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  • Published : April 12, 2013
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Wow a Complete Computer in a Ball (E-Ball) Wow a Complete Computer in a Ball (E-Ball) By Change | January 11, 2013 | Computer & Science

Now a day’s technology is very fast. The E-Ball is a smallest computer among laptop and desktop computer. The main concept of E-Ball is using the laser rays. The e-Ball is a Sphere shaped computer which is small in size. The E-Ball computer have all the concepts features like mouse, keyboard, large screen display like LCD, DVD recorder etc. The unique feature of E-Ball computer is that when we close it no one can guess that whole computer is hidden in the ball. When you want to open this then you will appear virtual keyboard, mouse and display screen.

Wow a Complete Computer in a Ball (E-Ball)

Steps how to open the E-Ball computer standard which is shown in figure to place on the flat place .The Standard can be opened simultaneously pressing the two buttons which is placed on the side of the E-Ball PC.

After open the standard of E-Ball you can open the keyboard just pressing and holding the ON\OF button for 5 seconds the projector pops up. After we turn the PC we can adjust the projection focus, size, keying with navigation button.

To take the output of the E-Ball computer you can do to open Paper holder it is on the back side of the E-Ball PC. We can use this Paper only those places where we don’t have wall to get screen. The holder can be opened by pressing it in the lower part. As it pops up it gets divided in three places and you can easily put the paper.

The final view of the E-Ball PC when it is completely opened as shown in the picture and it was designed for Microsoft Window operating system or you can say it is works on Microsoft window. The diameter of the ball is 160 mm.


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