• Speech on Climate Change
    Lets face it we all know the earth is in trouble. In the past few months we have experienced such bizarre weather. I mean, even though we experienced the lighter side of hurricane Irene in the first few weeks of school we still live in New Hampshire and things like this don’t happen up here. In m
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  • Speech: Climate Change
    Speech Imagine its summer time and you’re at home watching TV. Then suddenly there a news bulletin and it says the there have been a severe and sudden growth in the hole in the ozone layer. Now what do you do? You walk over to the windows and close all the curtains because getting sunlight at thi
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  • Climate Change & the Zero Carbon World - Short Persuasive/Opinion Piece (on Behalf of 'the Greens' Australian Political Party)
    Climate Change & the Zero Carbon World Climate change has been a top priority for the Greens for many years and the party has a comprehensive policy platform that would see Australia take the only globally responsible course of action and start rebuilding our society and economy around the exciti
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  • Combating Climate Change
    Research Topic: Combating Climate Change 1. Introduction Global warming has been causing climate change and this has been affecting the Earth at an alarming rate. The Earth’s average temperature has climbed 0.8°C since 1880, and we face the extinction of a million species and swamping floo
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  • Persuasive Speech on Global Warming
    PERSUASIVE SPEECH ON GLOBAL WARMING by: Jennifer Zelmer Introduction: We all know about global warming, but do we really care or try to do at least some of the things that will help stop it or at least slow it down? 1) Over the last century our planets temp. has risen 1 degree. I know tha
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  • Persuasive Speech of 1908
    Persuasive Speech—1908 Jeremy Colin Newell Hanover College Hanover, Indiana Henry Ford has released his invention to the public. It is a horseless carriage that he calls the automobile. He has told us that this contraption will eventually be made available to the entire world. This is goin
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  • How Is This a Persuasive Speech?
    How is this a persuasive speech? 9/11 speech by President George W Bush , Address to the Nation September 11th 2001. I have chosen to do an essay on the 9/11 speech by George W Bush. I have chosen this speech because it has a lot of persuasive techniques and they seem more interesting
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  • Climate Change and Supply Chain Liability
    BUSINESS SOCIETY MANAGEMENT 2008 “How retailers in the food industry may leverage their bargaining power to induce change in CO2 emissions and foster climate change awareness with respect to other members along the suply chain” TABLE OF CONTENT TABLE OF CONTENT 2 EXECUTIVE
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  • Climate Change
    Countries like China, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore and the United States have announced colossal economic stimulus programs, parts of which will go into overhauling aging public infrastructure. In the next five years, the world will need new power plants and electricity grids, transport netw
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  • Persuasive Speech
    Persuasive speech outline purpose: To persuade my audience to donate blood through the American Red Cross. Introduction: 1. Did you know that blood donated to the American Red Cross saves XXX lives per year? 2. People should give blood because it is easy and though there might be a little pain
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  • Woodworkers Protect Forests and Jobs While Fighting Climate Change
    Woodworkers protect forests and jobs while fighting climate change Shared by: F. Los on January 14, 2010 12:28 AM | Permalink | Comments (0) Vancouver - Forest industry unions and leading environmental groups have united behind a plan that calls on the BC government to conserve more forest, ha
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  • Climate Change and National Security
    An Agenda for Action Joshua W. Busby CSR NO. 32, NOVEMBER 2007 COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS The Council on Foreign Relations is an independent, nonpartisan membership organization, think tank, and publisher dedicated to being a resource for its members, government officials, business execu
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  • Mutual Funds and Climate Change
    Mutual Funds and CliMate Change: Growing Support for Shareholder Resolutions Rob Berridge Jackie Cook May 2009 A Ceres Report About the Authors Rob Berridge is Program Manager in the investor team at Ceres, where he assists investors and companies in addressing the risks and opportunities
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  • Persuasive Speech
    Organizing and Outlining the Persuasive Speech Time: 5-6 minutes Outline: 20 points Speech: 30 points Objective IV.To further develop and refine both your delivery and organizational skills V.To further develop research skills VI.To enhance public speaking skills VII.To allow students to
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  • Oreskes Climate Change
    Climate Change There have been plenty of disputes regarding the infamous topic global warming, despite the fact that there is a unanimous scientific consensus on anthropogenic climate change. A history professor at UCSD, Naomi Oreskes, discusses this in her article, “The Scientific Consensus on
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  • Climate Change
    Garcia, Sime Darvie G. ENGLO3 C3 Speech about Climate Change My friends, I come before you today, sad and horrified. Many of us know, through the efforts of Al Gore, and some governments, about global climate change. We have all heard about the dangers that our generation and generations after
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  • Persuasive Speech
    Persuasive Speech Assignment (Total 100 points) I. Speech Performance (80 points) 1. Your speech should be based on a question of policy which solves a controversial problem (of national importance) and to persuade your audience that your solution is the best possible one (Please see the atta
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  • Climate Change
    Climate Change: The Fact Background The article overleaf was part of a booklet which came with a newspaper, and provided readers with information about key scientific issues facing the world today. The passage is headed ‘Climate Change: The Facts’, and focuses on global warming as the
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  • Persuasive Speech on Education in Healthcare
    Persuasive Speech Topic: Why choosing health care as a career is a smart choice General Purpose: To persuade Specific Purpose: By the end of my speech, my audience should be able to: A. State why health care is a growing field. B. Make an informed decision when choosing a career in hea
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  • Persuasive Speech Outline
    Sample Persuasive Speech Outline For Public Speaking Sample persuasive speech outline including speechwriting tips on outlining the main speech topics for public speaking. Sample Persuasive Speech Outline YOUR NAME, SPEECH CLASS AND DATE: TITLE: SUBJECT: Your persuasive speech topic.
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