I Know He Exist by Emily Dickinson

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  • Published : April 2, 2012
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Emily Dickinson writes her poems using words that can be translated differently by nearly every reader. Though she presents obvious truth when reading the surface of her poems, she provides a creative, much deeper meaning behind the first impression if one dares to expand their minds outside of their normal thought range. “I know that He exists” is a substantial poem that twists the ideas and opinions of our views about God and the life we were created to live. The theme of the poem is based from God “hid[ing]” from mankind. In the first line, the persona uses “He” referring to God. The persona knows “He exist” but does not know where he is. Emily using imagery in line three “He has hid his rare life,” and in line six “the fond Ambush” allows us to understand that she thinks God is hiding from mankind. Enemies “hid” from their opponent and “Ambush” them and “prove piercing earnest”. The persona must be calling God the enemy of mankind. Although, God is doing a “fond Ambush” on her, but this is not Him being mean. He is performing a loving, affectionate ambush on her. What kind of enemy would attack with a loving, overindulgent ambush? God means the creator of the universe, but the noun’s connotation suggests grace, mercy, kindness, forgiveness, and a friend who is always there for you. Emily applies verbal irony calling God, the creator of the universe, an enemy. An enemy is known as an opponent that wants to harm you. Emily suggests that God, as our enemy, wants to love us. Emily is only beginning to surpass the boundary of thought most ever engage in.

Secondly, Emily uses the happy terms play, bliss, glee, glaze to describe and eternal “Death.” The word play is jest and fun. A play is also a performance done by actors who follow a story. Emily may be saying “play” but wants us to think of the persona being the main actor in a “play” called life. She calls life short by using “instant’s play.” She could very well be asking, “If God’s loving, affectionate...
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