Renaissance| Modern and Tradition

Topics: Democracy, Sociology, Political philosophy Pages: 2 (408 words) Published: January 28, 2013
This essay on Modern and Tradition, in relation to the Renaissance is quite interesting, especially since it is known as the rebirth in the European civilization and is characterized by the revival of the arts, a social restructuring and a scientific revolution.  This era of history is definitely a beacon drawing to who seeks the origins of modernity. Most scholars do agree that it took place over the past millennia, since ideas from Italy spread over Europe and transcended the continental boundaries, rendering a global shift from traditional societies to modern and urbanized nations today. This essay mentions a lot of information, but what is said about the organization structure of society, the process of modernization and what is said about voting is found to be correct.

It is true that traditional societies, there is a need for a leader or an authoritative figure who possesses power, as well as intellect and charisma. It is also true that the leader does have the power to pass a judgment without the views or input from others or without being questioned. Sometimes, there are multiple leaders, or one group of people who possess all the power to make decisions. An example of this could be a communist government, where there is only one party that makes all the political decisions. It is also valid that the process of modernization does lead to democracy. For example, power is now in the hands of all the population and is not being entrusted to one particular group. In this case, the citizens are given the chance and the option to choose who they want to administer the affairs of the state or country. This ability to communicate with political parties is added democratic achievements. Of course, like the traditional society, there is need for a leader, but these leaders are a democratically elected council based on the choice of the public. Of course, with democracy, there is also voting, which has been instituted into all current and modern democratic...
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