I Hate Mathematics

Topics: Question, Want, Mother Pages: 2 (831 words) Published: May 8, 2011
“Mom, how to answer this question? It’s really hard. I hate Mathematics,” my young teenage son approached me when I’m cooking for dinner and he always asks the same question. The same old statement I gave to my mother in those old days. ‘I hate Mathematics’. It’s been a while ago since I’m about his age. A childish little young brat. I’m more to fun and playful girl but with homework, laziness always conquered me. He always remind me of me when I was in school years ago.

“Hey book worm, reading about history again? As if history can save your life,” my friends and I burst to laughter after I took Mira’s book out of her hand and pass to my friend. Watching her chasing her book back was an entertainment for us. “Give it back!” yelled Mira who we called ‘book worm’. We love to disturb her when she was reading alone. It was fun. Mira always got high marks in every test we’ve done. Actually, we were envy of her. She’s obviously smart, pretty and often got attention from everyone. I hate her.

“Kringg!” The bell rang. I was gasping for air and run as fast as I can before the prefects can see me. Playing computer games with my father last night was absolutely great. No regret of it. As soon as I reached the school’s gate, I saw Mira who also a prefect. Mira showed her innocent smile to me which I really hate most. She asked me why I’m late and I answered, “Why do you need to know, it’s better late than never”. I swoosh my long hair to her face. But she keeps on smiling. Our school principle watched us from behind and how could I didn’t realize of his presence. Now, I have to bear his babbling because of that silly thing I’ve done. Argh! I wish I didn’t come late but no use crying over spilt milk.

In the Biology class, the teacher gives us a task that we have to do in pairs. The teacher said “Two heads are better than one, isn’t it?” and called the names in pairs one by one. All of a sudden, I felt like wanting to hit my head against the wall as soon as I...
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