I Survived Hurricane Katrina

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  • Published : October 15, 2012
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I survived Hurricane Katrina, 2005
By, Lauren Tarshis

In New Orleans, Louisiana lived a boy named Barry Tucker. He was 11 eleven years old and lived with him mom, dad and baby sister. Hurricane Katrina was getting ready to land in New Orleans. All families had to evacuate. Barry’s family had boarded up there house and packed up there car. They started heading for Texas. They were stuck in major traffic backed up for two hours. Barry’s little sister became very sick. They decided that all they could do was turn around and go back home and brave the storm.

The night of August 29, 2005 Barry Tucker and his family fell asleep for the night. The storm had already started and damage and flooding was happening. The very next morning Barry woke up in his living room and water was starting to flood the whole downstairs of his home. He woke up his dad and they ran upstairs to his mom and sister to wake them up. The water was already rising to the second level of there home. The family escaped up to the attic and in no time the water rose up there. His dad cut a whole in the roof and the family went on the roof. They all huddled together to keep safe from the 120 mph wind. Barry’s sister broke through the huddle and almost got flung off the roof. Barry grabbed her arm and pulled her back on the roof. Barry lost his footing and he got flown off.

His life changed right before his eyes. The road was flooded so deep and it swooped him away. He went straight into a tree. He was able to climb up the to the very top of the tree and hung on for life. A while later a house was coming right towards him and he jumped just in time as it crashed against the tree. He climbed into the house, what was left of it, and heard a dog barking. He found the dog and they became the best of friends very fast. They both helped each other brave the storm.

After the storm finally died down, a women in a yellow life boat came and
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