I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud

Topics: Poetry, Linguistics, Syllable Pages: 2 (360 words) Published: May 27, 2013
1. Who is talking?
The author, William Wordsworth, is the speaker.
2. To whom is the speaker talking?
The speaker is talking to whoever the reader of the poem is, providing an imagery of the daffodils field. 3. What is the dramatic context of the poem?
The dramatic context of the poem would be the repetition of the imagery of the daffodils and the author being alone while passing by this scenery. 4. What happens during the poem?
The author uses the first three stanzas explains the image of the daffodils which he walked pass when he was walking alone, then explaining how this picture still pops up in his head at times, like when he is on the couch. 5. What motivates the speaker to speak now, in the tone he/she uses? The beauty of the daffodils.

6. How does the language of the poem contribute to its meaning? The language of the poem contributes to its meaning by using personification to bring the field of daffodils alive, therefore showing more depth of how beautiful and appreciative the author feels towards the scenery. 7. How is the poem organized?

The poem is split into four stanzas; first three describing the scenery of the daffodils, and the last explaining how this imagery flashes back into his head. The poem is also written based on the pattern a b a b c c, as well as 8 syllables in total. 8. Do patterns of rhyme and rhythm to the meaning and effect of the poem? Yes, patterns of rhyme and rhythm do effect the meaning of the poem because the personification brings the scenery of daffodils alive, and the repetition shows how much the author appreciates it. 9. What themes does the poem contain?

The poem contains of two main themes which are, the appreciation of nature as well as imagery of the actual scenery. 10. What was your initial response to the poem?
My initial response to the poem was that the author of the poem was walking around some place alone and flashing back to some certain memories in his life that...
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