J. Pierpont Morgan and Andrew Carnegie

Topics: J. P. Morgan, Andrew Carnegie, Panic of 1907 Pages: 2 (685 words) Published: November 9, 2012
Viviana Kucharski
AMH 2020
Sep 20 2012
J. Pierpont Morgan & Andrew Carnegie

It is difficult to image two men born in such a different social condition have so much in common. Two men that opened his way to the success based in hard work and somehow shared that success with others less fortunate.

J P Morgan and Andrew Carnegie were two powerful men; disciplined, intelligent, and hard workers. President Roosevelt described J P Morgan as a sincere and trustful man. He developed a social and professional confidence, and his corpulent body and deep black eyes were intimidating. He was born as a natural leader. In the other hand Andrew Carnegie was compassionate, ethic, humble, a truth optimistic. His mother taught him the value of hard work. “He was devoted to his mother and deeply lover her.” (www.biography.com, minute10’55’). He believed in qualities of all men. Andrew Carnegie was born in Scotland in 1835 in the womb of a working class family. Since school wasn't mandatory his formal education didn't start until age of 8, however his father and uncles led his early education. In the other side of the world, in Connecticut, America “J P Morgan was born into a prosperous mercantile-banking family in 1837”. (American Eras. Vol.8.) He was raised in Hartford, Boston, and London. His formal education began in New England schools and continued in Switzerland and Germany. After a year in University his father placed in one of his affiliate firms. Instead, once Andrew arrived to America at age of 13, his school’s days were over. Andrew’s first job was a bobbin boy and then in the O'Reilly Telegraph Company. “Andrew saw this job as a first step on his road toward success.” (Machen Rau, pg 36.) After years or learning and observing, Andrew invested in the Adams Express Company and in the Woodruff Sleeping Car Company and it turned out to be a successful investment that brought him lots of money. Unlike Carnegie, Morgan first job was on the board of a...
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