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T-Spin Triple Setups - Tetris Wiki

T-Spin Triple Setups
Games that use SRS have a peculiar wall kick that allows the T tetromino to be twisted past other blocks in the playfield, resulting in a triple.


General Tips
The T tetromino can only fit under the overhang either from sliding or from utilizing the T-Spin Single twist. To use the T-Spin Single twist, make sure the wall opposite the overhang is at least two rows high.

Does not work.



Soft drop to here

Rotate right

Rotate right

If a T-Spin Triple is built on top of an empty garbage column, the column will be open after the setup is performed if it lies under the notch or the filled column beside the notch. This can also apply to other columns if their heights are lower than that of the empty cell under the overhang.

The overhang left over by a T-Spin Triple can be cleared with a twist, namely a T-Spin Single. Slides and line clears also work. The T-Spin Single method is best used if you have a T tetromino ready or coming soon. Delaying the removal of the overhang can cause overstacking which may leave you with an awkward stack, and is time taken away from removing garbage underneath the setup.

T-Spin Single


J Slide

O Line Clear

Try to build the notch above an empty column or cell to set up a T-Spin Double in advance. This combination is referred to as a Triple Double

You can bailout of the setup with a T-Spin Double to avoid stacking high over an empty column




T-Spin Triple Setups - Tetris Wiki

T-Spin Double

Leaving the 10th column empty

Situational Setups
T-Spin Triple Base Setups T-Spin Triple Overhang Setups Notch

W.E.A.K Manipulator TSD Funnel Conversion

TSD Forecast Conversion




T-Spin Triple Setups - Tetris Wiki


T-spin combos

Perfect Tetris

Imperial TSS


Leaving room for a TSD

Take that, Empire Arcadia Cave TSS to TST



Place LZ as shown. Stack and clear the tail of the Z

Stack and create overhang.

LT Variation JT/TL

SJ Variation

TJ Variation

Jutting TST




T-Spin Triple Setups - Tetris Wiki

ST Transfer

TKI's TSD Morph

Looping Setups
I,O,J,T,T,Z Loop Start off with a J and T (L and T if reversed) as shown to set up the field for this loop.

The bottom row clears as you stack columns 1-6, and the loop begins. If you're able to keep columns 1-6 high enough at all times you will get a T-spin triple, T-spin single, and double line clear within each loop. While only I and O pieces can be used against the right wall, they must also be used (as well as J, Z, and occasionally T) in other places to avoid overstacking on the right side.

J creates the TST T-spin triple. notch.

T-spin single.

Double line clear with a Z piece.

Now start over from the beginning.

The I and O pieces can be stacked like so while waiting on a J.

This is how it all fits together on the right side.




T-Spin Triple Setups - Tetris Wiki

See also
Twist - Explanation of twists such as T-Spins

Basic T-Spin Tutorial
Some games give scoring rewards for twisting a tetromino into a tight space. When this is done with a T tetromino, it is called a T-spin.

External Links
Tetris Battle Strategy [1]

T-spin tutorial
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