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  • Published : September 10, 2012
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unning Head: I’m Going! 1

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ENG 125
Dr. English
29 July 2012

I’m Going! 2 I’m Going, A Comedy in One Act
Of this week’s readings the one that I found most interesting to myself was a farce, the short play entitled I’m Going, A Comedy of One Act. A farce can be defined as a comedy, a short play, in which both subtle humor and hilarity are developed through improbable situations, exaggeration and ridiculous antics. I am going to use the Formalist Approach of literary criticism to explain why the humor, well developed image and tone of the farce I’m Going, A Comedy of One Act spoke to me more than any of the other readings available during week one.

The Formalist Approach is the most widely and commonly used methods of literary criticism. The formalist approach takes into account the literary tools that were used to create a story and in what manner that they were used to make the story feel real to the reader of the story. There are a few different types of literary criticism, I feel that the formalist approach is the most useful when expressing the way that I interpreted the story.

The Image of the play was very clearly defined in the play I’m Going. From the very beging of the play the author painted a very clear image of the setting that the conversation to come would take place in. I think that creating a strong image can most easily be done with in a play. The reader has to use less imagination when trying to picture the image of the play in their mind. The image is very clearly written out as the scene of the play and the author does not give much room for varying opinions on the image of the play. For the play I’m Going the initial image of the play is in the living room of an apartment. Throughout the play the...
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