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Carol Ann Duffy Poems Analysis

Medusa by Carol Ann Duffy The poem Medusa explores the theme of jealousy and anger; the poet illustrates this using the extended metaphor of a Greek mythological creature Medusa, whose story describes her as a beautiful maiden that is turned into a hideous creature after being raped by Poseidon. The poet furthermore links this metaphor to the theme of feminism when she describes the women in the poem overpowering the man that hurt her. The language in this poem is quite harsh, emphasising the...

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Analysis of “Prayer” by Carol Ann Duffy

Analysis of “Prayer” by Carol Ann DuffyLouise Erdrich Yue Jiang 105034154 The Prayer, written in 1993 by, Carol Ann DuffyLouise Erdrich, has a close relationship with Julia Kristeva’s essay “Revolution in Poetic Language”. According to psychoanalysis, when people are babies, they are irrational and emotional. All their need is to be cared for. Their needs should be demandedmet, either for food, or caring or other things. A baby considers the person who offers satisfies them this need...

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An Analysis of Stealing by Carol Ann Duffy

Stealing Stealing by Carol Ann Duffy was written in the 1980's after Duffy had seen her neighbours snowman stolen from their front garden. Getting inspired by this, she had written this poem reflecting on the problems that occured in that moment, hence it was the time in Britain where unemployment was high due to Margaret Thatcher's (the Prime Minister during the 1980's) government policies. The poem starts with a rhetorical question, "The most unusual thing I ever stole?" This question seems...

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Style and Carol Ann Duffy

Havisham Carol Ann Duffy penned a dark, cynical poem titled Havisham. The poem articulates a deep anguish dramatic monologue of a lonely old spinster lady – Havisham, a character from Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. Havisham was ditched on her wedding day by her fiancé, the consequences were that she was no longer respected and secluded from the society. Decades have past, Havisham remains in her wedding dress and cruses the love of her life for the pain and torture she has faced every...

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Valentine by Carol Ann Duffy

Commentary on "Valentine" by Carol Ann Duffy Carol Ann Duffy talks of an unorthodox love in her poem “Valentine”, where she compares love to an onion. The narrator finds that gift givers portray love incorrectly when she mentions typical Valentine’s Day gifts. The poem is an extended metaphor of love being an onion, and she thinks of love as a violent emotion rather than a peaceful one. The narrator compares love to an onion in her poem "Valentine" to show that her opinion of love is unconventional...

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Nostalgia by Carol Ann Duffy

NOSTALGIA BY CAROL ANN DUFFY Linda Wang When we were younger we might have been homesick at school camps or sleepovers at someone that is not family. But we were lucky for the next day we would return to our family's embrace but there are people out in the world that suffer from nostalgia for years and decades before being able to see their hometown again. In Nostalgia by Carol Ann Duffy, the mercenaries, strong brave men, described in the poem are tormented by the same feeling of nostalgia. In...

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Medusa by Carol Ann Duffy

The world’s wife is a compilation of poems published in 1999 and written by Carol Ann Duffy, a modern feminist poet. It covers various myths in order to give women a voice. This includes the short monologue like poem: “Medusa”. How do metaphors, symbols and allegories contribute in clarifying the meanings of the poem? Primarily, they emphasise Duffy’s feminist ideals, Medusa’s emotions and aging difficulties. Medusa, the protagonist, uses the myth metaphorically in order to create a modern...

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Valentine: Poetry and Carol Ann Duffy

“Valentine” is a controversial love poem written by Carol Ann Duffy. Throughout the poem the poetess compares love to an onion and she does that by using a variety of techniques such as imagery, symbolism, word choice and structure. All these techniques justify why “Valentine” is an unusual love-poem as they help the poet express her different point of view. Overall, the poem is unusual as its title mistakenly leads the reader into thinking that the poem will be typical. I felt deeply moved by the...

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Two Poems by Carol Ann Duffy: Exploring Time and Love

Time’ by Carol Ann Duffy an important idea is time having power over love we do not have the power to change or go back in time therefore we have to value both the good and bad times. Carol Ann Duffy shows this through the narrative perspective of first person allowing readers to sympathize and connect with the narrator and help understand the situation. Another poem by Carol Ann Duffy is ‘Valentine’ an important idea is love by portraying a more truthful and down to earth view of love. Duffy shows...

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Analysis of Poems 'Eurydice' and 'Mrs. Midas' by Carol-Ann Duffy

woman being seen as an accessory to a man rather than an individual with the capability to think for herself. However, Carol Ann Duffy’s anthology ‘The World’s Wife’ seeks to correct the gender inequalities, with the poems Eurydice and Mrs. Midas portraying strong minded and authoritative females that retell the Greek mythological stories from a women’s point of view. In both poems Eurydice and Mrs. Midas we are introduced to two women who in mythology have been overshadowed by their more famous husbands...

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Orginally by Carol Ann Duffy

November 2012 Originally In the poem “Originally,” by Carol Ann Duffy, she is writing from a point of view of a child to adult for the reader to understand how she felt when she was a young girl moving to how she feels now. This poem is from the “The Other Country” collection, they all have a central theme of growing up with literary devices of imagery, diction, and alliteration threaded through the poem to help grab the reader’s attention. Duffy writes this poem using symbols as if she is telling...

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Carol Ann Duffy - Havisham Essay

Havisham is a poem by Carol Ann Duffy. It is part of the Mean Time collection that was released in 1998. Havisham is a poem about that fits into Carol Ann Duffy’s body of work throughout this collection as it deals with the theme of memory and nostalgia and it charts the impact of time on the character fates in this instance which is related to love, life, loss, and death, and its damaged irreconcilable relationships also form a part of this poem. This poem is typical of Carol Ann Duffy’s writing...

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Havisham by Carol Ann Duffy

In Havisham, Carol Ann Duffy creates an interesting character. Write about the way the character is created, and compare this with the way other characters are created in three other poems. You should compare it with one poem by Simon Armitage and two poems from the pre-1912 poetry bank. In Havisham, Carol Ann Duffy explores the character of Mrs Havisham and develops her by using vivid imagery and metaphors. She starts the poem with ‘Beloved sweetheart bastard’ which is an oxymoron, used to display...

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Stealing- Carol Ann Duffy

theme was deepened by the poet’s treatment?” Stealing is one of the many Carol Ann Duffy poems in which the themes of isolation and loneliness are explored. The poem is about a person who has nothing to live for, because of this they have fallen into a life of stealing items that are worthless and have no sentimental meaning to them, the thief steals simply because they and get a thrill out of doing so (this particular poem is about the stealing of a snowman). The character finds it amusing to steal...

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'Valentine' and 'Stealing' - by Carol Ann Duffy

‘Stealing', By Carol-Ann Duffy FOR IDEAS ONLY, DO NOT COPY In ‘Valentine' and ‘Stealing', Carol-Ann Duffy uses an extended metaphor which helps the reader relate to what the poet is trying to get across, and to understand what the feelings are of the narrator. Both poems also focus on the thoughts and emotions of the ‘speaker', both are structured as conversational pieces, meaning you could just use it to talk to someone, and could imagine the reactions of the person they're talking to. Duffy also never...

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Carol Ann Duffy: Stealing

I will be analysing Carol Ann Duffy’s poem, Stealing. To begin with, I will provide some background information to help put the themes in this poem into context. It was published in the 1980’s during Margaret Thatcher’s Prime Ministership, it is essentially a political poem in response to a new culture of greed and selfishness that ignored the working-class. There were constant poll tax riots, miner’s strikes, homelessness, and unemployment. My thesis for this poem is: the harshness of...

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Carol Ann Duffy should be part of Canon

“Carol Ann Duffy should be part of Canon” Evaluate this statement. Carol Ann Duffy is a Scottish poet and playwright who was appointed the Poet Laureate in 2009, making her the first woman to hold the position. She has won numerous awards for her poetry, which addresses issues such as gender, violence and subjugation of women, from this many people define her as a feminist because she is passionate about the struggles of women; this is particularly portrayed in The Worlds Wife, which is a collection...

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Shooting Stars - Carol Ann Duffy

Shooting Stars The poem 'Shooting Stars' by Carol Ann Duffy tells a shocking story of a female prisoner held by Nazis in a concentration camp around the time of the Holocaust. The poem is set in 1940, Hitler and his Nazi party had taken control of most of Europe and had vowed to exterminate the entire Jewish race. Duffy's haunting use of imagery and word choice make this poem so memorable and its very strong opening prepares the reader for the rest of the poem. The title choice, 'Shooting Stars'...

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Carol Ann Duffy View on Love

Carol Anne Duffy's presentation of love and relationships. Love and relationships are themes that are consistently found throughout Carol Anne Duffy's work. It is something that she seems to present with mixed messages. This can be seen with the contrasts between the poems "Lovesick" and also "correspondents." In the poem correspondents the love theme seems to be forbidden and secretive. This is shown When Duffy writes, "When you come on Thursday, bring me a letter. " A letter is something...

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Havisham Poem - Carol Ann Duffy

For my transformation I choose the novel ‘Great Expectations’ by Charles Dickens and transformed it into a poem that targets the attitude and pain of the main character Miss Havisham. One of my main attempts was to focus on her loneliness and bitter personality. I wanted to grasp these points in particular to show the links between her attitude and hatred towards men and the world around her. She has a vengeful side which is portrayed in her violent language ‘stab’ and ‘death’. Her attitude towards...

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Carol Ann Duffy Poems Analysis

Originally Introduction Memories play a significant role in the poetry of Carol Ann Duffy, particularly her recollections of childhood places and events. The poem “Originally,” published in The Other Country (1990), draws specifically from memories of Duffy's family's move from Scotland to England when she and her siblings were very young. The first-born child, Duffy was just old enough to feel a deep sense of personal loss and fear as she traveled farther and farther away from the only place she...

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Carol Ann Duffy Study Notes

1. ‘LITTLE RED CAP’ ‘LRC’ is a poem written by Carol Ann Duffy, and is the first poem in the anthology ‘The World’s Wife’, published in 1999. By interpreting the fairytale of Little Red Riding Hood in her poem, Duffy recounts her ten years of marriage to Adrian Henri, who was twenty-three years old her senior. She places herself as the character of Little Red Cap and Henri as the wolf. Duffy also alludes to fairytales such as ‘Sleeping Beauty’ in ‘Queen Herod’ or more traditional stories like ‘The...

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Carol Ann Duffy and Liz Lochhead Explore Memories

Compare and contrast how Duffy and Lochhead explore memories Both Carol Ann Duffy and Liz Lochhead provide an exploration of their childhood memories, and how these memories have changed and developed with age into analysis of social expectations of men and women in the 1960's. In Duffys poem Litany and Lochheads poem 1953, both poets reflect on their childish perceptions of their parents conformity to social convention. Duffy and Lochhead excellently implement a dramatic monologue...

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On "If" by Rudyard Kipling and "Kipling" by Carol Ann Duffy

On “Kipling” by Carol Ann Duffy Answering “If” by Rudyard Kipling Kieter Philip Balisnomo English IB Block 4, Ms. Nychka On “Kipling” by Carol Ann Duffy answering “If” by Rudyard Kipling The doctrines of idealism and optimism are demonstrated in the poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling. “If” advises the reader to achieve qualities and reach for perfection. “If” is answered in the book, Answering Back by Carol Ann Duffy’s poem, “Kipling”. Duffy’s response to “If” is appallingly contrasting in mood...

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Valentine by Carol Anne Duffy

Valentine ‘Valentine’ is a controversial love poem written by Carol Ann Duffy. Throughout the poem the poetess compares love to an onion and she does that by using a variety of techniques such as imagery, symbolism, word choice and structure. All these techniques justify why Valentine is an unusual love-poem as they help the poet express her different point of view. Overall, the poem is unusual as its title mistakenly leads the reader into thinking that the poem will be typical. I felt deeply moved by...

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Carol Ann Duffy Shooting Stars

Carol Ann Duffy’s poem ‘Shooting Stars’ is a poem in which human suffering is effectively portrayed. Duffy uses the situation of Nazi persecution of the Jewish people to underline this. Duffy’s use of an ambiguous title, together with her imagery effectively explores this theme of human suffering. The poem’s title ‘Shooting Stars’ creates a sense of ambiguity. The general connotations applied to this phrase are that of a falling star or perhaps the beauty and brightness of fireworks. However...

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Carol Ann Duffy Notes

The poem closes with reminders of oppression, control and confinement. Possibility that was once limitless for the dolphins now has 'limits' imposed upon it that will become impossible to bear. The realisation will probably hasten the creatures' death, signalling that there is as much at stake from a psychological perspective as there is from the physical circumstances. Stifling of natural impulse and behaviour can have fatal consequences. The 'plastic toy' is a further reminder of the indignity...

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Before You Were Mine - Carol Ann Duffy

Mine’, written by Carol Ann Duffy is a poem about the adoration that the writer feels for her mother. Her feelings are revealed in first person. Duffy uses a range of narrative techniques like onomatopoeia, metaphors and short sentences which stand out and make the writer’s point clear. These techniques help reveal the author’s changing attitude from selfish and possessive to loving and affectionate, when considering the younger version of her mother. After reading the poem, we learn that the...

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Analysation of "educatio for Liesure" by Carol Ann Duffy

How does Carol Ann Duffy portray a sinister persona in the poem, “Education for Leisure”? The poet, Carol Ann Duffy portrays a malevolent persona in the poem; “Education for Leisure”. Duffy presents a dramatic monologue of an anonymous, the person commits who crimes and violent deeds against living objects due to the boredom the person suffers. The anonymous person represents an evil persona by his belief of playing God. The unnamed believes that he is God, someone who is above and beyond everyone...

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Compare and contrast the ways in which Carol Ann Duffy presents female characters

Compare and contrast the ways in which Carol Ann Duffy presents female characters in 'The World's Wife'. The Worlds Wife is a joyous collection of poems about women which was published in 1999, which are given a voice in society as the original stories/myths gave women no say. The poems features biblical, mythical and historical which are very well known. All the poems are dramatic monologues in a feminist approach. Most poems are seen as witty, interesting and hilarious. The main themes shown...

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The World's Wife. Carol Ann Duffy

Parker) Carol Ann Duffy’s The World’s Wife (1999) takes a very common relationship – that of man and wife – and presents a collection of poetic monologues from the perspective of the wife. Written on the pretext, ‘If his wife could speak, what would she say’, Duffy’s monologues gives a voice to women who are usually defined by their men. Thus we hear from the wives of famous, and infamous, men such as Mrs Darwin, Pilate’s wife, Mrs Aesop, Queen Herod and Frau Freud. Many of the poems in this collection...

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Shooting Stars by Carol Ann Duffy

“Shooting Stars” Critical Essay In this critical essay I will be writing on account of “shooting Stars” by Carol Ann Duffy. Duffy successfully reveals the true horrors of the Second World War using a wide variety of poetic techniques, of which in this task I will evaluate and finally conclude with my own opinion. Throughout the dramatic monologue Duffy encourages sympathy towards the female persona by using a range of imagery, structure and word choice. The persona appears to be a woman who...

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A Childhood of Emigration: a Commentary on "Originally" by Carol Ann Duffy

Commentary on “Originally” by Carol Ann Duffy Outgrowing childhood is leaving many cherished people, memories and treasures behind. Emigrating in childhood is leaving a culture, a language and a home behind. Carol Ann Duffy moved from Glasgow, Scotland to Stafford, England when she was six years old, in the 1960s, thus later writing this poem “Originally”. Through laying out childhood memories and ending on the note that she hesitates when asked of her origin, Carol Ann Duffy expresses regret that she...

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In Mrs Tilscher's class by Carol Ann Duffy

"In Mrs Tilscher's class" by Carol Ann Duffy is about rites of passage, the transition from childhood to adolescence and the things we learn at school, from our teachers and from our peers. Duffy writes this accessible poem using a variety of techniques that make it a memorable read. The opening stanza has no real hint of what is to come: Duffy shows us a typical day in Mrs. Tilscher's class:You could travel up the Blue Nilewith your finger, tracing the routewhile Mrs Tilscher chanted the scenery...

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Shooting Stars Analysis Carol Ann Duffyt

Shooting Star – Carol Ann Duffy The poem 'Shooting Stars' by Carol Ann Duffy tells a shocking story of a female prisoner held by Nazis in a concentration camp around the time of the Holocaust. The poem is set in 1940, Hitler and his Nazi party had taken control of most of Europe and had vowed to exterminate the entire Jewish race. Duffy's haunting use of imagery and word choice make this poem so memorable and its very strong opening prepares the reader for the rest of the poem. ...

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Salome - Carol Ann Duffy - Close Analysis

event and makes it appear inconsequential. Salome is metaphorically murdering the man by stealing his masculinity, this can be seen as subverted misogyny because it is typically the woman who is used during a one night-stand, and yet during this poem it is the man who is reduced because of it. A one-night stand typically involved a man using a woman purely for her body, however in this version of events the fact that Salome has the ability to seek out this anonymous man and murder him shows her...

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How Carol Ann Duffy presents the relationship between men and women

With particular reference to ‘Mrs. Lazarus’ show how Carol Ann Duffy presents relationships between men and women The World’s Wife originates from the idiom ‘The World and His Wife’ which is commonly used to express a large amount of people, however after understanding the feminist concept of Carol Ann Duffy’s work this idiom can be interpreted in a different light. The phrase may actually present men in a powerful position; it personifies the world and by doing so assumes that this great miracle...

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How does Carol Ann Duffy create character

How does Carol Ann Duffy create character? The two poems I will be focusing on today are 'Girl talking' and 'Lizzie,six'. Both poems follow two innocent children that were abused either sexually or physically. There are two apparent themes in both poems, Loss of innocence and also Growing up. I will be discussing both of these and in which way are they portrayed in the poems I have chosen. 'Girl talking' is a poem based on a young girl who was raped, and died as a result. The poem opens with...

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Shooting Stars by Carol Ann Duffy Critical Essay

------------------------------------------------- Shooting Stars By Carol Ann Duffy ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- “Shooting Stars” is a horrific and moving poem written by Carol Ann Duffy. She adopts the persona of a female Jew speaking out from beyond the grave about her terrifying ordeal before she died in the Holocaust. A powerful impression is left on the reader after reading Duffy’s dramatic monologue and visual descriptions...

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Write a close analysis of 40 lines of poetry by Carol Ann Duffy and discuss how far these lines reflect her view on love as presented in “The Worlds Wife”

close analysis of 40 lines of poetry by Carol Ann Duffy and discuss how far these lines reflect her view on love as presented in “The Worlds Wife” “Thetis” by Carol Ann Duffy explores feminist views of the writer which is demonstrated through the pursuit to find love and the power struggle for female independence. Thetis is one of Duffy's poems in the cluster “The Worlds Wife”, which has not been defined by a prefix of “Mrs” unlike the poems “Mrs Lazarus”, “Mrs Midas” and “Mrs Aesop”. Duffy empowers...

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Contrast in Emotional Effect in the Poems Remember by Christina Rosetti and the Poem War Photographer by Carol Ann Duffy

In the poems Remember by Christina Rosetti and the poem War photographer by Carol Ann Duffy the theme of death is explored and received both warmly and sadly which creates a wonderful contrast between the positive and negative prospect of it. The poems are touching as they both release a feeling of sorrowful sensation suggesting their subject but give us different viewpoints which we can relate to. This essay is going to discus primary the distinction between the two poems that hold on the same matter...

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How Successfully Does 'Demeter' Bring Carol Ann Duffys Collection to a Close?

How successfully does ‘Demeter’ bring the collection to a close? Carol Ann Duffy’s ‘The Worlds Wife’ explores fiction and fantasy subverted with real life everyday experiences to reveal the truth. Through dramatizing scenes from childhood to adult life she discovers consolation and relief from love. The collections poems are questioning theories, marriage and themes such as feminism. Duffy does this in a very liberated, witty and sometimes uncomfortable way. Demeter successfully brings this collection...

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Compare How the Writers Present Parents in “Before You Were Mine” by Carol Ann Duffy and “Mother Any Distance” by Simon Armitage. Then Compare How Writers Present Females in Two Poems from the Pre-1914 Poetry Bank.

“Before You Were Mine” by Carol Ann Duffy and “Mother Any Distance” by Simon Armitage focus on the role of being a mother and having to give up something. In “Before You Were Mine” its Carol Ann Duffy’s mother letting go and giving up her carefree lifestyle, to take up the important role of a mother. Whereas in “Mother Any Distance” its Simon Armitage’s mother realising she has to let her son grow up and leave her grasps. The poem “Before You Were Mine” by Carol Ann Duffy, focuses on the fact that...

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With close reference to ‘Little Red Cap’ and some other poems in the collection, consider how Carol Ann Duffy explores relationships in her anthology?

‘The World’s Wife’ is a collection of poems written by Carol Ann Duffy in which the writer takes on the persona of a range of characters; these being real, fictional, mythical and biblical. The wives in the collection may be of long suffering, but they are not victims. Duffy tackles controversial issues and her women are by no means victorious, but she shows the women as they are; not the stereotypical feministic view but angry, sardonic, impatient women. Duffy seeks to highlight the ways in which...

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pre 1914 poetry carol ann duffy

Carol Ann Duffy's 'Queen Kong [From the world's wife, 1998]', is the feminine version of the American blockbuster movie king Kong, where a giant gorilla kidnaps a beautiful model whom he is fond of and climbs the empire state building with. However, Duffy's version has switched up the roles, where the gorilla is now a woman, and the man who she kidnaps is referred to as 'the little man' who she is very much in love with.  In comparison to my second poem, 'To his Coy Mistress' [1650] by Andrew Marvell...

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Carol Ann Duffy

Carol Ann Duffy Carol Ann Duffy is the current Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom being the first female, Scot and LGBT to hold this position. Born in Scotland on 23 December 1955. She was appointed to this position in March 2009. She is also a Professor in of Contemporary Poetry at Manchester Metropolitan University. The poet also writes exclusively on her poetry studied at GCSE, A Level and beyond at SheerPoetry.co.uk. She has Forty-four years, 14 awards and 26 volumes of poetry. Duffy...

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How Does Carol Ann Duffy Challenge the “Familiar Cultural Stereotypes” of Women in ‘Mrs Beast’??

How does Carol Ann Duffy challenge the “familiar cultural stereotypes” of women in ‘Mrs Beast’ ? One construction of feminism in the poem is female dominance over men. The Beast is shown as the weaker of the male culture due to his unappealing image “ugly as sin”. The Beast sees the narrators seeming interest in him as a miracle and is portrayed as desperate to keep her attention even it means living with her neglect. Here we see that the there is a reversal of gender stereotype as the Beast takes...

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'War Photography' Carol Ann Duffy

Carol Ann Duffy’s poem ‘War Photographer’ published in 1985, explores the two contrasting worlds in which a war photographer lives in: the warzones of Belfast, Beirut and Phnom Penh and his calm home town in Rural England. This poem was based on Duffy’s numerous conservations with Don McCullin, an internationally known British photojournalist who specialised in war photography and urban poverty also known as the ‘the underside of society’. By sharing his experiences, Duffy evokes both...

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Much ado and Carol Ann Duffy

hijdsfExplore the ways Shakespeare and Carol Ann Duffy present human weaknesses/ flaws in some of the characters they write about In Shakespeare’s play ‘Much Ado about Nothing’, Don John is a very important character. He is an illegitimate son, which automatically lowers him in the society of the Elizabethan age. He is isolated, ignored and rejected by everyone in his life, which is one of the reasons which seem to force him to behave as a villain. People expected this of him as they assumed that...

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Valentine by Carol Ann Duffy

Valentine Valentine By Carol Ann Duffy By Carol Ann Duffy Valentine is a love poem written by Carol Ann Duffy. Throughout the poem she compares love to an onion. She does this by using different techniques such as imagery , word structure and of course by using poetic devices. All these techniques help her make this poem so special and unusual, and it helps her to describe her own points of view about love. ‘Not a red rose or a satin heart.’ Is the first line of the poem. The poet creates a...

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'Originally' By Carol Ann Duffy - poetry commentary

upon one a lot of change. In the poem 'originally' by Carol Ann Duffy, one reads about a seemingly sudden change in a Childs life, where one is confronted with leaving their home, their country, to live somewhere else unknown. In 'Originally', which is divided into three parts, one follows the experiences of a speaker, who seems to have been forced to leave his or hers home, change and crisis being endured, and how the speaker in the end effect, slowly, adapts. The Poem though seemingly talks about this...

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Medusa by Carol Ann Duffy

In the poem Medusa by Carol Ann Duffy, who is the 1st female poet Laurate, destructive power of jealousy is described from Medusa’s point of view. Duffy also explores the physical effects of emotional distress when her suspicion, doubt and fear transform into a filthy snakes. Duffy displays these by using a powerful language, effective tones and different text structures. Carol Ann Duffy uses language very effectively to enhance the understanding and fluency of the poem. She uses alliterations...

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Compare Your Responses to ‘Kid’ by Simon Armitage with You Responses to One Poem Carol Ann Duffy and Tow from the Pre-1914 Poetry Bank

Compare your Responses to ‘Kid’ by Simon Armitage with you Responses to one poem Carol Ann Duffy and tow from the pre-1914 Poetry Bank Poets use features of form, structure and language to force the reader to respond in different ways to different poems. Different methods of language are used by poets to produce different feelings about a speaker or generate descriptions of certain people. ‘Kid’ by Simon Armitage is a poem focusing on the partnership of Batman and Robin. It is a monologue from Robin’s...

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Carol Ann Duffy

Carol Ann Duffy is a time traveller. Her poetry frequently steps to one side of an experience and redraws its ostensible shape, smudging away at any exclusive edges, so that the supposed fixity of an experience or relationship becomes more plastic,more malleable. I love this creativity in Duffy, this capacity for the ‘what if’ or ‘reframe’ in Carol Ann Duffy. For like all great writers, she is prepared to renegotiate experience and the past. She believes in resurrection through remembrance, and...

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"Valentine" Carol Ann Duffy & "Our Love Now" Martyn Lowery

‘Valentine’ by Carol Ann Duffy and ‘Our Love Now’ by Martyn Lowery. These two poems were my first choice as they both link to the theme of love, yet they are significantly different as they show how their ideas of love differ. ‘Valentine’ has the idea that love is original and true rather than hiding behind false pretences i.e. ‘a red rose’ or ‘a satin heart’ (Duffy 1993). Whereas ‘Our Love Now’ has two different perspectives, the males idea is that although the relationship is broken it can be fixed...

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Many of Duffy's Poems Evoke a Sense of Loss and for Nostalgia. Discuss!

Many of Duffy's poems evoke a sense of loss and for nostalgia. Discuss! In most poems by Carol Ann Duffy the reader gets a sense of sadness and attachment to the past. Duffy uses the past as a connecting point to make the poem more effective in its message such as anecdotes to make the described situation funnier. An example for this is the poem "Litany" in which Carol Ann Duffy talks about her nostalgia for her childhood especially the time in which she experienced what the real life is...

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Mrs Quasimodo (Carol Ann Duffy) Essay

Mrs Quasimodo is a poem from the The World’s Wife collection by Carol Anne Duffy which takes characters and myths from history that focus on famous men. However, Duffy’s feminist view allows the reader to see the women’s, who were previously hidden behind these men, point of view. This poem focuses on the novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Quasimodo is the hunchbacked bell-ringer so the poem pretends as though he has a wife. He falls in love with a beautiful Gypsy and Mrs Quasimodo starts to feel...

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Valentine by carol ann duffy

The poem “Valentine” by Carol Ann Duffy portrays a realistic and honest view of love. Carol Ann Duffy uses an extended metaphor effectively throughout the poem. She uses an onion as a symbol of love. Right from the beginning Duffy rejects the traditional presents given for Valentine’s Day straight away to show she does not approve of the usual gifts and believes love means more than the superficial presents normally given. “Not a red rose or a satin heart.” This quotation begins the poem allowing...

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Carol Ann Duffy - Before you were mine

ordinary speech as if the poet is speaking directly to her mother. Although much of what she talks about takes place before Duffy was born she makes her presence felt by using 'I' to start many phrases. 'I'm ten years away.' The poet seems to have been stimulated to write after seeing an old photo of her mother enjoying herself with some girl friends when she was a teenager. The poem is written in the present tense as if the events of the photo are happening now. It is written in four equal stanzas of...

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Carol Ann Duffy

Analysis by theme – Carol Ann Duffy CHILDHOOD Notes from “Originally” Repeatedly returns to the metaphor of childhood as a “country” – echoes of L.P. Hartley’s “The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there. Notion of past being intimately associated with place, and that adulthood is a journey away from it. “All childhood is an emigration.”/ “I want our own country”. Fear of being in an alien place as a child reflected in the alienation of adult life. “I lost a river...

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