"Describe The Sorts Of Behaviour Problems That Should Be Referred To Others And To Whom These Should Be Referred" Essays and Research Papers

Describe The Sorts Of Behaviour Problems That Should Be Referred To Others And To Whom These Should Be Referred

50105863.CU1519.3 - Be able to respond to inappropriate behaviour 1.Describe the sorts of behaviour problems that should be referred to others and to whom these should be referred There will be times when children might not show a positive behaviour. There could be many reason for any type of inappropriate behaviour shown. Sometimes children and young people are just testing the limits of their boundaries or some times their could be far more serious reasons behind it. However in a situation...

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Behaviour Problems That Should Be Referred to Others and to Whom These Should Be Referred

and diversity Complete answers to the following. 1. Identify current legislation and codes of practice relevant to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion when working with children and young people (Ref. 1.1) 2. Describe why it is important to support the rights of all children and young people to: a) Participation: b) equality of access (Ref 1.2) 3. Why is it important to value and promote cultural diversity and what...

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TDA 2.9 supporting children and young peoples positive behaviour

Children and Young people’s positive behaviour 1. Know the policies and procedures of the setting for promoting children and young people’s behaviour 1.1 Describe the policies and procedures of the setting relevant to promoting children and young people’s behaviourBehaviour policy • Anti-bullying policy • Dealing with conflict and inappropriate behaviour • Rewards and sanctions Behaviour policy the behaviour policy is a guideline to staff on how pupils should behave. It is important for all staff...

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Support Children and Young Peoples Positive Behaviour

1.1 Describe the policies and procedures of the setting relevant to promoting children and young people’s positive behaviour In my setting, Little Stars Nursery, we believe that both children and adults alike flourish in an ordered and structured environment with boundaries; so that everyone knows what is expected of them, and then the children are free to learn and develop without fear of being hurt or hindered by anyone else. We strive to enable an environment in which children can develop...

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Supporting Positive Behaviour

Children and Young People’s Positive Behaviour Assignment overview Introduction This assignment is intended to provide evidence of a candidate’s knowledge, understanding and skills required to support positive behaviour of children and young people. By completing all tasks within the assignment the candidate will provide evidence that meets the Learning Outcomes and assessment criteria of Unit 209 - Support Children and Young People’s Positive Behaviour Tasks There are three tasks to...

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11 Describe The Policies And Procedures

1.1 Describe the policies and procedures of the setting relevant to promoting children and young people’s positive behaviour. The school has a behaviour policy which includes the anti-bulling policy. The policy sets out the procedures for rewards and consequences these include the island system, Work of the week, the sports cup, the end of academic year awards. Consequences could be the nurture group, individual behaviour logs, parental involvement, catch up, exclusion, action from the governors...

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Children and Young People Behaviour

Describe the benefits of encouraging and rewarding children’s positive behaviour. It is a necessity for a care provider to reward positive behaviour as positive reinforcement is vital for a child’s development. If you only punish a child for negative behaviour and not rewarding positive behaviour as well it will make the child develop a distort view of cause and affect, leaving them unsure of what is positive behaviour. This will then lead onto the child acting in a negative way in order to receive...

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Unit 209 Assignment Support children and young people's positive behaviour

people's positive behaviour Introduction This assignment will demonstrate the knowledge and understanding of why it is important for all staff to be consistent and fair when applying boundaries and rules for children and young people. Also outlining the implications that inconsistent application of rules may have and applying the rules and boundaries in accordance with the policies and procedures. Detailing the benefits or encouraging and rewarding positive behaviour and providing examples...

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Tda 2.9 Support Children and Young People’s Positive Behaviour

Young People’s Positive Behaviour • AC2.1 Describe the benefits of encouraging and rewarding positive behaviour It is important that the adult influences of the classroom recognise and praise the positive behaviour of individual pupils – especially those who struggle to maintain good behaviour and tend to be told off more than others. It is also essential to praise constant good behaviour (from pupils who never misbehave) to avoid the development inappropriate behaviour. Children respond to all...

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Promote Children and Young People's Positve Behaviour

Promote children and young people’s positive behaviour Written Assignment 1 Assessment Criteria | In this assignment I will be looking to demonstrate my knowledge of three different assessment criteria. Firstly I will be looking to explain the benefits of all staff consistently and fairly applying boundaries and rules for children and young people’s behaviour. I will then look to explain how the application of boundaries and rules for behaviour complies with the policies and procedures...

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Positive Behaviour

positive behaviour Important: Within the evidence for the tasks below where relevant you also need to show examples of how you embed the knowledge into your own /the settings practice. Please remember you must show your own knowledge and practice do not copy what is in your research materials. Plagiarism is taken seriously. Task 1 links to learning outcome 1, assessment criteria 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3. LO 2 ac 2.1 LO 3 ac 3.5 Produce information about promoting positive behaviour for parents...

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Tda 2.9

TDA 2.9 – Support Children and Young People’s Positive Behaviour 1.1 Describe the policies and procedures of the setting relevant to promoting children and young people’s positive behaviour ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Policies and procedures of the setting relevant to promoting positive behaviour, eg: ------------------------------------------------- • behaviour policy ------------------------------------------------- ...

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Promoting Children and Young People's Behaviour

Promoting children and young people’s positive behaviour (1.1) Understanding polices and procedures for promoting children and young people’s behaviour. When managing pupils behaviour, all staff are made aware of the school’s behaviour policy.(A brief summary is attached) Every class has a copy which includes anti-bullying and child protection. There is also a Health and Safety policy which is available from the schools office. (brief...

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Managing Behaviours in the Learning Environment

Unit 9 – Managing behaviours in the learning environment 1. Identify a range of behaviours that you have encountered when delivering learning in different learning situations. Provide an analysis of the impact of those behaviours on others and yourself, with particular reference to the impact of learning. Making reference to relevant reading, review factors which may influence the behaviours that you have identified. I could argue that some Trainees don’t realise or know they are behaving inappropriately...

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Support Children and Young Person Positive Behaviour

Support Children and Young People’s Positive Behaviour Willington Independent Preparatory School “Non scholae sed vitae discimus” (Education for life ) ‘We help boys to fulfill their potential in a stimulating, positive and secure environment.’ Willington Preparatory School mission is to enable each boy to develop not only his academic,aesthetic and sporting potential, but also his self confidence and poise as a thirteen year old boy ready to meet the demands of his future life. The school...

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Describe Why Schools Have Policies and Procedures and Identify the Policies and Procedures Schools May Have Relating to Staff Pupil Welfare and Teaching and Learning

Unit 2.5 5.1 & 5.2 Describe why schools have policies and procedures and Identify the policies and procedures schools may have relating to: a) staff b) pupil welfare c) teaching and learning All schools have policies and procedures in place to support staff in their management of situations these may involve violence, threatening behaviour or abuse amongst other policies which are all legal requirements within the setting of a school, you must adhere to these policies and familiarise...

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Unit 209: Support Children and Young People’s Positive Behaviour. Assignment 1: Supporting Positive Behaviour.

and young people’s positive behaviour. Assignment 1: Supporting positive behaviour. Assessment criteria: 1.2, 2.1,3.2 This assignment will look at supporting positive behaviour. I will begin by looking at why consistency is important when dealing with behaviour and applying boundaries and rules. I will include some examples of these rules and boundaries in accordance with school policy and procedure I will also detail the benefits of rewarding positive behaviour. I will finish by giving examples...

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cache level 2 children's and young peoples workforce

TDA 2.9 3.2 Describe the sort of behaviour problems that should be referred to others and to whom these should be referred to. THE FOLLOWING BEHAVIOUR IS INAPPROPRIATE AND SHOULD BE REFERRED. BULLYING, this is very common in nurseries and schools and has been for years, but bullying is taken more seriously now than it was in the past years. Bullying should be stopped at all times, if a child is persistently is bullying other children then senior members of staff must be notified, senior members...

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The problem of juvenile deliquency

The problem of juvenile delinquency 1. Introduction Criminal acts of young persons are referred to broadly as juvenile delinquency. In some countries delinquency includes conduct that is antisocial, dangerous, or harmful to the goals of society. The age at which juveniles legally become adults varies from country to country, but it generally ranges from 15 to 18. In Belarus, however, the age of criminal responsibility begins at 16 but if we speak about serious crimes like murder, rape and others...

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Should Immigration Be Limited?

Virginia commented, "we make America more interesting" (Swerdlow 61). As true as these words are, the question of how much more interest should be allowed to cross our borders each year, and what exactly defines an American these days puzzle the already 281 million residents who find comfort in the freedoms of America. America is a land of immigrants, also referred to as the "melting pot of the world." However, the possibility that America's kettle is over-flowing concerns its citizens and some politicians...

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Describe and evaluate two approaches to the treatment of self-defeating behaviour

“Describe and evaluate two approaches to the treatment of self-defeating behaviour. The approaches should be selected from those introduced in module 5” Any behaviour you engage in that is self-sabotaging, that takes you away from what you want, or that distracts you from your goals is behaviour that is self-defeating. These behaviours zap your vitality, leaving you exhausted and without access to the powerful energy you need to create your best life. Self-defeating behaviour is the idea that...

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Buyer Behaviour

 Buyer Behaviour: The Consumer Decision-Making Process as it relates to Replacing a Laptop Computer Table of Content: 1. Introduction…………………………………….Page:1 2. The characteristics that affect consumer behaviour 3. The types of consumer buying decisions 4. The components of the decision making process 5. Conclusion 6. Reference list 7. Appendices 1. Introduction The purpose of this report is to describe the purchasing scenario...

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What are the main types of problems that may occur when supporting a business event? You should include at least three different types of problems in your answer

Unit five: Principles of supporting business events Assessment You should use this file to complete your Assessment. • The first thing you need to do is save a copy of this document, either onto your computer or a disk • Then work through your Assessment, remembering to save your work regularly • When you’ve finished, print out a copy to keep for reference • Then, go to www.vision2learn.com and send your completed Assessment to your tutor via your My Study area – make sure it is clearly...

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Behaviour: Childhood

CHILD CARE COURSE LEVEL 2 2012 STUDENT: SUPPORT CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE’S POSITIVE BEHAVIOUR Support children and young people’s positive behaviour Describe the policies and procedures of the setting relevant to promoting children and young positive behaviour. Codes of conduct: for staff in a children or young people’s setting may provide extra guidance for staff or dealing with inappropriate behavior. Respect: Staff must show respect for children and colleagues at all times. Calm:...

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Promote childrens behaviour

Julie Gibson 1/11/2013 Unit 304 Promote children and young people’s positive behaviour The role of a school is multi-faceted. It exists not only to educate, but to guide children’s development into well-adjusted, independent, and successful adults. In order to offer support and time to a class in its entirety, pupil behaviour needs to be managed effectively. Boundaries and rules need to be set for children and a consistent approach applied by all staff. Documented policies and procedures...

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Should Abortion Be Prohibited

Professor American Government I 24 November 2012 Should Abortion be prohibited? There are few more controversial subjects in this country than abortion. The right to a legal abortion is one of the few subjects on which nearly everyone has an opinion. Those who think abortion should be readily available are called "pro-choice", while those looking to restrict the rights of women are called "anti-choice". I am vehemently pro-choice, I believe abortions should be kept legal in all trimesters for any reason...

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Should Gay Marriages Be Legalized?

Should gay marriages be legalized?” With the world going through a state of change, the society across all countries have begun to change their mindset. We have witnessed the different kinds of changes through new inventions and ideologies; some for the better and others for the worse. Today, gay marriage also known as a union of the same biological sex, is one of the most controversial ideas presented. In this essay, the topic about legalizing gay marriages will be discussed such as how gay...

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Summarise the Policies and Procedures of the Setting Relevant to Promoting Children and Young People's Positive Behaviour (1.1)

relevant to promoting children and young people's positive behaviour (1.1) Behaviour policy The behaviour policy outlines the school's aims of how to create “a positive community atmosphere in which children can learn effectively by promoting good standards of behaviour”. The school aims to recognise and respond to good behaviour in children, promoting a positive classroom environment where the focus is on praise of children's good behaviour and work. It outlines rewards and sanctions, and sets out...

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The problem with P.G

The Problem with P.G Statistically, Prince George’s county is the richest black community in the United States. Being that I grew up in Bowie, the largest city in P.G County, my knowledge of P.G county teenage urban culture is extremely immense. Bowie’s so-called “fake thugs” are teenagers with well-paid parents, living in million dollar households and going to exceptional schools, yet they still adopting the “ghetto” language, attitude, and culture of nearby southern D.C. We have mastered this...

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Discuss the Relationship Between Stress, Anxiety, Habits and Phobias and Describe How You Would Treat These Issues with Hypnotherapy

Word count: 2145 Word count: 2145 Discuss the Relationship between Stress, Anxiety, Habits and Phobias. Describe How You Would Treat these Issues with Hypnotherapy In this essay I shall try to define anxiety, stress, habits and phobias as well as explore their individual attributes and symptoms and how each may relate. I will also attempt to explain basic methodology and treatment of neurotic conditions, such as anxiety, fear and low self-esteem, highlighting any professional or ethical implications...

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corporal punishment should be abolished in schools

article is about punishment involving pain, not designed to cause injury. For other forms of physical punishment, see physical punishment. For other uses, see Corporal punishment (disambiguation). Corporal punishment is a form of physical punishment that involves the deliberate infliction of pain as retribution for an offence, or for the purpose of disciplining or reforming a wrongdoer, or to deter attitudes or behaviour deemed unacceptable. The term usually refers to methodically striking the offender...

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Should Parenting Require a License

Should Parenting Require a License? Crystal Mathews SOC120: Introduction to Ethics & Social Responsibility Instructor: Russell Tompkins September 12, 2011 Should Parenting Require a License? Raising a child is probably the most important thing a person will ever do in life. Yet we constantly hear stories of child abuse and neglect. What makes a good parent? Is it the money you earn? How about fancy schools? In liberal societies many people decide whether or not they wish to become...

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Should They Stay or Should They Go?

Rivka Altoviti February 18, 2012 Should They Stay or Should They Go? – The Dilemma of Teacher Management When hiring a teacher, a school might select what seems like the paragon of educators, but such a blessing just might be a burden in disguise. One of the problems festering at the root of our educational system is that of poor teachers. After all, how well can one expect students to perform if all they have to work with is a lethargic, uncaring mentor. Selecting teachers...

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Describe the complex feelings that may be experienced by others involved or witnessing an incident of challenging behaviour

HSC3045-5.2 Describe how an individual can be supported to reflect on an incident including: how they were feeling at the time prior to and directly before the incident their behaviour the consequence of their behaviour how they were feeling after the incident. When a child in my setting displays a challenging behaviour such as hitting another child after having stopped the event I reassured the other children and I find a quite area were the child can calm down and talk about what has...

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Childhood and Young People

participate and belonging. Describe ways in which discrimination may deliberately or inadvertently occur in work? The ways in work that this would occur would be if you have a policy where you will employ anyone without discrimination but without having disabled access that would be inadvertently. Describe the sorts of behaviour problems that should be referred to other and to whom these should be referred? The sorts of behaviour problems that should be referred are if a problem keeps re-occurring such...

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Should Violent Media Be Banned

Should violent media be banned? Many teenagers are now being introduced into playing or watching violent media at very young ages and society are wondering if they should be concerned about it; they are wondering whether it can cause aggressive behaviour within the children/teenagers. Violent video games and violent action films normally have age restriction son them so that children under the age of 15 or in some cases 18 cannot buy them. You see many teenagers with these games and movies...

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Why Abortion should be illegal

 Why Abortion Should Be Illegal Many people around the world view abortion as a normal life event for many women. However, people are unaware of the psychological effect this leaves on the women. More is lost than just a baby. Mind, body, and loved ones can also be involved in effects from an abortion. The father and society as a whole are two other large things to consider into the situation of abortion. More than likely abortion has occurred or...

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Challenging Behaviour

CHALLENGING BEHAVIOUR DEFINITION One would consider behaviour to be challenging when an individual displays characteristics verbally or physically that is inappropriate for the environment or situation regardless of their age or level of physical or cognitive development. For example whether the person is classed as able bodied or disabled in some way, and if the person themselves or others around them are at risk of some sort of stress or quality of their day to day living which in turn could...

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Supporting and Promoting Children and Young People's Positive Behaviour

Supporting and promoting Children and Young People's positive behaviour Part 1: Behaviour Policy Charles Saer primary school's behaviour policy is for all who are involved in the school. A few examples of who these people are pupils, staff, volunteers and school governors and even parents to name just a few. These rules are equal to all. This ensures all who attend the school know what behaviour is expected of them and what behaviour will not be tolerated. The policy gives a list of aims of what...

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support children and young people s positive behaviour Unit 209

good behaviour from both inside and outside school which is rewarded in a variety of ways, display boards, certificates, stickers, praise from other teachers and celebration assemblies on Fridays. Children also understand that poor behaviour is not acceptable and appropriate sanctions will be taken dependent on the misdemeanor. Most would be sorted out by the teacher, T/A or lunchtime supervisor but a few may have to be brought to the attention of the Head Teacher or Deputy if the behaviour continues...

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Why We Should Never Sacrifice Knowledge

Greavu 1 John Greavu Mark Herr Philosophy 1002 17 December 2012 Annas vs. Driver: Why We Should Never Sacrifice Knowledge For as long as we Homo sapiens have been capable of reasoning, we have pondered how we ought to live our lives. What constitutes a “good” life? What constitutes a “bad” one? How should we treat the world, and how should we treat ourselves? What does “good” even mean? Although the answers to these questions are understandably still quite foggy, it seems safe to say that the general...

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Behaviour Management

uk/supplyteachers/detail.cfm?&vid=4&cid=17&sid=110&ssid=4030801&opt=0 Strand 1 Behaviour Management Behaviour Management I found my observations very interesting as gave me the opportunity to focus on behaviour management, the response to pupils' behaviour and different techniques and strategies employed by different teachers and how well these worked. ‘Behaviour management is the appropriate response to behaviour and appropriate management of the environment to minimise stress.' The first...

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Unit 304 Promote Children and Young People’s Positive Behaviour

Outcome 1 1.1 Obtain a copy of your schools behaviour policy and summarise it, write briefly on the main points of the policy including: a) Code of conduct Our policy has high expectations for both staff and pupils, I have highlighted the expectations in my policy attached, see DKB 1 and DKB 2. b) Rewards and sanctions See level 2 c) Dealing with conflict and inappropriate behaviour See level 2 d) Anti bullying We have a detailed policy regarding anti bullying which...

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Organizational Behaviour

or set of goals” (Robins 2005). Organizational Behaviour Defined Behaviour on the other hand, he defines simply as “the actions of people (Robins 2005). Organization behaviour (often referred to as OB) is the behaviour (actions) of individuals and groups within organizations and the interaction between organizations and their external environment. It constitutes a behavioural science field of study that borrows its core concepts from other disciplines, principally psychology, sociology, social...

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Promote Children and Young People's Positive Behaviour

positive behaviour Understanding policies and procedures for promoting children and young people's positive behaviour (1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.1, 3.5) Understanding policies and procedures for promoting children and young people's positive behaviour You have been asked to produce a booklet for new members of staff regarding behaviour. In your booklet you must look to: • Summarises the main policies and procedures of the setting that are relevant to promoting children's positive behaviour (1.1) ...

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Should Population Be Government Controlled

the quality of life, or a population collapse. The impact of human populations on the environment has been severe. Some animal species have been extinguished or forced to live in inhospitable regions by the advance of urban areas; pollution is a problem that is increasing gradually because we are using more cars. Emerging countries industrialization is not paying attention to environmental issues because of the feeding demands of their ever-growing populations. The human overpopulation has been...

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The Irish electoral system of PR-STV is fundamentally flawed and should be replaced by the Single Member Plurality System (commonly referred to as ‘first past the post’)

 ‘The Irish electoral system of PR-STV is fundamentally flawed and should be replaced by the Single Member Plurality System (commonly referred to as ‘first past the post’)’ In this essay I will discuss the issues with the Irish electoral system of Proportional Representation by the Single Transferable Vote (PR-STV) and whether or not it is fundamentally flawed and should be replaced by the Single Member Plurality System (first past the post). The first essential feature of the Irish system is...

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Organisation Rational Behaviour

Introduction The aim of this paper is to determine/examine how buying behaviour in the organization point of view more rational than consumer behaviour, that is played by the type of the organization market and making the right call for buying decision in the matters of organization strategic. Buyer behaviour itself can be referred to the decision processes and action of people involved in buying and using product (Dibb et al, 2001, p.107). It also can be defined as the activities and decision...

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Positive Behaviour

children’s positive behaviour. In my setting (First Steps Playgroup) the policy for positive behaviour states that good behaviour and discipline are essential to ensure a smooth and safe environment for everyone. Staff and students must be aware of this policy and understand the importance of their own role in promoting positive behaviour. Our policy not only covers the behaviour of children but also the behaviour of adults in the setting. Below are the main points of our behaviour policy:- At all...

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Describe how you act in class in order to be an effective role model for the standards of behaviour expected in pupils

students in managing their personal behaviour. To understand correct behaviour with in the school grounds. I would check on a regular basis the behaviour policy, in which this should describe clearly ways in which adults promote positive behaviour and respond to inappropriate behaviour. However, no policy, will altered students behavior by itself. It is the quality of the staff’s interactions with the students that will make the biggest impact on students behaviour. With the following here would be...

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Positive behaviour/environment unit questions 010&011 1. Describe what is meant by a positive environment and identify the requirements that underpin a positive environment. The layout of a physical environment is the collegues responsibility and contributes to giving each child positive outcomes in their learning and development. The available space will influence the way the furniture and equipment is set out. While it is important to create an attractive environment, everything should be safe...

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Describe the sorts of problems that might occur when supporting learning activities and how to deal with these

3.4 Describe the sorts of problems that might occur when supporting learning activities and how to deal with these. 1.Unorganised planning: If a lesson has not had the appropriate amount of planning or if the staff that are involved in the activity are not aware of their role and what is expected it can cause confusion during the lesson meaning it will not flow and the children will have disturb learning. To prevent this it is important that all member of the team are aware of the activity...

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Should welfare recieptients be drud tested

Should Welfare Recipients Be Drug Tested? Do you believe it is right to drug test welfare recipients. The first time I heard about this was on the evening news some time ago; and the first question that came to mind is why? What would be the point it? Would we have less people that needed help? Who exactly would be benefiting from this decision? My logic was that people who have problems and need welfare would have more of a reason to seek out drugs as a way to cope, than people who don’t need...

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Should Animal Testing Be Banned?

Should Animal Testing be Banned? Throughout history, animal experimentation has played an important role in leading to new discoveries and human benefits. However, what many people tend to forget are the great numbers of animal subjects that have suffered serious harm during the process of experimentation. Many people are believed to be ignorant or misunderstand the nature of the lives that animals actually live, and are unable to understand the actual laboratory procedures and techniques. Other...

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Positive Behaviour Support

Positive Behaviour Support Policies and Procedures of the Work Setting There are many different policies and procedures that schools have to abide by some of these are; Behaviour policy- The behaviour policy goes over topics like how to treat others, how you should act in the premises, how you should talk to others and how you should do something when you have been told to do it etc. The policy also goes over rules and consequence’s if the rules are not followed. It goes over how they use positive...

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Should the Constitution Be Amended?

Should the Constitution Be Amended?By Richard W. Rahn This article appeared in Washington Times on August 27, 2013. What amendments to the U.S. Constitution, if any, would you like to see? The widespread belief is that the American constitutional republic, if not actually broken, is in a state of disrepair. In his new, best-selling book, “The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic,” Mark R. Levin, president of the Landmark Legal Foundation and nationally syndicated talk-show host,...

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Literature and Human Behaviour

the other may help us to know and understand human behaviour.</b></center> <br> <br>Literature has been a major part of human culture throughout human existence. It has always been used as a way of defining how humans interact with each other. Literature is defined as ‘the writings of a period, language, or country'. If ancient times are also to be considered, then myths, legends, and theatre, which passed down literary ideas, and social critiques before the time of the written word, should also...

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Should Businesses Go Green

Should Businesses Go Green” Recently, environmental issues have converted into a major concern on a global scope leading to economic instabilities; these issues range from preservation and energy use, to deforestation and water shortage. (Videen, 2011) As a result, a phenomenon that has appeared over 20 years, “Green Movement”, has become a center of the discussion. (Fok, 2012) The term “Green” became popular in the context of describing the environmental conscious company, which is concerned...

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List of the different types of behaviour which are inappropriate for schools Hitting – using a hand or arm with a closed or open fist to hit (make forceful physical contact) with another person. Kicking – using the foot or leg to kick or hit another person Head butting – using the head or face to hit (make forceful physical contact) with another person Scratching – using the nails of the feet or hands to break the skin of another person. Pinching – using the fingers to squeeze another...

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