I Am Egyptian

Topics: Film, Egypt, Middle East Pages: 3 (577 words) Published: May 27, 2013
The phenomenon of cultural Deterioration in film production in Egypt after the Egyptian Revolution

·Problem Background

It was hoped that the cultural level of film production in Egypt after the revolution to be rised up to the global level of films that man can depend on to measure the cultural awarness of this countries since it is a kind of arts . But unfortunately, what happened was a case of strange intellectual deterioration led to the deterioration of the art of acting in general.That's where all the films produced after the revolution did not have any dramatic content and mostly were commercial films which were produced at the lowest cost to bring the maximum profit of it .

·Main Objectives
- First :
What we will try to uncover is whether this poor state of Egyptian cinema will continue or if is it all just a very difficult period of time on the country economically and socially that led to the low level of artistic creativity in the egyption film - Second :

Can the organizers of the Egyptian cinema now regain the leading position of the Egyptian cinema in the Middle East after the emergence of some of the neighboring country as a very strong competitor such as Turkey and Iran,competing not only in the Middle East but globaly in the field of cinema production . ·Methods

·Online Survey will be used.
scince it is :
-Low costs. Due to drastically lower overhead, collecting data does not have to cost you thousands of dollars. -Automation[->0] and real-time access. Respondents input their own data, and it is automatically stored electronically. Analysis thus becomes easier and can be streamlined, and is available immediately. -Less time. Rapid deployment and return times are possible with online surveys that cannot be attained by traditional methods. If you have bad contact information for some respondents, you'll know it almost right after you've sent out your surveys. -Convenience for respondents. They can...
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