T-Box's Marketing Strategy

Topics: Marketing, Target market, Product life cycle management Pages: 7 (2425 words) Published: December 19, 2007
Who is T-box?
T-box is mainly a brand that belongs to Boyner Holding. However, they were kind enough to share T-box with the rest of the world. Now, T-box belongs to each one of us. What's T-Box?
T-box is a rapidly growing trendy brand created in January, 2003 that has distinguished itself by being compressed for the sake of art and its unassuming prices. These cute packages contain a variety of lovingly compressed products ranging from t-shirts to g-strings, towels, boxer shorts, swimming suits, beach bags, hats and pareos. It all began with a t-shirt squeezed into a tiny cube. This t-shirt gave T-box its name. Then T-box became the owner of our hearts and the meaning of our lives. T-box with its squeezed and therefore wrinkled but ergonomic packaging, is a practical, fun and absolutely wonderful brand that perfectly fits the "I-buy-fast-and-I-consume-fast" attitude. Those little things are real life-savers when you need something to wear, something to do instantly and don't have anything with you. You can find them everywhere; in a gas station, a grocery store, a mall, even when you're in a boat trip, there's a mobile sail-boat which sells them. T-shirts, boxers, towels, flip-flaps, bags, swimming gear even condoms. All of them squeezed and packed carefully with really funny names and using instructions inside And now they're available in different countries like France, Italy, Spain, Russia, and Australia at 4050 sales point. You can buy T-box online from www.shop.t-box.com.tr. What's new?

New product, new product qualifications, new product design, new competition, new changes in consumer wants. New technology - new processes.
For whom is T-box?
To whom it's new;
New to the world – new to the market – new to the consumer New to the industry
New to the academic world and new to the firm

They don't discriminate anyone. They produce T-boxes in different sizes and label each one clearly. Any type of creature can use them. However, there remain right and wrong consumer types. For example: Right consumer: Can't resist the ergonomic design, attractive colors and charm of the packages and gives in to the attraction of a collector and collects. By collecting T-boxes, he/she also takes full pleasure of his/her collection just as a collector of butterflies, stamps or celebrity dolls would. Wrong consumer:

1.) Thinks that these packages have a deposit value.
2.) Comes up with ridiculously absurd and useless ideas like storing jars of his/her aunt's homemade jam in these packages. 3.) Thinks that this compresses things and will keep food vacuum-fresh for a long time. 4.) Returns the packages to the store and asks for a refill. In short, proves to be a total pain in the neck. You now know very well how to behave when you come across a T-box. If you ever get confused, remember the famous story of Mr. Right and Mr. Wrong. How much is T-box?

Now this is hard. Prices change accordingly. But doesn't everything have a cost, even your beauty? But one thing consistent about the price is the change. 5 YKR is included in every package. Even though some think being in debt is cool, debt and violence are not a part of T-box's philosophy. By the way, do you know that mice can't vomit, elephants can't jump, camels have three eye brows, alligators can't stick out their tongues, pigs can have a tan, grapes explode if put in a microwave oven and humans can't sneeze with their eyes open? No? It is a brand who knows about all these things and more, and they produce these products with a high consciousness. About the T-box products

It is the only,
* Sequeezed product.
* Product that has money back in its package.
* Textile product that has funny using descriptions.
* Turkish brand that never goes on sale for 12 months.
* Product which has concept stores that you cannot touch, try and buy; but the products magneted to billboards as showcase. * Product...
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