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Apple, Inc. iGaming
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Apple, Inc. iGaming
Apple, Inc. is one of the largest companies worldwide with over four hundred billion market capital, but all that influence does not come without new innovation. What is a brief overview of Apple, Inc. organization? What new product can be used to increase their influence? What is the importance of marketing for Apple, Inc.? What does a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and trends analysis for the product look like? What marketing research approach should be used when developing the marketing strategy and tactics plan for the new product? Organizational Overview

* Apple, Inc was incorporated by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak on January 3, 1977. Even with an early rough start Apple has remained true to its mission statement that it has redefined the world by producing the best personal computers, professional software, digital music platform, and mobile devices to ever exist, and will continue to define the future of mobile and computing devices (Apple, Inc., 2013). Apple is headquartered out of Cupertino, California, but has retail centers all over the world. The Apple has hostess the largest online music and product distribution of any of its competitors. * The major factor that has lead to Apple, Inc. success has been its willingness to branch out into new markets with innovative ideas. This has lead to a wide mix of products to include: operating system platform, personal desktop, personal laptop, personal reading devices, personal media devices, Smartphone, music and application distribution, and television service. One of Apples key factors to success is their unwillingness to create an open source platform, thus making themselves the sole producer of products and services. *

* iGaming System
* New product description (use examples similar to new PS system, also all in one system for computer/gaming/entertainment) Apple Inc has been successful in creating and implementing products that keep their consumers eager for more. The market is always anxious to see what new ideas these top dogs are willing to risk and win at. The next arena that Apple is deciding to step into is the the $67 (as of 2012) billion gaming field (forbes.com). Its not a surprise that this industry would be the next stepping stone for apple considering that it is estimated to reach an immense figure of $87 billion in 2017 (forbes.com). The figures in every area of this specific industry are only growing. * The new product for Apple Inc will be known as iGaming System. This is n interactive electronic gaming device for entertainment via computer and/or television. The iGaming system will not only be meant for people wanting mere entertainment, but also for Companies will be able to use software for 3d projects in thing such as construction, interior design, architecture, and more. The iGaming system will be compatible with all other apple products such as iMac, MacBook pro, and iPad. Aside from the many purposes it has the ability to serve; the iGaming system will have the touch screen, as well as traditional features found in Apple’s iphones, ipads, and iMac computers. It will have a printer as well that will allow for image printing and even emailing of scores from games, or sketches depending on the gaming software used. Controllers will come as well much like the ipod touch. Consumers will have the option to download an app to their other apple devices (iPad) to view scores, and to even use them as a controller. The gaming world will definitely be a new field to play in, but with proper planning, and marketing, like their past and present products, the iGaming system will keep Apple inc in the lead. * Marketing Importance

Apple, Inc. has been successful in every market it has previously entered, but the company has been previously unwilling to enter into the gaming arena. Currently Apple, Inc.'s mobile operation system is the...
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