A World Apart: a Comparison of the Italian Prison System to Ours

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  • Published : June 8, 2011
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university of phoenix|
A World Apart|
A Comparison of the Italian Prison System to Ours|
Matthew Kramer|


The Italian correctional system although much older than the American system are very comparable to each other. Both have come from fledgling institutions in the past that have both evolved because of officials in higher positions as well as concerned citizens that have voiced their opinions on how inmates are treated and how they are housed during their sentences. They have both experimented with the Pennsylvania and Auburn style types of correctional institutions. While America has primarily gone with just one of the models Italian prisons have taken a mix of both throughout their country. Their types of institutions are also pretty much the same as we have here with problems with overcrowding and underfunding. Italy has designated three separate penal housing authorities that are divided into three preventative detention institutions these are as follows: The preventive detention centers, the institutions for the execution of sentences and the institution of security measures.

However the building of these institutions has been a problem due to funding and has also placed many inmates in cells that are built for one inmate. America also has the same problem with overcrowding and underfunding causing our country to place more inmates in spaces that were not designed for that many people. We will not place more than two inmates to a cell as where in Italy you may see more than two in a cell for a period of time because there is nowhere else to put them. The institutions for the execution of sentencing are divided into sub groups of arrest centers and detention centers. The institutions of security measures are also broken up into prison farms, work homes, treatment and custody centres and judicial psychiatric hospitals. American correctional institutions also have something similar to this although most of these are...
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