I Hate Yuo

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Narrative Essay:

Topic: Story Starter… or end line “… And this made me laugh”
Back from our trip to Esselworld ; that evening we cousins were zealously chatting in our living room. When suddenly the door bell rang. Instantly, all eyes were on me. Oh! How I hate to be interrupted when it is my turn to speak. Apparently, it was assumed that the eldest among siblings would do the prestigious task of opening the door. Well at that point of time, in order to impress everyone, I followed the ritual and answered the door. At the door stood my nosey poker neighbour and I presumed that she was here to complain about the noise from our house.

But to my surprise , she revealed in a composed manner ,“Someone’s balcony is burning”. “Whose?” I asked inquisitively. Before I could even enquire further, she confirmed something that exploded into my ears. “Thressia, I think those flames are coming out of your balcony”.

I was astounded, as I would expect a neighbour to bang my door and show some urgency when they realize my balcony was burning ….but, here she was cool as a cucumber!!!
In split seconds, we raced to the balcony and to our utter dismay the news was true. It was a dreadful sight indeed and our heartbeats stopped. Tongues of flames were spreading rampantly in our balcony burning every thing in its way with thick black smoke that made it difficult to see.

Our first reaction was to splash lots of water to douse the flames. Instantaneously, we all ran towards the bathroom and to our sheer astonishment, the bathroom door was locked as my uncle was taking a shower. I vividly remember the manner in which we were yelling and hammering the door and it seemed that the door would break if we would have done it any longer. Along with us was his loving wife who was screaming her lungs out to her bewildered husband to open the door. Obviously, he didn’t have any idea at that moment the reason for this commotion that was interrupting his bathing time

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