H.H. Holmes

Topics: H. H. Holmes, Serial killer, The Devil in the White City Pages: 8 (3086 words) Published: November 1, 2012

H. H. Holmes
Valerie Jones
Theories of Criminal Behavior September 23, 2012
Phillip Neely

Abstract The United States first known serial killer was named H. H. Holmes. H. H. Holmes would later be said to be an alias created by Herman Webster Mudgett who was a doctor. It was said that Herman as a child had a privileged childhood. As a young child Holmes appeared to be remarkably intellectual. According to Holmes’s personality traits; there were lingering signs of what was to come. It was at an early age Holmes had a connected curiosity of medicine, which was apparently directed to medicine. During much of Dr. Holmes life he started doing shady things at an early age and was considered a loner. According to research the starting point in H. H. Holmes spiral to murder would be as a child bullies initially wanted to scare Herman, his schoolmates forced human skeletons on him. Holmes was not scared actuality Holmes became fascinated. Holmes soon became obsessed with death. H. H. Holmes would later become a brilliant swindler, a petty cheat, who turned out to be a mass murderer; whom also had a tortuous mind. Holmes pyramided fraud upon fraud upon people who later became his victims of his crime. Holmes was a young, attractive, superficial man, who fascinated professional men and mesmerized nice young women, later three of whom he wedded bigamously. H.H. Holmes deserves to be one of the greatest criminals of time. Crime writers have reserved the word “monster” for murderers like H. H. Holmes. H. H. Holmes met these certain rigid requirements as seen later in his life. Life History According to records Herman was born in 1861 to Theodate Paige Price and Levi Horton Mudgett of Gilmanton, New Hampshire. They would be the first settlers in the area, Herman’s father became a vehement alcoholic and Herman’s mother was a God fearing woman who regularly read the Bible to her son. As Herman became older he studied medicine at The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. As a teenager, Herman would marry a daughter of a well-fixed New Hampshire family. It would be her and her family that would help educate Herman. It would be in mid-1878, in Alton, New Hampshire, When Herman would marry Clara Lovering, and have a son, Robert Lovering Mudgett, who would be born in February 1880 (As an adult Robert would become a CPA, in Orlando, Florida,). In Early1887 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Herman wedded Clara. Herman also married Myrta Belknap, and they would have a daughter, Lucy Theodate Holmes, was born July 1889. They moved to Englewood, Illinois (Lucy as an adult became a public schoolteacher). At school Holmes began his lifelong preoccupation with cadavers.

The Criminal Behavior In 1884, Herman would later graduate from the Medical School at the University of Michigan, after enrolling there he began to explore a new area or hobby. In medical school Holmes came up with the idea to take out insurance policies on bodies, that he would steal from the lab where he later disfigured them. Herman killed innocent people to collect insurance money. After Graduation Herman began to dabble in shady works, like pharmaceuticals and real estate deals that would fall under his created alias H. H. Holmes. Holmes had the perfect idea on getting rich and getting away with murder, which he did for a long time. He was a smart man the reason he could go so long without getting caught. After Holmes became a doctor; his wife and children returned to New Hampshire. Holmes finished school and was not seen again for more than 10 years. Later Holmes would...
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