• Airtransport
    Deccan. Air Deccan gave India its first Low Cost Carrier (LCC) or no frills Airline which was a turning point in the history of Indian Aviation Sector. It marked a shift from the stereo type economy fares & business fares to the era of check fares ; web fares ; APEX fares ; internet auctions...
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  • Trends in Aviation
    Model. These airlines included; Kingfisher; Indigo; Paramount; Go Air which began operations in India. Some new carriers such as Star Airlines, Skylark, Magic Air, Air One and some others were given license to operate in the sector. IV. Aviation from 2006 onwards: Another milestone in the history of the...
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  • Aviation Industry In India: Overview Of Aviation Industry In India
    make way for about 69 foreign airlines from 49 countries. EVOLUTION Aviation Industry in India traces back its history to 1912, with first flight from Karachi to Delhi started by the Indian State Air Services and Imperial Airways UK collaboration. However the actual instigation carried was in...
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  • Formerly Indian Airlines
    $ 30 billion towards the development of airport infrastructure, according to the Investment Commission of India. In the largest deal in civil aviation history, Delhi-based low-cost domestic carrier IndiGo has placed an order for 180 aircraft with European-aircraft maker, Airbus. The deal is valued...
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  • Privatisatuion of the Airports
    Privatization of Airports in India OVERVIEW The Aviation Industry in India, its history dates back to 1912, with first flight from Karachi to New Delhi, India began by State Air Service and Imperial Airways, the support of the United Kingdom. It was really just an extension of London-Karachi...
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  • Marketing Plan of Indigo Airlines
    , IndiGo had taken the delivery of its 50th aircraft in less than 6 years. IndiGo is known to have placed the largest order in commercial aviation history during 2011, when Airbus won the US$ 15 billion deal for 180 aircraft. This deal pushed up the percentage of Airbus aircraft in India to 73%. In...
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  • aviation insurance
    & approaches in aviation by analyzing the insurance corporation case base upon the valuation this report will identify the why aviation insurance is needed. This report the Indian Insurance sector, History of insurance in India, History of Aviation Insurance, products & features of Aviation...
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  • Industry and Market Study
    Industry and Market Study History of Civil Aviation The history of civil aviation in India began in December 1912. This was with the opening of the first domestic air route between Karachi and Delhi by the Indian state Air services in collaboration with the imperial Airways, UK, though it was a...
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  • Aviation Industry In India, According To Wikipedia
    According to Wikipedia, Aviation Industry in India traces back its History to 1912, with first flight from Karachi to Delhi started by Indian State Air Services and Imperial Airways UK collaboration. Actually it was just an extension of the London-Karachi flight by imperial airways. However the...
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  • Aviation Insurance
    1) Aviation Insurance A) History and development of Aviation It all started when the famous renaissance painter, Leonardo da Vinci developed drawings and sketches of flying devices and believed that human could fly on air one day. That may seem something impossible at that time. But, he...
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  • color
Slovenia Boeing in China
Boeing and China have a long history of cooperation in aviation. China-born Wong Tsoo was the first engineer hired by Boeing. He helped to design the Model C bi-wing airplane in 1916. Boeing is an industry...
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  • Aviation
    A Seminar report on INDIAN aviation industry BY Tilak Kumar bailur I MBA”C” JKSHIM,Nitte Under the guidance of Saravanan Professor JKSHIM, Nitte Date of presentation 10th November, 2011 Contents * Introduction * History * Bilateral treaties * Indian bilateral...
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  • Aviation Insurance
    Aviation Law Project Aviation Insurance Regulations: Index 1. Introduction 2. History 3. Types of Aviation Insurance 4. Exceptions under Aviation Insurance Policies 5. Analysis of the Global Aviation Insurance Market in 2009-2010 6. Indian Aviation...
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  • Kingfisher Red, India
    believe in low-cost operations any longer.[2][3] Contents • 1 History o 1.1 Acquisition by Kingfisher Airlines o 1.2 Rebranding • 2 Destinations • 3 Fleet • 4 Accidents and incidents • 5 References • 6 External links History Air Deccan was a wholly owned subsidiary of Deccan Aviation. It...
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  • International Business
    section of Air India pilots leads more than 60 days; attain the notorious distinction of becoming the second longest strike in the country's aviation history. Officials at Airlines House, Air India's New Delhi-based headquarters, are confident of resolving the situation by hiring new pilots. The...
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  • India-Airline Industry
    Table of Contents Introduction 2 Global Scenario and Trends 5 History and the Current Scenario of the Indian Aviation Sector 6 Challenges Faced by Airline Industry 10 Future Trends 11 Opportunities 12 References 14 Introduction The Airlines is one among the inventions that had changed...
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  • Air India History
    . Retrieved 2009-02-05.  20. ^ NACIL Fleet (As on 1st February 2010) 21. ^ "Air India - Details and Fleet History - Planespotters.net Just Aviation". Planespotters.net. http://www.planespotters.net/Airline/Air-India. Retrieved 2010-06-10.  22. ^ "Air India Fleet". Airfleets. http://airfleets.net...
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  • Avistion Industry in India
    Aviation Industry Overview The history of civil aviation in India began in December 1912. At the time of independence, the number of air transport companies, which were operating within and beyond the frontiers of the company, carrying both air cargo and passengers, was nine. In early 1948...
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  • Indian Market
    operations in the domestic sector of the country. The moot question that remains now is: With new age carriers waiting to zoom in again, will history be repeated? Revolutionized by liberalization, the aviation sector in India has been marked by fast-paced changes in the past few years. From being an...
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  • A Case About Indigo Airlines
    country's third largest domestic carrier displacing national carrier Air India with a market share of 17.3%. Air India has 17.1% market share. January 2011: Signs $15.6 billion (Rs. 70,000) deal for purchase of 180 aircraft with Airbus - a world record in commercial aviation history August 2011...
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