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Define The Moderate Discrepancy Hypothesis

Brief notes on The Era of Moderates (1885-1905) The period from 1885 to 1905 is known as the 'Era of Moderates'. It is only because Badruddin Tyabji, Ferozshah Mehta, P. Ananadacharlu, S. N. Banerjee, Ramesh Chandra Dutt, Anand Mohan Bose, Gala Krishna Cochlea. Mahadev Govind Ranade etc., the moderate leaders took over the charge of the Congress. The aim of these leaders was to popularize the Congress movement inside the country, to educate the public regarding their deal with the British government...

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 The word ‘Hypothesis is derived from a Greek word, which means ‘to suppose’. It is usually considered as the principal instrument in research. For a researcher it is a formal question that he or she intends to resolve. In this way a hypothesis may be defined as a proposition or a supposition. The main function of hypothesis is to guide the collection and processing of materials and direct the research. Hypothesis is a tentative conclusion. It is facts based theory...

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define terrorism

CRJ 3030 Week 1 Assignment Define Terrorism: Terrorism can be defined many ways and can be interpreted even more. Each Government Agency (DOD, CIA, FBI, NSA, etc…) each have their own definition which is only slightly different from the others, but yet is not uniform among the agencies. Each one also has a reason to be different in the case of the FBI trying to prosecute a terrorism suspect their definition has to be written as to assist in the prosecution whereas the DOD s definition helps...

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Null Hypothesis

Take Home Test 2 1. A. Null Hypothesis: There are no relations or associations among the groups’ mean scores. Alternate Hypothesis: There is a relation or association among the student’s grade point averages and “if they rather prefer to stay at home than go out with friends”. Correlations | | Grade Point Average | I would rather stay at home and read than go out with my friends | Grade Point Average | Pearson Correlation | 1 | .233 | | Sig. (2-tailed) | | .120 | | Sum of Squares...

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Research Questions, Objectives and Hypothesis

results among subjects with a diagnosis of moderate traumatic brain injury. In this case the research objective would cause researchers to take steps to conduct scientific analysis to determine the variations in pain experienced between a group of individuals without a diagnosis of TBI and a group of individuals with TBI. The research objective is to determine if there is a difference in perceived pain levels among patients with a diagnosis of moderate traumatic brain injury as compared with individuals...

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Statistical Hypothesis Testing

Simple Hypothesis: A statistical hypothesis which specifies the population completely (i.e. the form of probability distribution and all parameters are known) is called a simple hypothesis. 1. Composite Hypothesis: A statistical hypothesis which does not specify the population completely (i.e. either the form of probability distribution or some parameters remain unknown) is called a Composite Hypothesis. Hypothesis Testing or Test of Hypothesis or Test of Significance Hypothesis Testing...

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How Valid Is the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis?

What is the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, and how valid is it? Introduction The debate on whether ‘language is the dress of thought’ originates in ancient Greece when Aristotle discussed the possibility that the thinking pattern influences to a certain degree the evolution of language (He, 2011: 1). The concept that language is ‘merely a reflection of thought and the objective world’ (He, 2011: 1) was re-examined several times throughout history; the conclusions drawn give us a new interpretation of...

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Anova Hypothesis Test

ANOVA Hypothesis Test ANOVA Hypothesis Test Living near a major city can be a positive aspect of being a homeowner or someone who uses real estate as an investment. Increasing population contributes to land and space diminishing, resulting in high demand for what is available. Industry and markets are in the city, attracting buyers who want to have the convenience of living near commercial properties. The difference in the pay scale between jobs in the city and jobs in the suburbs could...

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extremista and moderates

Moderate Phase of Indian National Movement 1885 – 1905 During our freedom movement, the congress people were split into two parts, the moderates and extremists. The Moderate period was from (1885 –1905) and Extremist period from(1905 – 1920). The first twenty years of congress history in indian politics is referred as moderate politics. Moderates were the first English educated intellectuals of india like Dada bhai naoroji Pheroz shah mehta Gopala krishna gokhale Maha govinda ranade R.C...

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Statistics for Bi - Hypothesis Testing

Statistics for Business Intelligence – Hypothesis Testing Index: 1. What is Hypothesis testing in Business Intelligence terms? 2. Define - “Statistical Hypothesis Testing” – “Inferences in Business” – and “Predictive Analysis” 3. Importance of Hypothesis Testing in Business with Examples 4. Statistical Methods to perform Hypothesis Testing in Business Intelligence 5. Identify Statistical variables required to compute Hypothesis testing. a. Correlate computing those...

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Efficient Market Hypothesis

market hypothesis, emh how do they differ? What are the consequences for an investor? Efficient market hypothesis (EMH) is investment theory. It states stocks are regularly exchanged for a moderate value on stock exchanges. Thus, it is hardly possible for investors to either invest in undervalued stocks or sell stocks for amplified prices. The three forms are: 1. Weak form EMH The weak form EMH designates market is efficient when the past market information are provided. This hypothesis considers...

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Hypothesis Testing - Statistics

Hypothesis Testing Paper Previously a group of friends compared the average temperature for the 15 days in each of the 2004 and 2005 Christmas holiday pubic school vacations to determine which holiday was colder. Secondary research retrieved from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) National Weather Service website provided climatic data on a daily basis for each day of the periods under investigation. Daily average temperature for each of the 15-day holiday vacation periods...

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Hypothesis Testing

understanding of hypothesis testing. The textbook explained the aspects and steps of hypothesis testing in a legible fashion, while the video helped demonstrate a real-life application. I learned from the text that hypothesis testing is a “Procedure for deciding whether the outcome of a study (results from a sample) supports a particular theory or practical innovation (which is thought to apply to a population)” (Aron A., Aron, E., and Coups, 2011, p. 145). I also learned that hypothesis testing...

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Hypothesis Test Paper

U.S. economy only hinders people more with high gas prices. A one population test using the One Factor ANOVA test and a five-step hypothesis test can be used to determine if gas prices are equally high in many different states. The samples used to test the hypothesis come from data collected from 30 randomly selected gas stations in six different cities. The hypothesis test and some solutions to consider may have an effect on direct and indirect stakeholders and is very important to the economy as...

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Efficient Markets Hypothesis

What is your opinion of the Efficient Market Hypothesis? When it comes to the valuation of a particular stock do you think that all information regarding the company is in the public domain? What brought you to your opinions? The Efficient Markets Hypothesis (EMH) according to Brigham and Ehrhardt (2011) “asserts that (1) stocks are always in equilibrium and (2) it is impossible for an investor to “beat the market” and consistently earn a higher rate of return than is justified by the...

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Null Hypothesis

“Accept” the Null Hypothesis by Keith M. Bower, M.S. and James A. Colton, M.S. Reprinted with permission from the American Society for Quality When performing statistical hypothesis tests such as a one-sample t-test or the AndersonDarling test for normality, an investigator will either reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis, based upon sampled data. Frequently, results in Six Sigma projects contain the verbiage “accept the null hypothesis,” which implies that the null hypothesis has been proven...

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Efficient Market Hypothesis

Efficient Market Hypothesis Road Map Part A Introduction to Finance. Part B Valuation of assets, given discount rates. Part C Determination of discount rates. Part D Introduction to corporate finance. • Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH). • Capital investment decisions (capital budgeting). • Financing decisions. Main Issues • Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) • Empirical evidence on EMH • Implications of EMH • Questions and practical issues about EMH 13-2 Efficient Market Hypothesis Chapter 13 ...

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What is an Hypothesis?

Hypothesis: The local car dealership that offers in house financing has a large percentage of accounts that are past due because of the lenient credit profile they utilize to approve financing. A hypothesis is a statement that variables are assigned to the case. (Cooper & Schindler, 2011) In the above hypothesis the case is accounts past due and the variable is the lenient credit profiles that are utilized for approving finance. My hypothesis has adequacy for its purpose, is testable. I believe...

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Hypothesis Testing

HYPOTHESIS TESTING WHAT IS THIS HYPOTHESIS???? • In simple words it means a mere assumption or supposition to be proved of disproved. • But, for a researcher it is a formal question that he intends to resolve. • Example: I assume that 1) under stress and anxiety a person goes into depression. 2) It leads to aggressive behaviour. Eg. : Students who get better counselling in a university will show a greater increase in creativity than students who were not counselled. • So, the hypothesis...

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A Hypothesis Is a Claim

A hypothesis is a claim Population mean The mean monthly cell phone bill in this city is μ = $42 Population proportion Example: The proportion of adults in this city with cell phones is π = 0.68 States the claim or assertion to be tested Is always about a population parameter, not about a sample statistic Is the opposite of the null hypothesis e.g., The average diameter of a manufactured bolt is not equal to 30mm ( H1: μ ≠ 30 ) Challenges the status quo Alternative never contains...

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Hypothesis Testing

 Hypothesis Testing PSY/315 The team was assigned the task of forming a hypothesis test on, whether it is easier to cope with the death of a loved one, via suicide, if they leave some form of final communication or rationale. Using a hypothesis test and the five-step process, the team formed to prove that, Loved ones of those left behind by suicide are able to express more comfort with their loved one’s decision if a note has been left behind. The hypothesis test gives validation behind...

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Cultivation Hypothesis

Mass Communication Dr. Jacoway December 1, 2014 The cultivation hypothesis is very insightful, as it gives the reader and scholar a notable point of view to take in. The cultivation hypothesis is based upon the idea that television, if viewed for a long period of time, would influence a person’s opinion about a specific matter or a group. The person would then, view the matter or group in the portrayed way. The cultivation hypothesis could possibly be accurate, as television does have an impact on...

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Hypothesis Testing

APP6JMaloney problems 2. 4, 6, 10, 18, 22, 24 2 ) The value of the z score un a hypothesis test is influenced by a variety of factors. Assuming that all the other variables are held constant, explain how the value of Z is influenced by each of the following? Z= M - u / SD a) Increasing the difference between the sample mean and the original. The z score represents the distance of each X or score from the mean. If the distance between the sample mean and the population mean the...

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Hypothesis Paper

Real Estate Sample Hypothesis Testing The question or issue that the buyer wants to address is that property closer to town is more expensive so buyers that purchase property further from the center of town get a more affordable home. The research is necessary so that the buyer will remain within the budget that they have set for themselves. Although the cost of the home is very important, it is also important to factor in other expenditures such as upkeep, repairs and any upgrades that may want...

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The Interaction Hypothesis (Ih)

The Interaction Hypothesis (IH) is attributed to Michael Long (1981) is based primarily on the work of Stephen Krashen and Evelyn Hatch. Long emphasized the importance of comprehensible input that was central to Krashen’s Input Hypothesis but claimed that this input was most likely to be acquired during interactions which involved discourse modifications. This claim supported that of Hatch (1978) who showed a direct link between the way learners acquired a second language (l2) and the interactions...

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somatic market hypothesis

Subject: Discuss and critically assess the Somatic Marker Hypothesis It is a well known fact that decision making has become an important interest in the recent years in psychology. There are a lot of theories to provide sufficient information to understand the process of decision making. Most of them come as genuine theories whereas several of them come from the previously stated theories as a criticism. One of the most important theories represented about the cognitive process of decision...

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Hypothesis and Conclusion

Running Heading: hypothesis and conclusion Unit 4 Short Paper: Hypothesis and Conclusion Kaplan University Ashley Gramma CJ499: Bachelors Capstone in Criminal Justice Professor Christopher Elg March 12, 2013 Science proceeds by a continuous, incremental process that involves generating hypotheses, collecting evidence, testing hypotheses, reaching evidence based conclusions. (Michael, 2002). The scientific process typically involves making observations, asking questions, forming hypotheses...

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Hypothesis Test

Saurabh Sunny Baghmar MNGT: 6361 Problem Statement: To determine if saving from the total monthly income is gender biased. Hypothesis: H0: Single Women save equal to single men from their total monthly income. (Null Hypothesis) H0 = µwomen - µmen = 0 Introduction: The thought behind this problem statement comes from the report which says that there is a huge difference between the number...

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MM hypothesis

MM Hypothesis – A Critique The assumptions of MM hypothesis are unrealistic and untenable in practice. As a result, the conclusions that dividend payment and other methods of financing exactly offset each other and hence, the irrelevance of dividends, is not a practical proposition; it is of merely theoretical relevance. The validity of MM approach is open to question on two counts: 1. Imperfection of Capital market 2. Resolution of uncertainty Market Imperfection MM assume that capital markets...

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Define Love

of these form of relationship meaning and purpose are very different but the thing they have in common is very much the just in different intervals. It all boiling down to who, what, where, when, and how; But to try define something based emotion and the human mind is to try and define why most water runs south or why the wind blows or how the earth is the only inhabited planet. Each one of these is related because all relationships need these three things to function. To be hones this is all I can...

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The Schumpeter Hypothesis

1. The Schumpeter hypothesis links firms operating under a monopoly market structure as most important for technological innovation. Arrow, on the other hand, suggests most progress can be achieved in a perfectly competitive market. Compare and contrast these two arguments. An important issue in economics is how market structure affects innovation. In 1934, Schumpeter observed that some markets become increasingly concentrated, both with respect to innovation activities and market competition...

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Form Hypothesis

Fo Questioning the Data: Forming a Hypothesis Joshua Loman GCU: EDA 575 Data-Driven Decisions for School Improvement June 26, 2013 Hypothesis: Questioning the Data The data shows that a data team is needed. How will this data team help George Washington Community High School raise their test scores? Three things will happen by implementing this team. First a remediation course will be put in place to help raise tests scores. A department team for English and math will be assembled...

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reference groups moderates the image congurence and brand loyalty

 Reference group moderates the relationship between self-image congurence and brand loyalty M2014420 Park Sunhee Professor Z.H.Bang Introduction For some time, social scientists have recognized group membership as a determinant of behavior.The fact that people act in accordance with a frame of reference produced by the groups to which they belong is a long-accepted and sound premise (Merton and Rossi 1949). People engage in consumption...

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Define Genocide

your answer in relation to the scholarship and arguments that have most influenced your thinking. Genocide is a term defined by legal, scholar and social professionals in vastly different views ranging from board to narrow. The trail to adequately define this complex act has dominated discussions and debates since the term’s development in 1943 by Polish lawyer Raphael Lemkin in his publication Axis Rule in Occupied Europe 1944. By reading and analysing various definitions Frank Chalk and Kurt Jonassohn...

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The Benefits of Moderate Alcohol Cunsumption

The benefits of moderate alcohol consumption Adam Jones Psyc&100 Clark College Ron Lajoy, Ph.D. Alcohol contrary to what one may believe in moderation, loosely defined as 2-3 servings of alcohol for men and 1-2 servings for women, has a wide array of health benefits. One of the earliest studies of health benefits on moderate alcohol consumption was published in the American Medical Association in 1904. Alcohol benefits the blood lipid profile, increasing good cholesterol and decreasing...

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Define Marriage

Name: Chunxian Huang How might we usefully define marriage in universal cross cultural terms? Marriage, which is one of the most vital relationships of human beings, is a bewildering subject in people’s lives because it is hard to define, especially in the cross cultural terms. Cross cultural, according to the fourth edition of the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (2000), is defined as “the interaction of differing cultures...

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The New World Monkeys: The Dwarfing Hypothesis

THE NEW WORLD MONKEYS: THE DWARFING HYPOTHESIS Introduction I will consider support for the dwarfing hypothesis in New World monkeys. Since evolution has shown to result in a general increase in body size, the case of reduced body size in the New World primates is quite unusual. To explain the phenomenon, the dwarfing hypothesis has been proposed (Martin, 1992). The dwarfing hypothesis implies that there must have been selective pressure that favored a reduction in body size. Phyletic...

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testing hypothesis

CHAPTER 8 Introduction to Hypothesis Testing 8.1 Inferential Statistics and Hypothesis Testing LEARNING OBJECTIVES 8.2 Four Steps to Hypothesis Testing After reading this chapter, you should be able to: 8.3 Hypothesis Testing and Sampling Distributions 8.4 Making a Decision: Types of Error 8.5 Testing a Research Hypothesis: Examples Using the z Test 8.6 Research in Focus: Directional Versus Nondirectional Tests 8.7 Measuring the Size...

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Statistical Hypothesis Testing and Teaching Methods

you may continue with the ANOVA procedure. 4. Select Analyze Nonparametric Tests K Independent Samples… (see figure, below). 5. Select “Test Score” as the test variable, select “Teaching Method” as the grouping factor, and click “Define Range…”. Enter the minimum value (1) and the maximum value (3). Click “Continue” to close the range definitions and then click “OK”. (See the 3 figures, below.) 6. Your output should look like this. 7. You should use the output information...

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hypothesis testing

Release date: 27 April 2014 Submission date: 9 May 2014 TUTORIAL ON HYPOTHESIS TESTING (1) Basic Concept 1. State the null and alternative hypothesis for each conjecture : a. A researcher thinks that if expectant mothers use vitamin pills, the birth weight of the babies will increase. The average birth weight of the population is 3.0kg. b. An engineer hypothesizes that the mean number of defects can be decreased in a manufacturing process of compact disks by using robots instead of humans...

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Paleocontact Hypothesis

 How does the Paleocontact Hypothesis affect modern views on ancient civilizations? The Paleocontact Hypothesis is also known as the Ancient Astronauts, or more popularly as the Ancient Aliens Theory. The Hypothesis states that during very early ancient history, Earth was visited by extra-terrestrials that shaped all aspects of mankind into what we are today. The theory explains that we mistook the visitors’ technologies and advancements for magic and supernatural power. We led ourselves to believe...

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Define Vocabulary Density

Record responses in med blue bold font Student Exploration: Density Experiment: Slice and Dice Define Vocabulary Density: The degree of compactness of a substance Mass: A coherent, typically large body of matter with no definite shape Matter: The substance or substances of which any physical object consists or is composed Volume: The quantity of three-dimensional space occupied by a liquid, solid, or gas Prior Knowledge Questions (Do these BEFORE using the Gizmo.) 1. What do...

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My Hypothesis

yourself at home. http://www.ehow.co.uk/about_4617210_recovery-heart-rate_.html What factors may affect recovery rate after exercise: * Age * Gender * Temperature * Weight * Height * Blood pressure * Fitness level Hypothesis Do males have a faster recovery heart rate than females? I believe that genders will affect the recovery rate after exercise because the male human has always had certain physical advantages over females such as increased muscle mass, larger bones...

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Fin370 Define Financial Terms

Defining Financial Terms FIN/370 Defining Financial Terms The following information will define financial terms and identify their roles in finance: • Finance o Finance is the financial management associated with maintaining and creating financial significance or financial. The finance role determines how decisions are made, investing assets, replacing assets, borrowing bank money, stocks and bond decisions, extending credit, and cash preservation prosperity. • Efficient...

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Define Risk

1. Define Risk Risk is the potential of losing something of value. Values (such as physical health, social status, emotional well being or financial wealth) can be gained or lost when taking risk resulting from a given action, activity and/or inaction, foreseen or unforeseen. Risk can also be defined as the intentional interaction with uncertainty. Risk perception is the subjective judgment people make about the severity and/or probability of a risk, and may vary person to person. Any human endeavor...

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Statistical Hypothesis Testing

Hypothesis Testing For a Population Mean The Idea of Hypothesis Testing  Suppose we want to show that only children have an average higher cholesterol level than the national average.  It is known that the mean cholesterol level for all Americans is 190.  Construct the relevant hypothesis test:         H0:  = 190          H1:  > 190    We test 100 only children and find that         x = 198  and suppose we know the population standard deviation          = 15. Do we have evidence...

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The Sapir Whorf Hypothesis

although I think that the above extracts give a fair idea of what these were. I should note that Whorf distanced himself from the behaviourist stance that thinking is entirely linguistic (Whorf 1956, p. 66). In its most extreme version 'the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis' can be described as consisting of two associated principles. According to the first, linguistic determinism, our thinking is determined by language. According to the second, linguistic relativity, people who speak different languages perceive and...

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To Define Madness

attention, had it been serious enough. The first time the king and queen become aware of his "madness" is when Polonius announces it to them and tells them f Hamlet's love for his daughter, Ophelia: "Your noble son is mad. "Mad" call I it, for, to define true madness, what is't but to be nothing else but mad? (2.2.99-101). Polonius is an untrustworthy character, and does not do anything in the whole length of the play to help Hamlet with any of his problems, chiefly caused by Polonius and the...

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Formulation, Testing of Hypothesis, and Experimental Design

Dagohoy Date performed: 07-01-13 Student Number: 2009-33281 Date submitted: 07-08-13 Exercise 2 Formulation, Testing of Hypothesis, and Experimental Design I. Objectives: a. to define diffusion and demonstrate this process in gases b. to cite molecular weight and time as two factors affecting the rate of diffusion c. to formulate a hypothesis on the relationship of each of these factors on the rate of diffusion d. to conduct and experiment to determine the effects...

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Efficient Market Hypothesis Summary

Efficient Market Hypothesis Ob 1: What is meant by an efficient market? • Efficiency can be defined under many context, for example, how efficient is a machinery will depend on how many inputs are required to produce a certain amount of output, the less input used, the more efficient the machinery is. • A financial market is said to be efficient if asset respond to relevant information instantaneously (or promptly) and accurately so that no one is able to use information that is already known...

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Numerical and Verbal Hypothesis Statement

Numerical and Verbal Hypothesis Statement In business, small and large or personal the ability to have information to make a decision is essential. “Hypothesis testing is used in both science and business to test assumptions and theories and ultimately guide managers when faced making decisions.” (Doane & Seward, 2007, page 347, Chapter 9). We reviewed and analyzed the data set, Real Estate and developed a hypothesis test. The hypothesis test can be described with the following steps: Step 1:...

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Anova Hypothesis Testing Paper

ANOVA Hypothesis Testing Paper RES/342 July 5, 2011 University of Phoenix ANOVA Hypothesis Testing Paper According to Payscale.com an individual with a high school education entering the work force will earn less than an individual with the same level of education who has worked longer in that particular field (Harrison, 2010). Team A has selected data from the Wages and Wage Earners data set and will be using the analysis of variance, also known as ANOVA, to compare the mean of age...

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Compare the Social Brain Hypothesis and the Visual Specialisation Hypothesis

Compare the Social Brain Hypothesis and the Visual Specialisation Hypothesis The aim of this essay is to investigate the two major theories trying to explain why do primates have large brains. Even since the seminar study of Jerison in 1973 it has been acknowledged that primate brains are unusually large for their body size. There are three main groups of theories giving more or less persuasive explanations of the evolution of large brains and high cognitive skills in primates. The first group...

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What is Hypothesis Testing

What is Hypothesis Testing? A statistical hypothesis is an assumption about a population parameter. This assumption may or may not be true. Hypothesis testing refers to the formal procedures used by statisticians to accept or reject statistical hypotheses. Statistical Hypotheses Null hypothesis. The null hypothesis, denoted by H0, is usually the hypothesis that sample observations result purely from chance. Alternative hypothesis. The alternative hypothesis, denoted by H1 or Ha, is the hypothesis...

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Efficient Market Hypothesis

Efficient Market Hypothesis When establishing financial prices, the market is usually deemed to be well-versed and clever. In a stock market, stocks are based on the information given and should be priced at the accurate level. In the past, this was supposed to be guaranteed by the accessibility of sufficient information from investors. However, as new information is given the prices would shift. “Free markets, so the hypothesis goes, could only be inefficient if investors ignored price sensitive...

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Nonparametric Hypothesis Testing Paper

Nonparametric Hypothesis Testing Paper ABC’s real estate agency has recently expanded its business and is in the process of conducting research on housing prices within 10 miles of its new office. Team B has been given the task by ABC real estate to conduct the needed research. The team will be able to answer at the end of the research if the prices in Santa Cruz, California, are less than the prices of house in Scott’s Valley, California. Throughout this research process the team will formulate...

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Precipitation Hypothesis Testing

Precipitation Hypothesis Testing Paper Learning Team One Research and Evaluation II – RES 342 University of Phoenix Precipitation Hypothesis Testing Learning team one will test if there is more precipitation in the three months of the spring in 2006 or is it greater than or equal to the three months in the winter in Rockville, which is located in Montgomery County, Maryland. We will look at the validity of the local average precipitation (rainfall) during the months of December...

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Hypothesis Testing Paper

1 5 HYPOTHESIS TESTING PAPER JILL HOLMAN PSY/315 September 1, 2014 Jennifer Slothower HYPOTHESIS TESTING PAPER We are seeing the influence of psychosocial stress on the course of bipolar disorder being increasingly recognized. Child adversity is not just a topic that is discussed, but is a topic that is real in the society in which we live. Child adversity can hit close to home. A child experiences this by being in a state or instance of serious or continued difficulty (Merriam-Webster, 2014)...

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One Sample Hypothesis Testing

One Sample Hypothesis Testing I am working on a problem in Excel but I am having trouble with my T- Distribution. I am using the TDIST function but have been unsucessful in my calculations. Here is the case scenario: One hundred customers at the Mall of Elbonia (MoE) were given a brief interview as they concluded their shopping trips. Examine the resulting data in the Mall of Elbonia Interview Results file. For each customer (by row), the spreadsheet contains data on: The customer's...

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Testing the Alleopathy Hypothesis

with vinyl end groups), tannins. They have terpenoid essential oils which never contain iridoids.”(Angiosperm Phylogeny Ref. 1) Upon initial investigation, the goldeneye was considered less fragrant or aromatic than Desert Lavender, forming the hypothesis. We predict that Desert Lavender is allelopathic as it is very fragrant and can contain more volatile chemical compounds including: alpha-pinene, beta-pinene, rosmarinic acid, thymol, lignans, and flavonoids. We predict that Goldeneye is not...

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