I Believe in Giving

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I Believe in Giving

I believe that giving is the quintessential to living. Giving for me is like taking a breath of air, or the automatic beating of my heart. Giving to others gives me a feeling of happiness such as the sight of a rainbow, the sound of the waves crashing on shore or a clear night when you can see all of the stars. It is about making a difference in the life of someone that I may know well or someone that I just met for the first time. The rewards of giving are abundant and immeasurable, in my opinion. Giving can be as simple as a heartfelt smile or as complex as unconditional love. There are many different ways that I give of my love, time and even money. The unconditional love that I bestow upon my children is one of my favorite and most rewarding gifts. There are so many wonderful experiences that I have shared with both of my children; however, they both warmed my heart with a simple smile or a hearty laugh. The overwhelming warmth and joy that I felt the first time I heard “I love you mommy” and “you are the best mom” is just indescribable. The sound of that first big belly laugh when they were babies was like the most beautiful music I had ever heard. As a mother I may not always understand or relate to what my children are experiencing but I can still love them regardless. Giving of my time to someone who needs it is not something that I give a second thought to. I spend most of my free time at the nursing home that my grandmother currently resides in. My grandmother regularly says “you don’t need to spend your time here with all of these old people” but I view it differently. I know that she did not hesitate to change my stinky diaper, feed me the fabulous home cooked meals that I still recall her making, or bathing me and my filthy feet from playing outside all day. Spending time with her is my way of giving back to her in the same selfless way that she always gave to me. If I see someone that is in...
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