"Core Concepts Of Marketing For The Travel And Tourism Industry" Essays and Research Papers

Core Concepts Of Marketing For The Travel And Tourism Industry

author will be discussing the factors which influence the travel and tourism industry and defining the marketing mix. Marketing; The term marketing is a complex management tool and can be defined many ways. Marketing can be defined as being all about getting the right products to the right customer at the right time; in general the term marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling products and services. Marketing is based on thinking about the business in terms of customer...

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Discuss the core concepts of marketing

Discuss the core concepts of marketing for the travel and tourism sector Marketing in the travel and tourism sector is an important factor in making a travel business successful in terms of market share. Within marketing there a numerous known concepts that piece together the defined definition of marketing, these include the customer’s needs, wants and demands, products and services and value. Core concepts In the process of marketing your business it is important to factor in your customers...

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Destination Marketing for the Development of Tourism Industry

Destination Marketing for the Development of Tourism Industry VINOD N. KALANNAVAR MBA Lecturer Sharnbasveshwar College of M.T.A. Gulbarga Email: vinod.kalannavar@gmail.com Contact Mob: +91 7899468975 Abstract: This paper attempt to put an insight of destination marketing concept which is been developed based on the tourist destination. In the present competitive world of Tourism Industry all are expecting the quality of services in the destination. So entities which are involved in this...

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Tourism Marketing

CHAPTER 2 TOURISM DESTINATION 2.1 Introduction To Tourism Terrorism, natural disasters, health scares, oil price rises, exchange rate fluctuations and economic and political uncertainties – these were just some of the issues faced by tourism industry in 2005. Yet, according to the news from World Tourism Organization (UNWTO, 2006a, Dec 13), international tourist arrivals beat all expectations in exceeding 800 millions and achieving an all-time record. Although world tourism growth was moderate...

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Tourism Industry

from travel & tourism service providers. Sustainable tourism Management Objective Understanding consumer expectations from travel service providers & their satisfaction levels towards the service providers used in past Part 1 1.Introduction Global travel & torism industry Travel and tourism industry India Unique characteristic of travel and tourism industry Part 2 2.Understanding the Marketing in travel and Tourism Factors Influencing Demand for tourism Global...

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Tourism Marketing

INTRODUCTION TO TOURISM MARKETING With global international tourist arrivals reaching one billion each year, and growth only expected to increase, opportunities in the tourism industry are endless. Yet many destinations and tourism businesses fail to achieve success. Why are so many destinations struggling in a climate that is ripe for tourism? Marketing is a major part of the problem, but it is also an integral part of the solution. Today’s traveller can virtually tour destinations at the...

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Tourism Industry

Market Analysis of Tourism Industry Table of Contents 1.0 Abstract 2 2.0 Introduction 2 3.0 Specific analysis 2 3.1 Analysis of macro environmental factors 2 3.1.1 The economy 3 3.1.2 Social trends 3 3.1.3 Political environment 3 3.2 Analysis of micro environmental factors 4 3.2.1 The targeted customers 4 3.2.2 The competitors 4 3.2.3 The consumer behaviours 4 3.2.4 An internal analysis with a focus...

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Hospitality Industry

BBHM101 The Contemporary Hospitality and Tourism Industry |Duration |Level |Core / Elective |Subject Credits |Course Credits | |1 semester |Year 1 |Core |4.5 |BBHM: 150 | | | | | |BIHM: 199 | |Timetabled Hours |Personal Study |Total...

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85448081 Application Of 7ps In Tourism Sector

Application of 7ps in Tourism Vikas Mehta-341 sector Kalpesh chauhan-363 Ankita vyas-303 – Shilan shah-337 • Tourism Products is different from most other products because what is being sold is consumption of an experience rather than a tangible product, the product is primarily service based. This means that customer often walks away from the tourism offering with only a memory or experience. 7 P’s of tourism Product Price Physical Evidence Place People Process PRODUCT • In planning its...

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Definitions of ‘Tourism’ & ‘Tourist’

Definitions of ‘Tourism’ & ‘Tourist’ Many studies on tourism and tourists have been conducted yet there is not one single definition on ‘tourism’ or ‘tourists’ that everyone complies with. Many researchers and academia writers have many concepts in defining tourism and tourists, some factors they consider are similar and some are different. This essay will attempt to illustrate the differences between the definitions of tourism & tourist, and also outlining the strength and weaknesses of...

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Travel and Tourism

Unit 1- Task 3 Interrelationships in Travel and Tourism Individual businesses must work in partnership with other organisations in order to be successful. Tourism is a very competitive and complex sector and many companies develop links with other businesses as a way of maximising profits. If for example Thomas cook didn’t work with other hotels, insurance companies, company picks up on arrival, Thomas cook wouldn’t make any profits, as customers wouldn’t want to book a holiday with a company who...

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Travel & Tourism

Travel & Tourism Tourism can bring many benefits to a destination. Tourism can positively impact an area’s economy, social cultural, and environment. At the same time, there can be negative effects to the economy, social cultural, and environment. The tourism industry is extremely large and continuously growing, which is why the impacts and effects weigh so heavily on a destination. Traveling and engaging in touristic pursuits are popular leisure activities. New trends emerge as tourism continues...

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Intro Hospitality and Tourism

INTRODUCTION TO HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM By definition innovative courses are locally developed and should represent local needs and circumstances. The following information represents portions of an approved application for Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism, which may be helpful to other districts choosing to submit an approval request. A. Description of the course and its essential knowledge and skills 1. This innovative course is an introduction to the Hospitality and Tourism Cluster. The course will...

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Evaluation of Tourism Marketing in Indian Environment

EVALUATION OF TOURISM MARKETING IN INDIAN ENVIRONMENT Dr.S.Yuvaraj Lecturer in Commerce University of Madras The marketing principles facilitate a breakthrough in the tourist system. It helps the tourist organizations in establishing an effective communication system with actual and potential tourists. This makes it easier to know the likes and dislikes or the taste and preferences which make the possible conditioning of the supply position in tune with the changing demand position. ...

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Tourism Industry explanation

Expanded explanation of tourism industry and its scope. Tourism industry is the main influential type of industry in the world. It is not just hundreds of thousands of business but a global industry with major policy implications (Smith, 1995). It is based on different components and interrelated parts. For example, transportation, accommodation, attractions, activities, marketing and government regulation. Government in all levels encourage tourism development because it generates new wealth...

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Service Characteristics of Hospitality and Tourism Marketing

------------------------------------------------- PRICE of Marketing Marketing is a continuous sequential process through which management in the hospitality industry Plans, Researches, Implements, Controls, and Evaluates activities designed to satisfy customer needs and wants. P - Planning R - Research I - Implementation C – Control E – Evaluate ------------------------------------------------- Evolution of Marketing Eras VS Marketing Management Philosophies *...

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Multisensory Marketing and Its Application in Tourism

2 w elcome TRAvEL TOURISM cULTURE HERITAgE Multi-sensory Marketing and its application in tourisM Nearly all brand communications appeal to two senses - visual and auditory. Yet the way we interact with the environment around us contradicts this practice. In fact, branding is many times defined as the sum total of ALL experiences. Multisensory marketing allows tourism managers and marketers to directly impact all five senses and thus create a strong emotional bond with current and prospective...

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Travel Agency

Hospitality Industry is dynamically growing in the recent years, not only in the number of tourist but also the number of it’s different fields. One of these is the expansion of Travel Agencies. Travel Agency is one of the service intensive industries and indispensible among the tourism business. But what is the specific role of travel agency in the hospitality industry and how does it affect the whole industry. Travel Agency is defined as a retail business selling travel-related products...

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The Tourism Product- Components of the Tourism Industry

Introduction to Tourism BEM1012 James Ince 620021716 number one tutorial question- Describe how the components of the tourism industry interact together in order to provide tourists with their holiday experience. Please state whether you agree, or disagree with the view of some academics that there is no such thing as the ‘Tourism Product’. In the industry of tourism, there are a number of components that link together, to provide a family, couple or a group with a vacation. These...

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Tourism: Beijing Olympic Games

The purpose of the report is to evaluate the importance of a major global tourism event to the future prospects of a tourist destination. Thus it chooses the Beijing Olympics Games to explore. This report can be divided into 5 main parts. First part is summarizing Beijing Olympic Games on the impact of tourism industry. It will explore from three aspects which include the image of the country, the tourist source and tourism environment. Second part is overviewing Beijing Olympic Games makes the Beijing...

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Marketing Concept

MSc. in Marketing Université Paris 1-Panthéon-Sorbonne EXCERCISE PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING VATC/IAE – Broward Program Term: Winter 2012 HCMC 2012 ------------------------------------------------- CHAPTER 1 ------------------------------------------------- MARKETING’S VALUE TO CONSUMERS, FIRMS, AND SOCIETY PART 1: TRUE OR FALSE 1. Marketing is important to every consumer Answer: 2. Marketing and Selling are basically synonymous terms. Answer: 3. The marketing concept...

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Medical Tourism

Promotion of Health Tourism in India The global growth in the flow of patients and health professionals as well as medical technology, capital funding and regulatory regimes across national borders has given rise to new patterns of consumption and production of healthcare services over recent decades. The free movement of goods and services under the auspices of the World Trade Organization and its General Agreement on Trade in Services has accelerated the liberalization of the trade in health...

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Managing And Marketing Tourism

Managing and Marketing Tourism Tourism is regarded as a modern day engine of growth and is one of the largest growing industries globally . In 2012, G20 heads of state recognised tourism as a driver of growth and development, as well as a sector that has the potential to spur global economic recovery. Tourism can be defined as travel for different purposes which could be business, recreational or leisure. The world tourism organisation defines tourists as people who travel and stay in a place...

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Tourism the Business of Travel

The History of Tourism Travel begins to occur out of a sense of adventure and curiosity. 1. The Empire Era(4850B.C.- 715B.C) Egyptians travel to centralized government locations. Greeks develop common language and currency, and travelers’ services emerge as city-states become destinations. Romans improve roads, the legal system, and inns to further travel for commerce, adventure, and pleasure. These empires started the necessities that encourage travel Affluent population with time...

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Marketing for hospitality

HTM 3205 Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism 2_2011 ASSUMPTION UNIVERSITY MARTIN DE TOURS SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT OF HOSPTIALITY AND TOURISM MANAGEMENT SYLLABUS 2/2011 Course Title Prerequisites Lecturer Contact Location Course Description HTM 3205 Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism HTM 3103 Consumer behavior in Hospitality and Tourism Industry A. Supaporn Y. , A. Atjima S. CL1203, Tel: 02-723-2126 e-mail: A. Supaporn : yodpram@hotmail.com A. Atjima...

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Introduction to Tourism Marketing

Introduction to Tourism Marketing According to the definition of marketing, a product can be "ideas, goods, or services." Since tourism is primarily a service based industry, the principal products provided by tourism businesses are recreational experiences and hospitality. These are intangible products and more difficult to market than tangible products such as automobiles. The intangible nature of services makes quality control difficult but crucial. It also makes it more...

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Sports Tourism

EFFECTS OF SPORTS IN THE TOURISM INDUSTRY OF ANILAO, BATANGAS AS PERCEIVED BY INTERNAL TOURISM STAKEHOLDERS A Thesis Proposal Presented to the faculty of College of Arts and Sciences of Colegio San Agustin – Biñan, Laguna In Partial fulfilment of the Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor Of Science in Tourism GENEVA JOY G. TABUENA MARCH 2012 Chapter 1 The Problem and It’s Background 1. Introduction Sports Tourism is defined as a specific travel outside of the usual...

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SWOT Analysis of the Vegas Tourism Industry and Marketing

Jennifer Bourdeau Marketing 370, section 04 September 18, 2007 STRENGTHS The largest strength Las Vegas tourism has is its brand recognition of its famous phrase, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas". Other phrases such as "Your Vegas is showing" are in the works. Vegas also has an enormous bank of existing visitors- over 38.9 million a year. These visitors produce a city wide average occupancy of about 90%, the largest in the country. Las Vegas is one of the most well know tourism destinations...

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Modern Trends in Tourism

Introduction As per UNWTO (United Nations World tourism organization) the word “tourism”, is described as follows: "Tourism comprises the activities of persons traveling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes." When considering the history of tourism, it can be seen as an activity which the affluent took part in. The word tourist was used by 1772 and tourism by 1811. The Grand Tour for example was an activity...

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Vertical Integration and the Effect on the Travel and Tourism Industry

Case Study: Vertical Integration and the Effect on the Travel and Tourism Industry When two similar companies such as two hotels, are offering very similar products and are in a strong competing situation, integration is a popular move. It can be a voluntary decision by both companies or it can be the take-over of one company by another. Benefits include greater sales, which result in larger revenue and expansion opportunities. Complimentary reasons tend to be the realisation that one hotel offers...

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Travel and Tourism in Thailand to 2018

Travel and Tourism in Thailand to 2018 Published on 02nd APR. 2014 The Thai travel and tourism sector posted growth during the review period (20092013), despite the global financial crisis. The growth can be attributed to the increasing number of tourists from emerging countries such as China, India and Russia; international tourists to the country reached 26.7 million in 2013. While forecast-period growth is expected to be undermined by political instability, the countrys tourism sector...

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Global Trends in Tourism

Global trends in tourism — Breaking the billion barrier  Vanitha Srinivasan Threats of terrorism, pandemic outbreaks, natural calamities and, finally, pesky security checks notwithstanding, the international tourism industry is booming. Tourism has become a key economic driver globally, and is one of the main sources of income for many developing countries today. International tourism receipts totaled $682 billion in 2005 while arrivals, at 842 million in 2006, registered a five-fold growth over...

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Air Indus Marketing Proposal

ATC’s Marketing Consulting Services for the Air Indus About Aviation Technology Consultants Improving profitability and avoiding industry turbulence Regardless of aviation traumas that reach far into our industry, air travel remains a large and growing industry. In this intensely competitive yet volatile market, Aviation Technology Consultants draws from its aviation expertise to implement a marketing program to expand passenger base, increase revenue passenger mile, and vastly improve load...

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Tourism Industry in Switzerland

Background 2. Literature Review of Sustainable Tourism At the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Agenda 211 was adopted by 182 countries and sets out a comprehensive blueprint of actions to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organisations of the United Nations (UN), governments, and major groups in every area to bring about sustainable development. Stakeholders of the travel and tourism industry including world organisations, governments and industries started to include sustainable development...

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Youth Tourism in China

YOUTH TOURISM IN CHINA An Unpopular Tourism Market Introduction: This article is going to reveal several restrictions which are confining the development of youth marketing China. As external side, we would rationally analyze the complicated connection between young tourist and environmental elements. Contrarily, internal side reflects the tourists’ motivation. The main purpose is to find out personal and environmental conflicts for youth tourists in China. Based on several related findings,...

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UNWTO Tourism Highlights

HMTREND/HMB31 January 27, 2015 The tourism industry creates important economic benefits to both host countries and tourists' home countries. Especially in developing countries, one of the reason for a region to promote itself as a tourism destination is the expected economic improvement. The economic importance of tourism to a destination is commonly underappreciated and extends well beyond core hospitality and transportation sectors. It benefits the tourism supply chain and the economic gains through...

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The Role of Architecture on the Tourism Industry

& Minerals, Saudi Arabia The Role of Architecture on the Tourism Industry: Chapter 11 ABSTRACT This chapter aims to shed light on the nature of architecture, its technological and cultural ramifications on tourism industry. It elucidates the background of issues regarding the interaction between the fields of cultural production (architecture) and cultural consumption (tourism). The chapter argues that power of tourism industry has reached, under the pressure of global economics, to a capacity...

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Marketing Concept and the possible limitations to this concept.

Marketing is defined as a social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and values with others.(Kotler.P 2002 : 5) The goals of marketing is to attract new customers by promising superior value and keep and grow current customers by delivering satisfaction. There are five core concepts of marketing, which includes needs, wants and demand; products, services and experience; value, satisfaction and quality; exchanges...

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Business Tourism- Main Characteristics , Benfits and Problems Facing the Industry

BUSINESS TOURISM MANAGEMENT EA [pic] INDIVIDUAL REPORT Business tourism can be defined as a convention, in the sense of a meeting, is a gathering of individuals who meet at an arranged place and time in order to discuss or engage in some common interest. Business tourism industry is growing rapidly worldwide.Business tourism is having its own features which define it from the other types of tourism, and I would mention it in order to explain the importance of the industry...

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Tourism: Principles, Practices, Philosophies Part Five: Essentials of Tourism Research and Marketing Learning Objectives • Become familiar with the marketing mix and be able to formulate the best mix for a particular travel product. • Appreciate the importance of the relationship between the marketing concept and product planning and development. • Understand the vital relationship between pricing and marketing. • Know about distribution systems and how this marketing principle can best be applied...

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Travel: Tourism Industry

Travel and Tourism The Structure of the Travel and Tourism Industry [HIGHER] Loraine Lyall abc The Scottish Qualifications Authority regularly reviews the arrangements for National Qualifications. Users of all NQ support materials, whether published by LT Scotland or others, are reminded that it is their responsibility to check that the support materials correspond to the requirements of the current arrangements. Acknowledgement Learning and Teaching Scotland gratefully acknowledge...

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travel and tourism

Jet2.com marketing research Marketing is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers, for the purpose of selling that product or service. Jet2.com is internet based holiday and cheap short hole flight company witch which flies from eight airports in the United Kingdom. Jet2.com marketing and press department is orientated at low cost flight advertising safety and reliability also offers bigger baggage allowance then competitor’s which you can take on board. Jet2...

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Travel and Tourism

technology has brought to the travel environment and retail operational practices. There are many advantages and disadvantages of the technology. The assignment will contain the information and examples of impacts as well as explanation how the impacts developed the retail environment. The technology has big impacts on the travel agencies. There are many positives and negatives that the technology has brought to the whole industry. The impact of technologies on travel agencies is so profound, that...

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Tourism Industry of Sri Lanka

SRI LANKA A DESTINATION FOR TRAVEL AND TOURISM 1.1Tourist arrivals through the years Over the years Sri Lanka has been a tourist attraction. The tourism industry in Sri Lanka has gone through an up and down road mostly due to the instability of the country. The graph below shows these fluctuations. Source: Annual Statistical Report of Sri Lanka Tourism-2007 & Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority. The above graph shows how much Sri Lanka’s tourism industry has declined considering that...

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Marketing in Travel and Tourism

 Marketing in Travel and Tourism July Assignment Andreea Florina Tancau ID: 11727 Table of Contents Trailfinders – introduction 2 Task 1 2 A 2 B 4 C 4 Task 2 5 A 5 B 5 C 6 Task 3 6 A 6 B 7 Task 4 7 A 7 Fig 4.1 Integrated marketing communication 8 B 9 References 10 Trailfinders – introduction Trailfinders is a tourism agency, founded by Mike Gooley, a former SAS officer. It dates from 1970. At the beginning, the company had four employees but because of a successful...

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Resort: Tourism Industry

in Hidden Sanctuary Resort and Hotel, Marilao Bulacan A Thesis Presented to The Faculty of the Undergraduate School St. Dominic Savio College In partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Degree Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management By Jean D. Panganiban Reggie G. Gopez INTRODUCTION WHAT IS RESORT - Resort is a place to spent holiday for relaxation and recreation so that, one can give themselves a leisure time. Hidden Sanctuary Hotel and Resort defines...

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Travel and Tourism in Romania to 2018

Travel and Tourism in Romania to 2018 Published on 21st March 2014 Synopsis The report provides detailed market analysis, information and insights, including: Historic and forecast tourist volumes covering the entire Romanian travel and tourism sector Detailed analysis of tourist spending patterns in Romania for various categories in the travel and tourism sector, such as accommodation, sightseeing and entertainment, foodservice, transportation, retail, travel intermediaries and others ...

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Travel and Tourism

BTEC National Award (Level 3) in Travel and Tourism Student Name: Teacher: Mrs van Niekerk | Date assignment issued: 21/01/2013 Final Completion Date: 03/05/2013 | Welcome to your third assignment for BTEC Travel and Tourism. In order to make sure that you complete the unit on time and meet all your deadlines, you will find that the assignment is broken down into key tasks. Each task...

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Travel and Tourism

rebranded as Thomsonfly in May 2005. In 2007 Thomsonfly was merged from the travel division of TUI AG and First Choice airways. These two travel agents were merged under the former Air Operator’s Certificate in May 2008. The company was rebranded Thomson Airways on November 1st 2008. The companies head office is situated in Wigmore House, Luton Bedfordshire, although its registered office is at the TUI Travel House in Crawley. Thomson Airways is one of the world’s largest charter airlines...

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Tourism and Hospitality Industry

IMPACT OF GLOBALIZATION ON HOSPITALITY AND/OR TOURISM INDUSTRY Globalization refers to the increments in the relationships of the people, industries, culture and various activities of economy. The term Globalization refers to the economics and all the global distribution of the production of goods and service which ultimately reduces the barriers of international trade like export fees, import quotas and various other tariffs, Cowen (2003). The Globalization has contributed to the growth of economy...

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Tourism Industry

Tourism Industry Tourism is the activity carried out for recreational purpose during leisure time. On the other hand, tourism industry is the industry that used tourism in a way to get profit. It is one of the industry that every country counts on to achieve a certain level of fame and economical advantage. It is also consider as the most exciting and progressive industry nowadays in some country like Malaysia, United States, France and Thailand. It is not exaggerating to describe that the particular...

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Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable Tourism Final Exam Questions Q1: Discuss roles of Information Technology Communication Technology in the development of sustainable tourism in a destination 1. Tourism Marketing 2. Local Communities Participation in Tourism Development 3. Education 4. Increased Customer Satisfaction 5. Staff Training Q2: (a) List 5 challenges to sustainable tourism 1. Reducing Tourism Seasonality 2. Improving quality of Tourism Jobs 3. Minimizing Resource use and...

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The Influence of Globalization on the Tourism Industry

According to Chris Cooper (2005) tourism industry can be defined as a whole range of individuals, businesses, organisation and places which combine in some way to deliver a travel experience. A hospitality industry can be regarded as an industry which provides food, beverages and accommodation services. The Tourism and Hospitality industry has flourished even it has struggled to cope with difficult challenges (Cetron, 2001) and ‘globalisation’ may be the cause of this which is having a significant...

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Tourism Industry

Negative Economic Impacts of Tourism There are many hidden costs to tourism, which can have unfavorable economic effects on the host community. Often rich countries are better able to profit from tourism than poor ones. Whereas the least developed countries have the most urgent need for income, employment and general rise of the standard of living by means of tourism, they are least able to realize these benefits. Among the reasons for this are large-scale transfer of tourism revenues out of the host...

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ACCOMMODATION Accommodation is one of the largest and fastest growing sectors in the tourism industry. This is the third largest group for employment and growth potential behind Food and Beverage Services and Recreation and Entertainment. Accommodation offers a wide variety of job opportunities, and if you enjoy making people feel "at home," this may be the perfect milieu for you. You can work at hotels, motels, inns, resorts, lodges, campgrounds, bed & breakfasts and time-share operations, to...

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Role of It in Travel and Tourism Industry

IT in travel ROLE OF IT IN TRAVEL AND TOURISM INDUSTRY GROUP - BK Rajnikant Patel - 111 Dr. Sushant Patel - 112 Rachita Patnaik - 113 Yashasvi Patravali - 114 Navjot Singh - 115 Preview IT has touched every aspect of commerce and turned those industries into gold mines. Travel & tourism industry is also one of those which IT has not spared. And how it has brought about transformation and revolution will be seen in the due course of the presentation. Let...

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Unit 2 the bussiness of travel and tourism

Date: Friday 26th September 2014 Submission Date: Tuesday 30th September 2014 Unit 2: The Business of Travel and Tourism 2.1: The travel and tourism business environment The Public Sector The public sector consists of regulatory bodies, conservation groups and public sector organisation which are funded by local, regional and central government, . A good example of a localy funded organisation would be Dover's local tourist information centre, controlled and funded by Dover District...

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Economic Aspects of Tourism

ECONOMIC ASPECTS OF TOURISM Economic aspects of Tourism [Name of the writer] [Name of the institution] Economic aspects of Tourism Introduction The study is related to the impacts of tourism on the economy. This issue is most discussed in the countries where there is a lot of tourism activities take place. These activities help a country to boost up its revenue generations as people from different countries come to enjoy their vacations or their leisure...

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Travel and Tourism in India to 2018

Summary India’s travel and tourism sector performed well during the review period (2009–2013), with growth recorded in both domestic and international tourist volumes. The main factors for tourism growth were government initiatives and continuous efforts to promote the country’s travel and tourism sector on an international level. Timetric expects growth to continue over the forecast period (2014–2018), driven by government initiatives to promote tourism through participation in international events...

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Tourism Planning an Development in Malaysia

some of the biggest and longest in the world), made Malaysia a real attraction to the tourists.(Anon all Malaysia info). Climate of Malaysia is tropical annual southwest (April to October) and northeast (October to February) monsoons. (Anon world travel guide). In 1963 the name Malaysia was adopted when the Federation of Malaya (Malay: Persekutuan Tanah Melayu), Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak formed a 14-state federation.(anon wikipedia). After the world war British created Malayan union in 1946...

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