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  • Published : April 19, 2013
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Procedure 17.1
There was a paragraph that had to be read about Albinos and normal colored skin. In order to determine a list of things, such as these. List
Genotype of Children’s mother Aa
Genotype of children’s father aa
Possible gametes of mother Aa
Possible gametes of father aa
Possible offspring aa/Aa
Genotypic ratio of children Aa
Phenotypic ratio of children Dominant

Procedure 17.5
You had to see if cystic fibrosis was inherited as a dominant or recessive allele. There was a table on the paper that you could use to determine that.

Procedure 17.6
For this particular procedure you also had to determine if Huntington’s disease is inherited as a dominant or recessive allele. A table was provided in order to come up with that as well.

Procedure 17.7
Then for this procedure it was also pretty much like the other procedures. On this one you have to determine if Phenylketonuria is inherited as a dominant or recessive allele.

Table 17.1
Response | Number|
Heads-heads=PP=purple flowers| 18|
Heads-tails=Pp=purple flowers| 25|
Tails-tails=pp=white flowers| 21|

Table 17.3
Characteristic| Your Phenotype| Your Genotype| Dominant| Recessive| Widow’s peak| Dominant| WW| 7| 20|
Bent little finger| Recessive| bb| 2| 25|
Albanism| Dominant| AA| 27| 0|
Pigmented iris| Dominant| PP| 20| 7|
Attached earlobes| Dominant| AA| 21| 6|
Hitchhiker’s thumb| Dominant| HH| 19| 8|
Interlacing fingers| Recessive| cc| 19| 8|
Middigital hair| Dominant| Mm| 19| 8|
Dimpled chin| Recessive| mm| 7| 20|
Six fingers| Recessive| ss| 1| 26|

1. The ratio would be Phenotype is 3 purple: 1 white. Then Genotype is 1 PP: 2 Pp: 1 pp. 2. a. for the genotype it was sort of the same thing. Heads-tails has the greatest ratio. Then with phenotypes the ratio was still pretty much the same as well. 6. The ratio would be 1:2:1

9. Child 1 and Child 2...
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