E-Books Are Better Than Paper Books

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There are so many smart reasons to buy e-books rather than paperback books. How we read books has been changing over the years since the advent of the computer and other gadgets. People are reading online text at an astonishing rate. One of my websites has over 11 million page views.

That’s 11 million pages of text I wrote that nobody would have read without computers because it wouldn’t have been accessible. Here are some…

You can password protect your e-books, keeping them private for you! You don’t need to find a place to hide your romance novels around the house! E-books save paper (trees!).
E-books are weightless. Carry 25 e-books with you on your USB stick or 25 paperback books in your backpack – up to you! E-books can be read using a reader, desktop, notebook, PDA, phone, your TV, or sometimes you can print them yourself. Windows has a text to audio computer generated voice that will READ your e-book out loud for your if you want. E-books enable authors to retain all rights for publishing and distribution, movie syndication, audio, etc. E-books are MUCH cheaper than paperbacks. $13 – 15 for paperbacks. $1-6 for e-books. E-books don’t burn as easily as paper.

E-books have more photos.
E-books allow you save a copy easily on USB stick, memory stick, desktop, notebook, CD, DVD, Floppy, Phone memory, or camera memory! Mike Fook e-books are available in different formats for e-z reading: Kindle, Nook, PDF, Palm, Word, Text, Windows Mobile, Microsoft Reader. Mike Fook e-books can be bought in groups of chapters. If you don’t know if you want to buy the whole e-book – just buy the first quarter or half of the ebook… read it. Decide, is it worth purchasing the next half? This was something I never implemented – but, entirely possible. Mike Fook e-books are available in different reading formats to make it easier on your eyes. Paperback books are in one font in one format, like it or not. We give you many fonts and text formatting options to choose from...
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