• Green Computing
    Green Computing: Should It Be Photonics or Spintronics for Quantum Computers? Xavier Mattam xaviermattam@hotmail.com Abstract - Quantum Computers are widely acclaimed as the future computers. There is so much research being done in this field of Quantum Computers that one would rightly feel that t
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  • Green Computing
    The reliability of the computer is affected due to the linear increase in the dissipation of heat by the device to the number of operations it performs per second. Moreover if the calculation done by Ralph Merkle from the Xerox PARC in 1992 is to be believed, a 1GHz processor working at room t
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  • Thin Film Transistors a-Si Based
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  • Computing
    This page intentionally left blank This page intentionally left blank COMPLETE 2012 computing ESSENTIALS Making IT work for you • The O’Leary Series Computing Concepts • Computing Essentials 2010 Introductory & Complete Editions • Computing Essentials 2011 Introductory & Comp
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  • Quantum Computing
    I. Abstract A high-speed and large-scale processor dedicated to quantum computing is proposed, which has the minimum operation function needed for execution of a quantum algorithm. In this processor, the probability amplitudes determined by the states of the quantum bits in the quantum computer ar
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  • Quantum Computing Seminar
    ABSTRACT Several limitations have become evident in classical computer. One of these limitations is factorizing a large number into its prime factors and quantum computers have the potential to solve this problem. This factorization is important in the area of applied cryptography. Quantum computer
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  • Silicon Carbide
    524 SILICON CARBIDE Vol. 22 SILICON CARBIDE 1. Introduction Silicon carbide [409-21-2] (SiC) is a technologically important material that is one of the small number of unusual materials that were first created synthetically and then subsequently discovered in nature. Silicon carbide was
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  • History of Computing
    1 General principles 1 2 Etymology (Where the word is from) 2 3 The exponential progress of computer development 2 4 Classification of computers 2 4.1 Classification by intended use 2 4.2 Classification by implementation technology 3 4.3 Classification by design features 3 4.3.1 Digital versu
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  • Computing Science Research
    - Title Contents - Abstract II Acknowledgements III Title Contents……………………………………………………………………………...IV Figure Contents……………………………………………………………………………VI Table Content
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  • Elkem Silicon Division
    Elkem's silicon division is the largest supplier of silicon metal and ferrosilicon in the world. With the slowdown in the global economy that started in 2000, the corporation decided to improve the efficiency of its supply chain network and evaluate its product portfolio. To help the division manage
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  • Cloud Computing
    Executive summary Innovation is necessary to ride the inevitable tide of change. Indeed, the success of the transformation of IBM to an On Demand Business depends on driving the right balance of productivity, collaboration, and innovation to achieve sustained, organic top line growth — and bot
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  • Market Research and Primotion of Simmtronics Semiconductors
    A REPORT ON MARKET RESEARCH AND PROMOTIONAL STRATEGY OF SIMMTRONICS SEMICONDUCTORS LTD. Prepared By: KHUSHBOO GUPTA Batch: 29 (2009 – 2011) A report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of 2 year full time Post Graduate programme in Management (PGPM) at INSTITUTE O
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  • The Knowledge Based Economy
    GENERAL DISTRIBUTION OCDE/GD(96)102 THE KNOWLEDGE-BASED ECONOMY ORGANISATION FOR ECONOMIC CO-OPERATION AND DEVELOPMENT Paris 1996 Copyright OECD, 1996 Applications for permission to reproduce or translate all or part of this material should be made to: Head of Publications Service, OECD, 2
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  • Effects of Cloud Computing in the Global Business Environment
    Effects of Cloud Computing in the Global Business Environment INTRODUCTION Cloud computing is a technology model that allows users to access and obtain delivery of information and resources over the Internet. This model generates all of the features required to support the complete cycle of
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  • Grid Computing
    Introduction 1 What Is Grid Computing? 2 The Benefits of Grid Computing 3 Using Grid Techniques to Modernize Data Centers 5 Consolidating IT Resources 5 Keeping IT Operations Agile 8 Delivering Predictable High Performance and Scalability 9 Enabling Continuous Availability 12 Conclus
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  • Bluetooth Based Smart Sensor Networks
    Sensor Network Architecture Jessica Feng, Farinaz Koushanfar*, and Miodrag Potkonjak Computer Science Department, University of California, Los Angeles * Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department, University of California, Berkeley {jessicaf, miodrag}@cs.ucla.edu; {farinaz}@eecs.berke
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  • Mobile Computing
    Mobile Computing Randy Fleming INF 103 Robert Strain November 07, 2011 Mobile Computing Webster’s Dictionary defines Mobile Computing as “a generic term describing the application of small, portable, and wireless computing and communication devices.” We use these devices every day in
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  • Center Alliance: Setting Requirements for Cloud Computing Standards.
    Running Head: Open Data Center Alliance: Setting Requirements for Cloud Computing Standards. Open Data Center Alliance: Setting Requirements for Cloud Computing Standards. James Regocki Managerial Applications of Information Technology IS-535 January 19th, 2012 Contents Proposal: Subj
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  • Computer Based Trading
    The Future of Computer Trading in Financial Markets An International Perspective FINAL PROJECT REPORT This Report should be cited as: Foresight: The Future of Computer Trading in Financial Markets (2012) Final Project Report The Government Office for Science, London The Future of Computer
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  • First Steps Towards Computing
    First Steps towards Computing (Rittinghouse & Ransome 2010) states the development of binary arithmetic in 1930 was the first major breakthrough in computing and became the foundation for computer processing technology and programming languages. (Pfaffenberger & Baber 2001) credits World War II a
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