twins. Childbirth usually occurs about 38 weeks after conception; in women who have a menstrual cycle length of four weeks, this is approximately 40 weeks from the start of the last normal menstrual period (LNMP). Human pregnancy is the...

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Role of Ultrasound in the Early Detection of an Ectopic Pregnancy.

of an ectopic pregnancy. Introduction. Ectopic pregnancy is the fourth most common cause of maternal death in the United Kingdom, accounting for 80% of early pregnancy deaths (Lewis and Drife 2004).Furthermore, it is still the most common cause of maternal death in the 1st trimester of pregnancy (Condous G 2006) affecting 1:100 pregnancies (Ectopic Pregnancy Trust 2007).For this case study I will discuss the essence of scanning women who present in EPU’s with a positive pregnancy test and any...

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Medical Billing and Coding

am taking is about medical billing and coding. you can also work from the comfort of your home. Since I have a disability that prevents me from working my previous career that I was in ,after not working for quite a few years I knew I needed to find a career that I could do and work from my home. This is why I chose medical billing and coding after talking to some of my cousin who was in this field.there are several category within medical billig and coding that I will describe * The definition...

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Global Safes and Vaults Market

Global Safes and Vaults Market 2015-2019 Safes and vaults are secure storage items used for the protection of valuables from threats such as fire breakouts and burglar attacks. In many cases, they are used to prevent unauthorized access to potentially dangerous items placed within them. An increase in crime rates coupled with the growing affluence of people is necessitating the usage of such items. With the advent of technology, they are increasingly being electronically integrated to create smart...

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Ectopic Pregnancy

In a normal pregnancy, a fertilized egg travels from the location of fertilization (the fallopian tube) to the uterus. Sometimes however, the egg grows in the wrong place, which is known as an ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy was first documented as early as 1693 during a routine autopsy performed on a female prisoner condemned to death and executed (Speroff, pg. 947). In order to understand ectopic pregnancy one must understand the normal physiology of conception, how and why things can go wrong...

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Multiple Pregnancy

Multiple Pregnancies Definition Multiple pregnancies are a pregnancy where more than one fetus develops simultaneously in the womb. A multiple pregnancy is a pregnancy involving more than one fetus. Twins, triplets, and quadruplets are multiple pregnancies. The largest multiple pregnancy on recorded to the birth of nine offspring. Twins are the most common type of multiple pregnancies. But worldwide, the incidence of multiple pregnancies of all types - twins, triplets, quadruplets, quinteplets...

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Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage Pregnancy: Correlation is not Causation Dahlia Richardson MAT 540: Statistical Concepts for Research Ashford University Professor Dr. Stacy Thorne June 10, 2013 Teenage Pregnancy Introduction Teenage pregnancy has proven itself to be a global problem that places both the mother and child at risk. This paper will examine studies about the risk factors for pregnancy in women under the age of 19 and comparing them to risk factors for women between 19 and 35 inclusively to determine...

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Termination of Pregnancy

MSc in Cardiology 2010-2011-CVSM 5001 Basic Cardiology (28 Dec 2010) Objectives of this Lecture Termination of Pregnancy: Ethical and Practical Consideration Tam, Wing Hung Associate Professor Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology CUHK 1. Importance of pre‐conceptional counselling for patients with cardiac disease 2. Conditions for TOP 3. Legal aspect of TOP 4. Methods of TOP 5. Risk of TOP: specific to cardiac patient 6. An example of cardiomyopathy Physiological Changes • Increase in the intravascular volume...

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Antepartum Nutrition

and Fetal Development (Pgs 45-63) Chapter 7 Families with special reproductive concerns (Infertility) (Pgs 115-129) Chapter 9 Physical & Psychologic Changes of Pregnancy (Pgs 158-171) Chapter 10 Antepartum Nursing Assessment Chapter 11 The Expectant Family Needs and Care(Pgs 195-208)Chapter 13 Adolescent Pregnancy 1. List 5 hormones that are part of the hypothalamic-pituitary cycle and the function of these hormones in the menstrual cycle. Estrogens-control the development of...

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Global Heart Defect Closure Devices Market

Global Heart Defect Closure Devices Market 2014-2018 Heart defect closure devices are used for the treatment of CHDs such as ASD, PFO, VSD, PDA, and LAA. CHD is a defect in the structure of the heart that is present at birth. It causes disruption in the normal flow of blood through the heart. CHD occurs due to incomplete or abnormal development of the fetus' heart during the very early weeks of pregnancy. Heart closure devices help in closing the ostium/hole/deficiency in the septal walls or...

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Postpartum Hemorrhage

Postpartum Hemorrhage    * Overview * Workup * Treatment Updated: Dec 20, 2012   * ------------------------------------------------- Background * ------------------------------------------------- Problem * ------------------------------------------------- Epidemiology * ------------------------------------------------- Etiology * ------------------------------------------------- Prevention * ------------------------------------------------- Pathophysiology ...

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Antepartum Fetal Surveillance 2014

October 1999) Antepartum Fetal Surveillance The goal of antepartum fetal surveillance is to prevent fetal death. Antepartum fetal surveillance techniques based on assessment of fetal heart rate (FHR) patterns have been in clinical use for almost four decades and are used along with real-time ultrasonography and umbilical artery Doppler velocimetry to evaluate fetal well-being. Antepartum fetal surveillance techniques are routinely used to assess the risk of fetal death in pregnancies complicated by...

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Mothers With Postpartum Depression

The objective of this paper is to develop a thorough understanding of treatments available for mothers with postpartum depression and formulate a research question that can provide for future direction. Postpartum depression is universally recognized as a serious condition affecting 10-15% of women within a year of birth (O’Hara & Swain, 1992). The high prevalence of postpartum depression among mothers makes this an issue worth exploring the type of treatments available. A set of physical and psychological...

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Preconception Planning and Pregnancy Diagnosis

conceive, may not know that they are pregnant until well after they miss their period. In the United States, 50% of pregnancies are unplanned (Dott, Rasmussen, Hogue, & Reefhuis, 2010). In one Canadian national survey, 27% of respondents admitted to having an unintended pregnancy (Black, Yang, Wen, Lalonde, Guilbert, & Fisher, 2009). This paper examines the importance of preconception planning, diagnosing a pregnancy as early as possible, the benefits that this may have on the fetus, and how this...

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Global Propionic Acid and its Derivatives Market

Global Propionic Acid and its Derivatives Market 2014-2018 Propionic acid (CH3CH2COOH) is a carboxylic acid; it is a clear liquid and has a strong smell. It is commercially produced by the hydrocarboxylation of ethylene with nickel carbonyl catalyst. It is miscible with water and almost all normal organic solvents. Propionic acid and its derivatives are used in a variety of industries including the Cosmetics, Textile, Pharma, Livestock, Cheese, Preservatives, Plastic, and Baking. It is majorly...

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Coding Tips

describe the patient's condition, using terminology that includes either specific diagnoses and/or symptoms, problems, or reasons for the encounter. In the instance where a discrepancy is discovered, determining the first-listed diagnosis per the coding conventions of ICD-9-CM, as well as the general and disease-specific guidelines within ICD-9-CM, will have precedence over the outpatient guidelines. •In the outpatient setting, code all documented conditions that coexist at the time of the encounter...

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medicalisation of pregnancy

in, pregnancy has been redefined as a potential risky process requiring medical surveillance. Explain this statement using sociological concepts including medicalization and consider the advantages and disadvantages of this approach to pregnancy. The medicalization of pregnancy and childbirth has changed from something that was previously the most natural process into an extremely risky process, so why is this and what does the term medicalization actually mean when applied to the pregnancy process...

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Hypothyroidism in Pregnancy

​​​​​​Abstract Hypothyroidism during pregnancy is very dangerous for both mother and unborn child. There are several complications that the fetus can develop if left untreated. Many times hypothyroidism goes undiagnosed due to its symptoms similarity to pregnancy. Thyroid hormones play a crucial role in pregnancy for fetus brain and developmental growth as well as the mother’s health. With the right medical management hypothyroidism during pregnancy can prevent fetal birth defects by mandated...

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Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is a situation which involves female adolescents. A teenage female can be pregnant as early as age twelve or thirteen, although it is usually 14 and older. Teen pregnancy often depends on numerous societal and personal factors. The rates of teenage pregnancy vary from country to country and are related to differences of sexual activities, the general sex educations being provided and contraceptives being available. Teen pregnancy will sometimes involve low birth weight. Social matters...

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determine the correlation study of planned or unplanned pregnancy to postpartum depression. The study will determine which factors can be considered as the most prevalent for postpartum depression. The descriptive quantitative method of research design establishes association between variables. This research design is being utilized to determine the relationship between the independent variable (planned and unplanned) and the dependent variable (postpartum depression).   Research Environment          ...

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anemia in pregnancy

5005/jp-journals-10006-1177 Judith Angelitta Noronha et al NURSING PRACTICE Anemia in Pregnancy—Consequences and Challenges: A Review of Literature Judith Angelitta Noronha, Esra Al Khasawneh, Vidya Seshan, Shanthi Ramasubramaniam, Savithri Raman ABSTRACT Anemia during pregnancy is a global public health challenge facing the world today, especially in the developing countries. Anemia in pregnancy is an important contributor to maternal mortality/morbidity as well as to the low birth weight...

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Teen Pregnancy

Teen pregnancy: Medical risks and realities Pregnant teens and their unborn babies have unique medical risks. Lack of prenatal care Teenage girls who are pregnant -- especially if they don't have support from their parents -- are at risk of not getting adequate prenatal care. Prenatal care is critical, especially in the first months of pregnancy. Prenatal care screens for medical problems in both mother and baby, monitors the baby's growth, and deals quickly with any complications that arise....

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Global PGD Market 2014-2018

Global PGD Market 2014-2018 Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) testing involves the identification of genetic defects in embryos. It is primarily performed to identify single-gene disorders such as sickle-cell anemia, cystic fibrosis, Huntington’s disease, hemophilia, Marfan’s disease, thalassemia, muscular distrophy, Tay-Sachs disease, and spinal muscular atrophy. PGD testing is generally carried out on people when they have a known genetic defect or in late-age pregnancy or if a woman...

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Prenatal Postpartum

Prenatal and Postpartum Memo Justin M. Knight PSY/280 February 23, 2015 Karen Hunter Prenatal and Postpartum Memo Memo To: Six month pregnant mother to be From: Developmental Psychologists Subject: Prenatal Diet and Activities For your personal benefit and the benefit of your child, you must take extra precautions when it comes to your personal health, and the growth of your developing child. Diet and exercise are crucial to a healthy start to your new lives together. Pregnancy is a life altering...

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Ectopic Pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy, or eccysis, is a complication of pregnancy in which the embryo implants outside the uterine cavity.[1]With rare exceptions, ectopic pregnancies are not viable. Furthermore, they are dangerous for the mother, since internal haemorrhage is a life-threatening complication. Most ectopic pregnancies occur in the Fallopian tube (so-called tubal pregnancies), but implantation can also occur in the cervix, ovaries, and abdomen. An ectopic pregnancy is a potentialmedical emergency, and...

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Pregnancy Discrimination Act

workforce in various sectors. Working women face challenges in the workplace including unequal pay, sexual harassment, and promotion issues. One particular challenge women face is the fundamental right to have a family, which includes the Pregnancy Discrimination Act. Managers in every organization should be familiar with this important act and the associated legal issues. In this paper, I will discuss the Pregnancy Discrimination Act by reviewing the history, presenting the employer's and employee's...

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Mental Needs for Nursing Mothers Suffering from Postpartum Depression

Mental Needs for Nursing Mothers Suffering from Postpartum Depression Postpartum depression, also known as postnatal depression, is the name given to a disorder that nursing mothers may face when dealing with their newborn child. According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms include, “loss of appetite, insomnia, intense irritability and anger, overwhelming fatigue, loss of interest in sex, lack of joy in life, feelings of shame, guilt or inadequacy, severe mood swings, difficulty bonding with your baby...

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Teenage Pregnancy in America

at sixteen? Not a lot of people agree, but most would if it’s normal in everyday life. Over in Africa, girls think it’s totally normal because they are forced to. Three out of ten girls will get pregnant before they even reach the age 20. No female at the age of 16 should be a mother at all. From 1990 to 2008, the teen pregnancy rate decreased 42 percent, from 117 to 68 pregnancies per 1,000 teen girls. In 2008, the teen pregnancy rate among African-American and Hispanic teen girls, were ages...

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Obstetric Cholestasis

Obstetric Cholestasis (OC) or Intraheptic Cholestasis of pregnancy is a disorder that is unique to pregnancy (Kelly and Nelson-Piercy, 2000).OC classically presents in the third trimester (Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists [RCOG], 2006), With maternal pruritus and raised bile acids (Geenes and Williamson, 2009).It is one of the few disorders of pregnancy that can affect both maternal well being and fetal outcome. OC usually resolves forty eight hours after delivery (Mays, 2010). ...

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Preventive Obstetrics

P.G College Of Nursing, Bhilai Sub: Obstetrics & Gynaecology SEMINAR ON PREVENTIVE OBSTETRICS Submitted To: Submitted by MRS SEEMA SANTOSH MS.ASHWADI PILLAI LECTURER, (OBG) M.SC.PREVIOUS Submitted on: INTRODUCTION- ...

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Postpartum Risk for Hemorrhage Nursing Care Plan

Care Plan Problem: Risk for bleeding r/t postpartum complications. Patient Centered Goal: Patient will not experience any abnormal/excessive bleeding by the end of clinical shift. Expected Outcomes: 1. Patient will experience lochia reducing in amount and lightening in color by the end of clinical shift. 2. Patient will observe fundus that is firm, midline, and decreasing in height by the end of clinical shift. 3. Patient will verbalize understanding of signs and symptoms...

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“An Analysis on the Factors Responsible For the Progression Of Hyperemesis Gravidarum and Hypertension In Pregnancy, and Prescribed Medications In Dhaka City” A dissertation submitted to the Department of Pharmacy, Bangladesh University in the Partial Fulfillment of Requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm). Submitted By Nusrat Saltana ID: 200821212009 Pharmacy, 12th Batch Bangladesh University Date of Submission: 19th...

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Global Warming

warming period since the Ice Age. The warming periods called glacial periods cause the Earth to retrogress back to a cold ice age climate after a couple of years. This leads to the growing debate of today, Is global warming caused by humans? Or caused naturally? This is a controversial issue and debate today, however, global warming is not man-made, in fact, it is a normal and natural cycle for the Earth and the carbon dioxide levels are completely normal Earth goes through long periods of warming...

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Postpartum Depression in New Mothers

Postpartum Depression in New Mothers Each day, there are approximately 361,000 babies born throughout the world. For each child, there is a mother that carried a new life inside of her body for almost a year of their own life. What many people do not realize is that this can be an overwhelming experience leading to devastating consequences. Postpartum depression in new mothers is becoming more and more common each day. Postpartum depression is not just feeling blue or down in the dumps for a couple...

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Smoking and Pregnancy

substances that are harmful to unborn children (NTP). "Smoking during pregnancy may indicate that a woman is not taking a healthy approach to childbearing and, thus, may be associated with later problem behaviors for the child. For example, smoking by the mother during pregnancy is associated with substance abuse and criminal behavior in both male and female children when they reach adulthood (Child)." The major topic covered is the effects of smoking while pregnant. Miscarriages, still births...

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The Impact of Teenage Pregnancy

The Impact of Teen Pregnancy on Young Mothers Jennifer West Kaplan University CM220 ...

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Depression and Pregnancy

Depression and Pregnancy Audrey Luck Psychology for Midwives 11/16/10 Depression and Pregnancy 2 For most women the period of growing bellies and growing anticipations is a joyful and exciting time and for others this time may harbor doubt, fear, and depression. “As many as 1 out of 5 women have symptoms of depression during pregnancy. For some women, those symptoms are severe. In pregnancy, women who have been depressed before are at higher risk of depression than other...

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Teen Pregnancy

FACT SHEET WORLD POPULATION DAY 11 JULY 2008 Young People and Family Planning: Teenage Pregnancy DEFINITION Teenage pregnancy is defined as a teenage girl, usually within the ages of 13-19, becoming pregnant. The term in everyday speech usually refers to girls who have not reached legal adulthood, which varies across the world, who become pregnant. THE CURRENT SITUATION • • • • • Half of the world’s population are under 25. Some 1.8 billion are aged 10-25, history’s largest generation...

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Cardiovascular side effect are: hypotension, palpitations, arrhythmias Respiratory side effects are: dryness of mouth, thicken bronchial secretion Gastrointestinal : anorexia, diarrhea or constipation Genitial urinary: urinary rentention, dysuraiAvoid pregnancy, and lactation Take anticholingeric caution with glaucoma, hyperthyroidism Be caution about driving Take meds at bedtime to avoid sedation Bronchodilators Beta Agonists Nonselective: Isoproterenol, Epinephrine, Ephedrine Selective: albuterol...

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A Study on Postpartum Experiences and Coping Mechanisms of Primipara and Multipara

CHAPTER I The Problem and Its Background Introduction Postpartum is the stage after the childbirth. The word “para” refers to the number of pregnancies that have progresses to 20 or more weeks at delivery, whether the fetus was born live or was still born. It is also defined as a number of pregnancies, not the number of fetuses. A woman who has given birth once after a pregnancy for at least 20 weeks of gestation is called primipara while a woman who has given birth 2 or more times at 20 or...

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Global Software Defined Radios Market Solutions to Defense, Commercial, & Homeland Security

Global Software Defined Radios Market 2014-2018 is the latest addition to Sandlerresearch.org industry research reports collection. SDR refers to those types of user radios which, with the help of software, can offer flexibility and interoperability to the system. Such radios are capable of transmitting and receiving a wide spectrum of frequency. When the information from the source is changed to a digital format, all general normal radio activity can be performed by software-driven automated...

Abbas Kiarostami, BAE Systems, Dow Jones Industrial Average 493  Words | 3  Pages

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