I Love Engineering

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  • Published : November 16, 2012
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My answer is simple: it’s the fact that engineering is a creative enterprise, one that requires intense imagination and sometimes lots of sweat, blood and tears. The greatest inventors of the past were creative, intelligent thinkers who imagined solutions. This to me embodies engineering today. As a software engineer, I’m called upon to answer difficult technical problems that involve creating solutionsthat require innovation and invention. Engineers are modern-day inventors. Engineers simply think differently than many other professions. This ostensibly creates differences in mindset and opinion between engineers and managers who do not think similarly; it’s that difference in thought process at work that creates strife. Successful managers, or managers who were or are developers, learn to understand the whimsical (in the playful and imaginative sense) and creative nature of engineering and empower engineers to imagine, innovate and invent.Engineering is an exciting profession, but one of its greatest advantages is that it will leave you time for all the other things in your life that you love! Engineering is a great outlet for the imagination—the perfectfield for independent thinkers. Engineering takes teamwork, and you’ll work with all kinds of people inside and outsidethe field. Whether they’re designers or architects, doctors or entrepreneurs, you’ll be surrounded by smart, inspiring people. Come up with solutions no one else has thought of. Make your mark on the world. Creative problem solving will take you into uncharted territory, and the ideas of your colleagues will expose you to different ways ofthinking. Be prepared to be fascinated and to have your talents stretched in ways you never expected. Engineers not only earn lots of respect, but they’re highly paid. Even the starting salary for anentry-level job is impressive! An engineering degree offers you lots of freedom in finding your dream job. It can be a launching pad for jobs in business, design,...
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