J&J Automotive Sales Case Study

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J&J Automotive Sales Case study
Thursday, April 22, 2010
1. Explain how you think the stereotype of used car dealers developed.      I think it developed through salesmen who lie or do not tell the real condition of the cars they sell. they would tell there clients that the car is in perfect condition and they make sure that the client is convince, but the truth is that the product has problems but they wouldn't know. then they would fake warranties and end up fooling the clients.

2. What, if anything can Joe do to counter this stereotype?
     i would strongly recommend that Joe concentrates on building his brand as a quality used car company and market himself as a guy who has a lot of passion and really takes good care of everything he sells, then tell customers specs that other salesmen wouldn't know. i think that would be an edge that's hard to match.

3. In what ways might this stereotype be beneficial to Joe? To potential customers?      it would be beneficial for him because he has talent and passion for the cars that other salesmen do not have, so clients or customers would find it easy to distinguish him from other salesmen, that would a great edge, because it was based on trust, quality, and integrity. so even if Joe raises the price a little bit, people will still buy from him.

4. AutoNation is #93 on the 2003 Fortune 500. it has created a huge business by exploiting the public.      (sir, not complete question will just give thoughts)        i think J and J has a big potential because of its quality control and it has a big potential to become a big company in the future. in my opinmion, all joe has to do is create a management and a quality control system for the used cars. Posted by Edward_Chua at 1:21 AM No comments:

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