I Never Expected to Get Lost

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  • Published : March 20, 2012
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I never expected to get lost; I mean my cousin had told us he knew were we were going. But we still ended up getting lost. It all started in my house, not so big but just a regular old house, where we were having a family gathering, and just like any other Mexican party we had loud music, dance and lots of food. I and my sister, a short 15 year old girl at that time with long curly hair, had bin wanting to see a movie called “The Hangover” for a pretty long time, jumping laughing and rolling on the floor every time we saw the movie’s trailer on the TV. We both knew it was playing at The Edwards Theater near South Coast Plaza, yet the only thing that had stopped us was the fact that neither of us knew how to get there. Luckily my cousin agreed to take us, because according to him he knew the way there. It was as if a ray of hope came from the heavens and wanted us to see the movie. Once we had permission from all of our stumbling, crying, yelling, irritating, drunk fathers we headed to the bus stop, since all of our dads were illegible to drive us anywhere. After, waiting for what seemed like an eternity, the bus came and we got on slowly pushing, shoving, and moving people out of our way in order to even get on the overly stacked bus. We ended up getting off in front of Sears, and decided to take a shortcut through the mall that was there, and eventually head towards the bridge that would lead us to the movie theater. But before we even thought about heading to the movie theater we decided to go window shopping not realizing my cousin’s face, which made him seem worried about something, and spent about an hour walking through the mall, hearing all the chatter and steps, while smelling all the sweet scented perfumes in the air. I had almost forgotten the reason we had gone but, remembered almost immediately and mentioned it, only to see that the face my cousin had made had gotten worse. Almost as if he was now scared for some reason, and we...
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