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Topics: Credit card, Electronic commerce, Electronic money Pages: 41 (13536 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Chapter 1. Introduction

1.1 Electronic payment systems and their place in electronic commerce 1.1.1 E-commerce and electronic payment systems 1.1.2 Limitations of traditional payment systems in the context of online payments 1.1.3 The need for new payment systems designed for e-commerce 1.2 User acceptance: understanding and issues

1.3 Research objectives
1.4 Research scope
1.4.1 The role of electronic payments in customer e-commerce activities 1.4.2 Approach and methodology

Chapter 2. Classification and characteristics of electronic payment systems

2.1 Classification of payment systems
2.1.1 Introduction
2.1.2 Primary classification of payment systems 2.1.3 Further classification of account-based systems 2.1.4 Further classification of electronic cash systems 2.1.5 Payment mediation services vs. payment systems 2.2 Identifying the characteristics of payment systems

2.3 Advantages and limitations of payment models
2.3.1 Advantages and limitations of the electronic cash model 2.3.2 Advantages and limitations of the acount-based model 2.5 Conclusions

Chapter 3. User survey of electronic payment systems

3.1 User acceptance of electronic payment systems
3.2 Survey of users’ attitudes towards characteristics of payment systems 3.2.1 Survey participants
3.2.2 Questionnaire design and analysis 3.2.3 Survey results and discussion 3.2.4 Implications for user acceptanc

1.1 Electronic payment systems and their
place in electronic commerce
In the early 1990s the business and consumer world encountered a new way of conducting trade business, which was named electronic commerce (e-commerce). Over the years electronic commerce has evolved into a popular and acknowledged way of conducting business. While researchers are still trying to understand it and gauge its importance and turnover, e-commerce is changing and growing incredibly quickly, producing such extraordinary results from both business and customer perspective that its phenomenon cannot be overlooked by anyone who has ever thought of conducting business, whether in online or offline environments. With many organisations and people labouring in the field of e-commerce it has become very clear that ecommerce is here to stay and organisations and customers are trying to get maximum benefit from it.

E-commerce has become especially important in two interrelated dimensions, namely business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce. Business to-consumer e-commerce is enabling customers to have an increasing influence on products created, how products are customised, and how services are delivered. Ecommerce offers customers convenient shopping methods for products, information and services, electronic banking, and personal finance management. It is making it easier for consumers to find the desired products and services, match them more precisely to their requirements, and compare prices, (Vulkan, 2003). Several business models have been developed to support various customers’ needs, among them are online portals, content providers, transaction brokers and community creators. For business-to-business relations e-commerce facilitates the form of organisation where companies rely on suppliers and product distribution to respond more effectively to the changing market and customers demand and to achieve more efficient operation. This type of e-commerce relationships offers organisations the possibility to work in the...
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