• Void and Illegal Contracts
    Void and Illegal Contracts Void Contracts Void contracts are basically those which contravene a provision in a statute or are contrary to public policy at common law but to which the ex turpi causa principle does not apply. Void by Statute A statute may declare expressly that a particular cont
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  • Illegal Contracts
    Illegal Contractual Terms and Restraints of Trade in Contracts When dealing with contract law, many problems can arise. There can be illegal terms in the contract or it can just be void. There are restraints on trade which include limiting employees from competing against their employers po
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  • Contracts Notes
    DURESS 1. Generally If one party pressures the contractual consent of another by duress the contract is voidable by that other party (See Also s 52A TPA and s 39 FTA). The common law has long recognised that duress, in the form of coercion of the plaintiff’s will through illegitimate pres
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  • Contracts Outline
    Nd Contracts Outline Professor Murray 1. Contract Remedies (Chapter One) What is a contract?- promise or set of promises, for breach of which the law gives a remedy or the performance of which the law recognizes as a duty. Types of contracts- a. express: formed by language, oral or writte
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  • Contracts
    CONTRACTS Stages in the life of a contract: 1. Preparation/Generation 2. Perfection/Birth 3. Consummation/Death Characteristics of Contracts: (ROMA) 1. Relativity (Art. 1311) 2. Obligatoriness & Consensuality (Art. 1315) 3. Mutuality (Art. 1308) 4. Autonomy (Art. 1306) Stipulatio
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  • Contracts Outlines
    LexisNexis Capsule Summary Contracts Chapter 1 SOURCES AND DEFINITIONS OF CONTRACT LAW § 1.01 What is a Contract? A contract is formed in any transaction in which one or both parties make a legally enforceable promise. A promise is a commitment or undertaking that a given event will o
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  • Obligations & Contracts
    Republic Act No. 386 June 18, 1949 The Civil Code of the Philippines AN ACT TO ORDAIN AND INSTITUTE THE CIVIL CODE OF THE PHILIPPINES BOOK IV   OBLIGATIONS AND CONTRACTS   Title. I. - OBLIGATIONS   CHAPTER 1 GENERAL PROVISIONS    Art. 1156. An obligation is a juridical necessit
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  • Company Contracts and Doctrine of Ultra Vires, a Comparison of Uk and Pakistani Company Lawa
    PART I AN INTRODUCTION OF THE TERM Chapter No.1 The Term Ultra Vires 1. Derivation: Ultra vires is a Latin phrase. It is derived from two distinct words, i.e., ‘ultra’ and ‘vires’, which means ‘beyond’ and ‘power’ respectively[1]. 2. Meaning: Ultra vires means un
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  • Kinds of Contracts
    Business law 2nd term report 7/24/2011 Raja Haseeb Amjad LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL July 24, 2011 Institute of Business Management, IoBM. Mr, Muhammad Ali, Course instructor Business Law, IoBM. Sir, Here is the report you asked me to prepare during the 1st portion of the business
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  • Contracts
    CONTRACTS I. Remedies The purpose -- to give compensation for the breach; to put the nonbreaching party where she would have been had the promise been performed. A. Expectation: Money damages necessary to put P in the position he would have been if the contract had been performed. Also kno
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  • Contracts and Privacy Issues
    Contracts and Privacy Issues: Contracts Shaun Adams American Intercontinental University Abstract He examines the differences between implied and express contracts, unilateral and bilateral contracts as well as void and voidable contracts. He also shows the key elements in the formation of a
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  • Voidable Void Contract
    ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS First of all, I would like to say thank you express to all the lecturers for the course of Master of Science (Construction Contract Management), especially my supervisor – Encik Norazam Othman, for their guidance during the writing of this master project. Without their supervis
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  • Contracts Outline
    I. Remedies for Breach of Contract A. Protecting the Expectation Interest 1. Application of Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code a) Scope is purposefully ambiguous b) Predominant item is a focal point within the contract, whether it is service or good (1) Service Contracts are not...
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  • Obligations and Contracts
    BOOK IV OBLIGATIONS AND CONTRACTS TITLE I — OBLIGATIONS CHAPTER 1 GENERAL PROVISIONS Article 1156. An obligation is a juridical necessity to give, to do or not to do.1 Concept of Obligations. — Evidently, the above definition of an obligation is adopted from Sanchez Roman’s classic...
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  • Illegal Immigration -the High Cost of Health Care
    Illegal Immigration -The High Cost of Health Care The year was 1907 and my grandmother was twelve years old. Her family had left Europe for a new and wonderful country with approximately 1.25 million other immigrants during that year. Her first stop in this new and wonderful country was Elli
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  • Frsutration and Surprize in International Contracts
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  • Difference Between Unethical and Unlawful Behaviour in the Business Context
    3. Difference between Unethical and Unlawful Behaviour in the Business Context By definition, ethics refers to “a set of principles of right conduct.” It is also defined as “the rules or standards governing the conduct of a person or the members of a profession,” (www.thefreedictionary.com
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  • Insurance Contracts
    {draw:frame} The insurance mechanism has two fundamental characterstics; shifting or transferring of a risk of loss or damage, from owners and thereby sharing of losses by all the members of the group. Thus a contract of insurance is a contract by which one party undertakes to make good the loss
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  • Commercial Transactions (Contracts)
    Unit 3 Individual Project – Commercial Transactions (Contracts) By: Robert Isabell BUS255-1005A-07: Fundamentals of Business Law Instructor: Ginger Patton-Schmitt American InterContinental University November 28, 2010 Introduction In this assignment, we are to write an executive summary d
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  • Pre-Registration Contracts & Internal Governance Rules
    Law of Associations 200018 Copyright © 2002 Thomas Feerick Lecturer School of Law, UWS Lecture 6 – Week 6 Pre-Registration Contracts & Internal Governance Rules This lecture has 2 parts. Part 1 examines the legal implications of ‘pre-registration contracts’. Part 2 discusses â€
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