Part IV, Chapter 1 to Chapter 4

Chapter I


Gulliver remains in England for five months. His wife becomes pregnant, but Gulliver leaves anyway. He sets sail on the Adventure, where he is employed as the captain. Because many of his crew members perish due to illness, Gulliver picks up new shipmates along the way. Those left in his original crew protest and become pirates. Gulliver is abandoned on an unfamiliar shore. In his new environment, Gulliver encounters animals that have sharp claws and long hair. Disgusted with the animals, Gulliver hits one with his sword. The animal screams, and its friends attempt to defecate on Gulliver in response to his attack. Gulliver hides to avoid the attack. Gulliver eventually deserts his hiding place to see that there is a horse that has frightened the beasts away. The horse neighs at Gulliver; other horses neigh in response.

Gulliver considers that the horses may be humans who have transformed themselves into animals. He requests to be taken to their village. The horses use the words “Yahoo” and “Houyhnhnm,” which Gulliver has difficulty pronouncing.

Chapter II


Gulliver assumes that he will be meeting humans, but he finds that there are more horses in the house. At first, Gulliver believes that the horses are servants. However, he soon discovers that the horses are the most important creatures on the island. He is taken to a courtyard where he sees more hairy beasts. One of the horses informs him that these beasts are called “Yahoos.” Upon a closer inspection, Gulliver finds that underneath the hair and claws, the Yahoos look human. The horses try to feed Gulliver, but he refuses the hay and flesh offered. However, the Yahoos hungrily eat the flesh.

Chapter III


Gulliver attempts to use the horses’ language, which makes them respect him. Gulliver tries to explain to the Houyhnhnms...

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