U.S Drones

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Jose Ordonez
American Gov.
Professor Joseph
Political Report #1 (http://articles.latimes.com/2013/feb/15/nation/la-na-domestic-drones-20130216)

U.S Drones

The U.S have been using drones overseas these past couple of years for military purposes. The federal government has now come to a conclusion that it may be in the best interest of the country to use non-weapon drones for police searches and assistants. It may lead to the better way of things, by helping secure borders from illegal immigration and drug trafficking. It could potentially help find lost hikers in mountains, it could help follow suspects and “spy” on them without them knowing. This although raises a lot of questions from citizens, because it invades there privacy. Americans don’t want this, because not only are they being invaded of their privacy but they are feel somewhat threatened. Threatened because these same similar drones are the ones used overseas to attack enemies of the state.

These drones do have the ability to help local, state and federal law enforcements, in order to make everything quicker, cheaper, and safer. This could plan could help out in all sorts of domestic problems, whether its anything from a shooting to a natural disaster. It would make mobility quicker, and also be able to pinpoint certain desired locations without a problem. It could help solve crimes, bring down the crime rate and at the same time, save lives because the drones are unmanned and inexpensive that compared to the man flying planes. “The technology is evolving faster than the law,” points out the flaw of the drone. The act and use of these drones are held back because of its unethical use. The people believe it will be crossing the line and lead to criminal trespassing, and break privacy laws. The FAA is the group responsible to make licenses, regulation, and conduct the proper order of business with these drones. They have until September 2015 to have regulation put in place so it...
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