I Was Glad Life Returned to Normal

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Last month, our school had a camp for the uniformed bodies like scouts and St. John Ambulance. As a member of the St. John Ambulance, I participated in the camp along with my friends. We were all excited because the camps organized by the school were always fun with activities and seminars that teach us new things.

However, on the 3rd day, something went wrong. During a cooking lesson in the living skills room, one of the students accidentally poured too much oil into the small cooking pot. The stove burst into flames and a nearby curtain also caught on fire. The teacher in charge tried her best to put out the fire but the fire was too big and started to spread quickly in the room. She told the students to leave the room. She wanted to put out the fire. She couldn’t put out the fire because it became too big.

After that, the fire became too big and the entire building caught on fire. Our school is not a very big school. We only have 2 buildings and they were connected to each other. Before the firemen arrived, the fire was already too big and burned one building almost completely and the other half of the building. The principal who came after being called was shocked. He had to call all the teachers for an emergency meeting to try to settle things quickly.

When the students came to school, they were shocked that their beautiful school was gone. Many were scared that they have to change schools but the principal and teachers had an idea. For 2 months, the students and the teachers took turns to use the remaining classes which were safe and not burned by the fire. At the same time, everyone cooperated to clean, repair, and repaint the parts of the building that could be saved. A new building was made and after a year, it was completed.

In the end, although some of the building still shows signs of fire and damage, school has returned to normal. Students and teachers...
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