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Accruals Flowchart

1 FLOWCHARTS PREPARED BY: ANUSHKA NANCOO 2 WHAT IS A FLOWCHART?  Maps or graphical representations of a process  Illustrates the sequence of operations to be performed to get to the solution of a problem  Useful tool for communication 3 USES OF A FLOWCHART  To see whether the steps of a process are logical  To record the sequence of tasks in a process  To uncover problems/miscommunication  To define the boundaries of a process  Aids in developing a common base knowledge...

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Article Review-Accrual Accounting

Accruals Accounting Developments on Public Sector Accounting in Malaysia According to a circular issued by the Accountant General’s Department (AGD), the new system is ‘expected to be flexible and in compliance with accounting standards based on cash or accrual basis, or a hybrid of both’ (AGD, 2003a: 1). The AGD had also put forward the accrual accounting migration conceptual plan in which it is planned that the government would adopt accrual accounting by 2008. The accrual accounting...

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Adjustment For Accruals And Prepayment

Adjustment for Accruals and Prepayment  Adjustment to final accounts are usually made at the end of a financial year  Adjustments for accruals and prepayments are based on the accrual concept. The Accrual Concept • The Accrual concept states that income and expenditure should be recorded in the period in which they are incurred and not when they are actually received or paid Accrued Expenses • Accrued expenses are those that are not paid in the accounting period in which they are due (incurred)...

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Cash and Accrual Method of Accounting

Cash vs. Accrual Accounting It's important for you to understand the basics of the two principal methods of keeping track of a business's income and expenses: cash method and accrual method (sometimes called cash basis and accrual basis). In a nutshell, these methods differ only in the timing of when sales and purchases are credited or debited to your accounts. If you use the cash method, income is counted when cash (or a check) is actually received, and expenses are counted when actually paid...

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Illustration of Cash and Accruals

000 Office supplies unused 50,000 Accrued interest receivable 10,000 Doubtful accounts 90,000 Ending inventory 400,000 The comparative Income Statement under the cash basis and accrual basis is as follows: ABC Company Income Statement Year ended December 31, 2012 ACCRUAL CASH Sales 3,300,000 3,500,000 Less: Cost of Sales Purchases 1,900,000 2,300,000 Inventory- December 31 ( 400,000) ( 400,00) Cost of Sales ...

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Accrual Accounting in Public Sector

(Ball and et al, 1999). Accounting innovation by implementing accrual accounting in the public sector is one of the major part of the reforms and an important element of the wider concept of the so called New Public Management, and draws much of public concern and debate (Connolly and Hyndman, 2006). Under this background, this essay is going to discuss the implications arising from the process of implementing and actual using of accrual accounting in the public sector in several aspects, and try to...

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Process Flowchart

 Process Flowchart Process Flowchart This paper includes information about a process (University of Phoenix, 2010, Syllabus) completed daily. A flowchart represents activities in a process. A flowchart is also included in this paper. A key element of operations strategy is the activities involved in process design (Chase, Jacobs, & Aquilano, 2006). A metric used to measure the process and factors that affect the process are also included. Process Explanation The process included...

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Transition to the Accrual Accounting

Transition to the Accrual Accounting The transforming from cash basis accounting to accrued accounting are associated with several general issue which including factor influencing the nature and speed of the transition, options in respect of the transition paths, and the management of the transition process. The factors that may influence the nature and speed of the transition to accrual accounting which the system of government and the political environment are the major basic requirement. Beside...

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Process Flowchart

Flowchart for a Process Inez Williams Operations Management- OPS/571 Professor John Quesnel University of Phoenix February 4, 2013 Flowchart for a Process The Pre-Admissions Testing (PAT) department at Good Samaritan Medical Center conducts pre-operative testing on almost every patient scheduled for surgery. The pre-surgical process from start to finish is more time-consuming than it has to be. This paper will identify a specific process, and design a flowchart that gives a visual...

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Real and Accrual Based Earnings Management

Advanced Accounting Theory Final Paper April 28, 2014 Real and Accrual Based Earnings Management 1.1 Introduction The most important item in the financial statements of a company is earnings. Earnings indicate the amount of value-added activities a company has engaged in over a period of time, as well as assist in the direction of resource allocation in capital markets. Just as the eyes are the window to the soul, earnings are the window to a company’s value. Increasing earnings represent...

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The Accruals And Going Concern Concepts

The accruals and going concern concepts are regarded as fundamental in the preparation of financial statements. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these concepts, explaining the reasons why these concepts may be difficult to apply or may be inconsistent with other concepts. Accounting statement and records are a periodic summary of account activity within a period and the documentations involved in the preparation of it (Thomas and Ward, 2012: 4). They are done based on a set of rules...

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System Flowchart

Original copy of the sales invoice Review and signthe sales invoice Print the sales invoice Sales Invoice System Flowchart A Customer Sales Invoice 2 Sales Invoice 1 Collect and sign the sales invoice Sales Invoice 2 Get and collect orders Name and account no. D Customer File Computer process Sales Invoice 1 Sales Order Product...

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Process Flowchart

Process Flowchart, Driving to Work Understanding processes and the various decision points provide a structured framework to measure efficiency. Processes include many factors, from direct decision points to external influences that affect the outcome. Additional, processes often have a service component, which influences the decision points. Process – Driving to Work Each workday, I must drive to work. During that commute, most days I must also make sure my daughter gets to school. On...

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A Comparison Between Cash Accounting and Accrual Accounting

A COMPARISON BETWEEN CASH ACCOUNTING AND ACCRUAL ACCOUNTING 1. Introduction Accounting principle and theory are generally referred to two main accounting methods which include cash accounting and accrual accounting. Cash basis accounting on income and cost is determined by the amount of actual payment for reference and accounting recording mode is simple, easy to master. The use of the accrual basis of accounting is more complicated than it with a main difference of recording timing. This essay...

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Cash Based Accounting & Accrual Based Accounting

measurement to determine the profit. They are cash basis and accrual basis. Business can use either a cash basis or accrual basis to work there profit. However, most of the company prefers to use accrual basis instead of others. In this essay, I will compare the difference between cash basis and accrual basis on expense and revenue. In addition, how can company choose their measurement of profit will also be discussed. Cash basis & accrual basis Cash basis accounting is focus on cash flow, the companies...

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Process Flowchart

find areas for improvement in a process Also, by conveying the information or processes in a step-by-step flow, you can then concentrate more intently on each individual step, without feeling overwhelmed by the bigger picture. I’ve designed a flowchart for one daily activity - The activity I chose is "Being on Time". When I am getting ready to leave, and usually rushing, a ringing telephone controls my time, often making me late. Controlling this interruption is a necessity. I have one telephone;...

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Accounting and Finance: Essay on Accrual Basis

the advantages and disadvantages of financial statements prepared on an accrual basis The financial statement is a financial document used to indicate the financial position of a business at a particular moment in time. A business’s financial position can be analysed into three main areas: Profitability, liquidity and stewardships. The statement is prepared at the end of each financial year using accounting basis. The Accrual accounting basis is one of them, it is perhaps the most commonly used...

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Accrual Basis vs Cash Basis

Cash vs. Accrual Accounting Learn which accounting method is better for your business. RELATED PRODUCTS MORE >>[->0] [->1]&&[->2] Legal Forms for Starting & Running a Small Business[->3] [->4] Quicken Legal Business Pro 2013[->5] [->6] Independent Contractor Agreement for Software Consultant (for Firm)[->7] [->8] Invoice[->9] #right_col #afcSlot_0{height:auto !important;}.googleAdBlock{height:auto !important;} Related Ads Ads by Google[->10] SimplyCash® Business Card[->11]...

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Application of Accounting Concepts Matching Prudence Accrual

Application of Accounting Concepts Matching Principle & Accrual Concept Accrued / Prepaid Expense & Accrued or Advance Revenue To ensure an accurate matching of expenses and revenue under the accrual basis, it is necessary to include all revenue earned but not received and expenses incurred but not paid. Such adjustments comprise adjustments for :   Accrued Revenue Accrued Expenses   On the other hand, many recorded costs and revenues benefit more than one accounting period. Therefore, adjusting...

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Cash basis accounting vs accrual basis accounting

basis accounting and accrual basis accounting. While both are effective, most businesses choose accrual basis accounting because cash basis accounting is not an acceptable form of accounting under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). However a small business may still elect to use this method. (Nobles, Mattison, Matsumura. 134) Cash basis accounting only records cash transactions, which gives little insight to the true financial position of a business. Where as, accrual basis accounting...

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Microsoft Visio Flowchart

| | | | | | | |The first symbol in the flowchart |Used where the flowchart stops |Stand up |Sit down | | | | | ...

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The Accrual Basis Of Accounting Is Far Superior To The Cash Basis Of Accounting

The Accrual basis of accounting is far superior to the Cash basis of accounting. Discuss. The difference between accrual and cash basis of accounting is cash basis accounting recognizes revenues and expenses depends upon on timing. Cash basis accounting is simple, recognizes revenues when cash is received and recognizes expenses when cash is paid out only. It does not record accounts payable or receivable. For example, paid a service invoice on Feb, the expenses will be recognized as expenses on...

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 Accruals and Cash Accounting Geraldine Saint Fleur XACC/290 February 8, 2015 Jennifer Campbell Accrual and Cash Accounting This week we learned about accrual accounting concepts. Within this chapter we covered revenue and expense recognition principle, adjusting entries, the purpose of adjusted trial balances, accruals, cash accounting, etc. We will be going over the accrual, cash accounting and cash basis accounting. Accruals/Cash Accounting The difference between accruals and cash...

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Basic Flowchart Symbols

Basic Flowchart Symbols Process Symbol The Process Symbol represents any process, function, or action and is the most frequently used symbol in flowcharting. Document Symbol The Document Symbol is used to represent any type of hard copy input or output (i.e. reports). Offpage Symbol Offpage Connector Symbols are used to indicate the flowchart continues on another page. Often, the page number is placed in the shape for easy reference. Input/Output Symbol The Input/Output Symbol represents...

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Algorithm: Flowchart and Trailer Record

For Odd Role Number Group Q1. How does a flowchart help a programmer in a program development? Ans. Flowcharts provide the visual representation of a concept and make it clear. A flow chart serves as a blueprint of the program. Flowcharts helps a programmer organize his/her thoughts in a logical order and their presentation. Program development without graphics may be less effective. In big projects it gets difficult to keep things together. Flowcharts provide flexibility, so that you can make...

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Design a Flowchart for a Process

Design a Flowchart for a Process University of Phoenix Operations Management OPS/571 Design a Flowchart for a Process Understanding the process of work flow is essential in every organization. “A process is any part of an organization that takes inputs and transforms them into outputs that, it is hoped, are of greater value to the organization than the original inputs” (Chase, Jacobs, & Aquilano, 2006, p. 154). This assignment will analyze the weekly commute time data, design a flowchart...

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Flowchart: Hygiene and Dishes

Flowchart for a Process This paper will select a process that I complete every day but would like to spend less time doing. In this case I have selected the process of washing dishes, I will include a flow chart to show how steps in a process fit together, define and analyze the process. This flowchart will also include comments on the factors that affect the process design and find areas for improvement in the process. This paper will identify one metric that is needed to measure the process...

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Compare the relative advantages and limitations of financial statements prepared on a cash basis with those prepared on an accrual basis.

Compare the relative advantages and limitations of financial statements prepared on a cash basis with those prepared on an accrual basis. This essay will analyze the relative advantages and limitations between two types of financial statements, those prepared on cash basis and those prepared on accrual basis. Financial statements are an important aspect for all the firms since it usually is the main way to assess a firm’s financial state and can compare it with statements from previous dates...

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“Compare the Relative Advantages and Limitations of Financial Statements Prepared on a Cash Basis with Those Prepared on an Accrual Basis”

relative advantages and limitations of financial statements prepared on a cash basis with those prepared on an accrual basis” To compare the advantages and limitations of different financial statements begins with first understanding what financial statements are and what different purposes they can be used for, as well as the differentiation between cash and accrual accounting. The cash and accrual methods of accounting are the two principle ways of keeping track of businesses takings and expenses and...

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Flowchart and Thesis Introduction

allegedly change the process whenever enrolment perplexity occurs. Enrolment is more than just a word itself, because for others, it means sacrifice, hunger, dilemma, waste of time, effort and money, knowing that after a couple of days... Basic flowchart Symbols --   We get a lot of calls requesting definitions for flowcharting symbols.  In the past, we have hesitated to define them because flowcharting symbols are dynamic and their meanings continue to grow and change depending on who uses them...

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Aph Flowchart for Delivery and Brth Process

Bowles is the “Clinical Practice Improvement Consultant,” who charts scores of processes. Her inputs are very important for efficient room processes and admission processes. As Diane’s assistant I would first acquaint myself with the flow of Diana’s flowchart. I would take a few days to study the various inputs and the process flows. Once this is done then I could suggest improvements if any. I feel that there is only place where there is a scope for improvement. This would also help in getting the rooms...

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Flowcharts: Computer Programming and Start Statement Block

All About Flowcharts Flowcharts A flowchart visually represents and organizes the steps used to write the program—it is a diagram of the “flow” of the process. When programmers write code, they need to give the robot instructions that are both sequential and specific. Flowcharts enable programmers to work these steps out before needing to translate their behaviors into code. Reading flowcharts Move from step to step in the chart by following the lines between them. Perform any action listed when you...

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Flowchart and Theoretical Flow Time

minute to set the oven and place the tray in it. Cookies are baked in the oven for 9 minutes and allowed to cool outside for 5 minutes. The roommate then boxes the cookies (2 minutes) and collects payment from the customer (1 minute). a) Drow a flowchart for the process described here and determine theoretical flow time from the time of order until the time of payment collection. Assume no waiting over the course of the process. b) Suppose that each order consists of two dozen cookies. Assume...

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Essay writing

specifically regarded as fundamental in the preparation of financial statements. They are the accruals concept and the going concern concept. In this essay, I will deeply analyze the advantages and disadvantages of these concepts, and explain the reasons why these concepts may be difficult to apply or may be inconsistent with other concepts. Firstly, I am going to analyze the advantage of the accruals concept. The accruals concept is concerned with allocating expenses and income to the periods to which they...

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ACC 290 Week 3 Team Reflection Paper

accounting principles. The same will cover the difference between accrual basis and cash basis accounting, the creation of adjusting entries, and will also talk about preparing an adjusted trial balance. All of these subjects are important skills and knowledge that an accountant should possess at the time of executing his or her duties. Our team will briefly explain the importance of these tasks. “The main difference between accrual and cash basis accounting is the timing of when revenues and expenses...

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Gasb and Fasb

monitor. The financial statements are another area that can be confusing because most businesses will use accrual accounting methods, but government organizations use a modified version. To understand the similarities differences between GASB and FASB the following paragraphs will begin with these and follow up with the reason for the use and the differences in the accrual and modified accrual accounting methods. FASB and GASB FASB and GASB were both established by the Financial Accounting Foundation...

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ALGORITHMS AND FLOWCHARTS ALGORITHMS AND FLOWCHARTS  A typical programming task can be divided into two phases:  Problem solving phase  produce an ordered sequence of steps that describe solution of problem  this sequence of steps is called an algorithm  Implementation phase  implement language the program in some programming Steps in Problem Solving    First produce a general algorithm (one can use pseudocode) Refine the algorithm successively...

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Financial Accounting Reflection Paper

statement verses using an accrual statement because both my personal and business related accounts are calculated using cash. I do not accrue expenses using credit; all payments are made in cash at the time services are rendered. I agree that using the accrual accounting method would show a more clear, and potentially more detailed statement, because it would show the actual period of accrual using the revenue and expense recognition method. I struggle with the accrual accounting only because I...

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The Differences and Similarties Between the Gasb and the Fasb

Modified Accrual Accounting is a method that is mostly used by governmental agencies that uses both the accrual basis and the cash basis accounting and combines them both together. Modified Accrual Accounting recognizes the revenue when they become available. Accrual Accounting method recognizes the economic events regardless of when the cash transactions occur. Accrual accounting recognizes the economic events in the period in which it occurred. Accrual accounting uses only the accrual based...

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Acct 421a Chapter 16

have not been deducted, and the inventory has been deducted. 8. Compare the cash basis and accrual basis of accounting as applied to the following: a) Fixed assets Fixed assets are accounted for in the same manner by both cash and accrual basis taxpayers. They are capitalized and depreciated over their depreciable lives. b) Prepaid expenses Under the one-year rule, both cash and accrual basis taxpayers are permitted to deduct in the yeat of payment items that will be used up or expire...

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ISCOM 472 Week 4 Learning Team To-Be Process Flowchart and Paper

This file of ISCOM 472 Week 4 Learning Team To-Be Process Flowchart and Paper contains: Starbucks Energy Conservation Business - General Business Learning Team To-Be Process Flowchart and Paper Resources: Need for a Lean Initiatives Paper and As-Is Process Flowchart and Paper Create a To-Be Process Flowchart for the process identified that requires improvement for your selected organization. Write a 700- to 1,400-word paper in which you describe...

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The Need for Both Gasb and Fasb for America’s Colleges and Universities

important to note that GASB may elect to follow a FASB standard if GASB has not addressed a specific issue. How the Modified Accrual Basis of Accounting Differs From Full Accrual Accounting All higher education institutions are required to recognize its accounting entries based on the standards board it follows. Colleges and Universities who use modified accrual basis accounting are required to recognize these events as revenues in the operating statement. These revenues will be both collectible...

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Accounting for Pending Litigation and a Verdict Overturned on Appeal

reasonably estimable shall not be accrued because the losses relate to a future period rather than current or prior period. Also, per FASB Codification 450-20-25-8, general or unspecified business risks do not meet the conditions for accrual in 450-20-25-2, so no accrual for a future loss will be made. Additionally, Fordham Journal of Corporate & Financial Law, volume 15, issue 2, article 3, states that 64% of SEC registrants sampled reported being sued, only 9.5% of them accrued any liability for pending...

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Summary the Nature of Income Measurement W. Beaver and J. Demski (1979)

firm now possesses information, information that may be useful in the sense of revising beliefs before decisions are made. Beaver&Demski give different ways of transmitting this information. They pay most attention to the accrual accounting. And they see income reporting under accrual rules as a desirable middle ground between more and less reporting. This is all about pre-decision and post-decision information: Pre-decision information (ex ante) Pre-decision information play an important role in...

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accounting principles (11) Chapter 10 – Accruals and Prepayments (the matching concepts) What are accruals and prepayments? How to treat an accrued expense in an account? How to treat a prepaid expense in an account? How to record stocks of stores on expense accounts? How to adjust a trial balance for accruals and prepayments? Chapter 11 - Provisions...

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discussed. WorldCom’s inappropriate booking and releasing of accruals is explored and proper accrual accounting procedures are stated. Three aspects of whistleblowing are discussed, including saving a company from a destructive end, facing public reprisal, and potential legal effects. Arthur Andersen is then used to explore the credibility of the Accounting profession when corporate fraud is unveiled. Keywords: WorldCom, fraud, accruals, whistleblowing WorldCom The corporate culture at WorldCom...

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Chapter 2

Exercises E2-1. Determining accrual and cash basis revenue (AICPA adapted) Since the subscription begins with the first issue of 1999, no revenue can be recognized in 1998 on an accrual basis. No product or service has been exchanged between Gee Company and its customers. Therefore, no subscription revenue has been earned. On a cash basis, Gee would recognize the full amount of cash received of $36,000 as revenue in 1998. E2-2. Determining unearned subscription revenue (AICPA adapted) ...

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Why the Cash for the Business Does Not Equal to the Profit

balance sheet as well as to interpret reasons why the cash position for the business does not equal to the profit for the period. By showing the spreadsheet, two financial statements and looking into theories of matching principle, prepayments and accruals, provisions(bad debts and depreciation), it is not hard to distinguish the cash flow from the profit. Content It is vital to understand the cash position and the profit do not necessarily go together when running business. Profitable businesses...

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from the point of sale. ii) E xport sales are recognised on the basis of the dates of the Mate’s Receipt and initially recorded at the relevant exchange rates prevailing on the date of the transaction. b) Income: The Company recognises income on accrual basis. However, where the ultimate collection of the same lacks reasonable certainty, revenue recognition is postponed to the extent of uncertainty. (1) Interest income is accrued over the period of the loan / investment and net of amortisation of...

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Mentor an Accounting Clerk

and/or the accounting records are not updated to reflect new transactions or amounts changes in previous transactions. Examples would include amounts posted to the wrong accounts and timing differences in recognizing revenues and expenses between the accrual and the cash basis of accounting. Adjusting entries can be either temporary or permanent. If the entry is temporary at some point the adjusting entry will be reversed or another adjusting entry will be made to the account (Godwin, 2010). There...

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Microsoft Accounting Case Solution

and expensed under the company’s current treatment of software development costs, the company’s deferral of revenues exaggerates the mismatching of expenses with revenues. Still, the company’s policy on revenue recognition is more consistent with accrual accounting than is the company’s policy on software development expenses. 4. Describe Microsoft’s overall financial reporting strategy in 1997-99. Why did the company adopt this strategy and why was the SEC concerned about it? 1. Hiding...

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Maagement Accounting

Ghoitom Student ID: 112368 Contents Page * Introduction and Background * Cash basis accounting * Accrual basis accounting * Financial reporting * Conclusions, recommendations, or implications for the future. * References * Introduction * Cash Accounting vs Accrual Accounting According to Omenika (2008), the basis of accounting either it be cash or accrual, is a set of rules and principles that determine the recognition of expenses and revenues in exchange transactions...

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Adjusting Accounting Entries

accounting records are not updated to reflect new transactions or amount changes in previous transactions. Examples would include amounts that were posted to the wrong accounts, and timing differences in recognizing revenues and expenses between the accrual and the cash basis of accounting. (Adjusting JE, 2010) Adjusting entries can be either temporary or permanent. If the entry is temporary at some point the adjusting entry will be reversed or another adjusting entry will be made to the account. ...

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Auditing Chap. 5

statements under a modified accrual basis (e.g., France, Spain). The modified accrual basis of accounting (sometimes called “expenditure basis”) recognizes transactions and events when they occur, irrespective of when cash is paid or received. However, there is no deferral of costs that will be consumed in future periods. Physical assets that will provide services in the future are “written off” (or “expensed”) in the period acquired. Full accrual and modified accrual accounting therefore have the...

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Adjusting Entries - Essay

single transaction may cause a problem and affect the revenues or expenses and the date on which this transaction may occur may not be the date required to fulfill the matching principle of accrual accounting. You need to know that there are two major type of adjusting entries which are accruals and deferrals. Accruals entries are “revenues and expenses that are matched to dates before the transaction has been recorded.” (NetMBA, 2010). An example of this would all salary employees in the company that...

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Case: Settlement

the audit report for the year ended March 31, 2011. The government did not accept offers to settle before finalizing its investigation, as a result, Fast Eddie should accrue a liability as of Mar 31, 2011. According to ASC 450-20-25-2, the required accrual liability would be $3.7 million. An estimated loss from a loss contingency shall be accrued by a charge to income if both of the following conditions are met: a. Information available before the financial statements are issued or are available...

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Tutorial Accounting Introduction Chap 5

related revenues. This process of matching expenses with recognized revenues determines the amount of net income reported on the income statement. 3. Explain why accrual-basis accounting is more appropriate than cash-basis accounting for most businesses? Because not all the business transaction is involve cash. In accounting, |Accrual-based accounting |Cash-based accounting | |Revenue recognized when goods...

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Cola Wars HBR

that one or more future events will occur confirming the fact of the loss. b. The amount of loss can be reasonably estimated. The purpose of those conditions is to require accrual of losses when they are reasonably estimable and relate to the current or a prior period. […] disclosure is preferable to accrual when a reasonable estimate of loss cannot be made. Further, even losses that are reasonably estimable shall not be accrued if it is not probable that an asset has been impaired or a...

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A Lettler from Prison

out several accounting principles and concepts. According to the article, the account department recognized revenue while the contract was signed. It follows the accrual concept that revenue is recognized not only when cash transactions occur. Since the contracts were signed, the revenue could be received sooner or later. The accrual accounting helps to provide a more accurate picture of current company condition. However, Computer Association made an aggressive accounting strategy that some of...

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Accounting Mba- Worldcom

cost-to-revenue ratio as reported for quarter 1, 1999 through quarter 1, 2002 from the information in Exhibit 1. Refer to Exhibits 2 and 3, and estimate the revised line cost-to-revenue ratio for each quarter after adjusting for a) the release of accruals, b) the line costs that were capitalized, c) other line cost adjustments not discussed in the case, and d) ‘improper’ and ‘questionable’ adjustments to revenue. What do you observe? Q1 99 Q2 99 Q3 99 Q4 99 Q1 00 Q2 00 Q3 00 Q4 00 Q1 01 Q2 01 Q3 01...

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