A Zoo Can Teach You

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  • Published : November 14, 2011
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Q1.How has San diego adopted a Process perspective?
Ans: San Diego has adopted the process according to the following way 1.Competitive environment:
As San Diego had $75 Million revenue but there it faced the competitors like walt Disney and Anheuser-Busch owner of the nearby sea world that were the real gorillas. So to face such competition, it had to redesign its process to get high market share otherwise it might get a part of history.

2.Internal Changes:
Due to the world renowned scientific and conservation organization, it has to change it technical standard to cope with the environmental regulation and management challenges. As it has functional structure that everyone was throwing his responsibility on other, so it gives pace to change the organizational environment.

3.IT infrastructure:
Similarly, introduction of the IT get boom in the world due to its capability of work, so through it , the Zoo had chance to downsize it human resource and increase its efficiency.

So the above three main them were the major catalyst to change the process perspective from existed to a new and efficient system with dramatic improvement.

Q2:Contrast the process management approach used by the zoo with the traditional functional management view point?
Ans:in traditional functional management, zoo had 50 departments which solely were working on functional basis. Entire organization was divided in departments and hierarchy. So no one was care for the zoo except of it retention of job. There was no harmony among the employees of the zoo and didn’t care for each other. So if one was throwing cigarette trash on the way, he did it because he was thinking that the swiper is responsible to dispose it off.

In contrast, when the process management introduced in the zoo, it made the cross functional teams of the employees and delete the functional structure which create harmony among the employees. Now there is only three departments but all are working on...
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