I Am Legend Essay

Topics: Film techniques, Book of Optics, Film editing Pages: 4 (1808 words) Published: October 22, 2012
I’ve been asked to write an essay on a film. I have been asked to pick a five minute scene from my chosen movie, I will be explaining and talking about how camera shots, miss-en-scene, sound and lightening effects the audience, also what the director want the audience to feel and understand. The movie that I have picked to do my essay on is the 2007 science fiction film I AM LEGEND. This film is based on RICHARD MATHESON'S 1954 novel under the same name and directed by Francis Lawrence. I AM LEGEND was distributed by the WARNER BROS.PICTURES. and released on DECEMBER 14TH 2007 in the USA.however the developing of the movie started way back in 1994 where several actors and directors were lined up to cast and produce the film, however due to financial and other problems the film was put on hold. NEW York City is where the movie was filmed and also included the BROOKLYN Bridge a $5 Million dollar scene which was the most expensive scene ever at that time. The movie begins with news broadcast where a scientist Dr. Alice Krippin played by Emma Thompson, who announce the invention of a new drug that could cure cancer saving millions of lives but does it all sound too good to be true?, then fast forwards three years later to the scenes of a post apocalyptic world where there seems to be no sign of human life. we hear car engine and from a birds eye view looking down on the city we see a moving car and then a close up inside the car that’s the first time the main character DR. ROBERT NEVILE played by WILL SMITH, and his dog SAM are introduced to the audience, through out the movie it becomes clear to the audience watching that the relation ship between ROBERT NEVILE and his dog is a very strong relationship and there are many scenes which showcase the bond between them non more than the scene I have chosen to do my essay on. And the story plays out to the myth that a dog is a mans best friend. The story line of the movie becomes very clear within the early moments of...
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