=My Biggest Mistake

Topics: Question, Walking, Father Pages: 3 (1110 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Andrew Tyler Gibson
Rough Draft
My Biggest Mistake
So it was a cool February night just like any other. I was on my way home from hanging out with my girlfriend, and I decided to call up a friend. I stopped at the ATM in Poca and scrolled through my phone looking for his name, and finally found it tapped it and asked him, “Do you want to go bowling?” “Pick me up in fifteen minutes,” Anthony replied. I went and picked him up after getting money from the bank, and away we went. Meanwhile, I had another friend texting me wanting to hang out, so I invited him. He decided that he would invite two more people, so the five us bowled but not all of us made it home trouble free.

I was getting phone calls from my mom and I told her we were wrapping up the last game, and that’s what we were doing. We finished up the game and we were on our way out. Anthony and I proceeded to my car and our friend Jeff pulled behind us and wouldn’t let us out and I was getting very aggravated. I went to step out of the car and he took off before I placed my foot on the pavement, and I got back in the car. We then left the bowling alley and he continued to aggravate me as he went no more than fifteen miles per hour. Once we were passing the Moose Lodge in Nitro I had a plan in my head that I would take the back-roads in a stunt to beat him out. We were getting closer to the split right past the seven-eleven and I darted down the back-road. While driving down 2nd avenue I passed a car. I continued down the road looking in my rear-view mirror I noticed the car turning around, but I proceed on to stop at the stop-sign. I then turned my blinker on and turned onto 19th street, and stopped at the bottom. I then turned back onto the main road, and as I was driving I looked back and saw the blue flashing lights and my heart dropped.

Next, I pulled over onto the parking lot of an old abandoned gas station hoping the cop would fly by. However, I was the most disappointed person in...
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