I Integrating Science and Mathematics

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Integrating Science and Mathematics

Many educators from around the United States have began to support and understand the connection between math and sciences and how important it is to integrate the two in their classroom lesson plans. These teachers understand how integrating math and science This can create great efficiency in their teaching method. The educator are teaching the two subject with the understanding that their student’s real life is not divided into subjects, so how will this effect the way their students learn best. Would separation be seen as the artificial divisions that students are given in school? Does the separation have a negatively affect on their student’s efficiency. Math and science for years have been taught separate knowing how to employ the integration of math and science is not always an easy task for educators to connect. Once the educator understands their students’ point of view and follows them this is the key to integrating math and science this will allow the students to solve problems and think critically. Educators have to provide quality to ensure students’ level of learning and understanding, the methods that the teachers use in their teaching strategies is highly dependent upon their students’ knowledge and application in the classroom. Teachers need to in preparing their students of today for a successful tomorrow individuals, mathematic and science teachers need to ensure that their teaching is effective. When educator have the training and knowledge needed of how students learn science and mathematics and how best to teach this will create a positive learning experience when the two subjects are integrated ( mathematic & science ). One major concern when science and mathematic is being integrated is the way teachers will teach the two this is a continuing professional concern. Educators will have to make the efforts to direct the presentation of science and mathematics lessons In an era dominated by mathematics, science, and technology , it is essential that science and mathematics be taught in K-12 and that classroom teachers are equipped with the knowledge and skills to teach both science and mathematics meaningfully to students. However, in a test driven curriculum where students and teachers are evaluated on student performance based on reading and mathematics standardized test scores, teaching meaningful science remains a challenge (2007 Joseph M. Furner ). Because of the many benefits of integrations academic subjects this is not a new concept. The integrations of mathematic and science help students thinks about the “real world “and by doing so the NCTM standards are met. There are others benefit of the integrations of math and science it allows the students to start thinking about why things happen which in term will the students a more practical approach to learning and using mathematics with the application of science. A common question asked by students is’ are we ever going to use this when we leave school” the integration between math and science will show the students how usefulness and importance of mathematic which therefore enables them to develop new understandings and skills. Educators in all schools systems have struggled to rise students test scores one advantage that integrating math with science is to help students’ scores increate. In defining how to integrate math and science, White and Berlin (1992), and Sunal and Furner (1995) made the following recommendations: •Base integration on how students experience, organize, and think about science and •Take advantage of patterns as children from the day they are born are looking at patterns and trying to make sense of the world

•Collect and use data in problem-based integrated activities that invoke process skills. •Integrate where there is an overlapping content in math and science. •Be sensitive to what students believe and feel...
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