A Village Doctor

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A Village Doctor

A village doctor is an important person in the village. A village doctor is known to us. He is more expert in killing than in healing নিরাময়. He is not highly educated. He gets some knowledge in druggists shop. Then he becomes a quack হাতুড়ে. A town has many qualified doctors. Some of them are even specialists, বিশেষজ্ঞদের but it is a matter of regret দু:খ প্রকাশ that there is no qualified doctor in a village.

His Dispensary:
A village doctor has a dispensary either at his home or at the market place. It is furnished with some chairs, a table and an Almirah with some medicines. His dispensary is simple. His stock of medicine is poor and consists of a few common and cheap varieties.

His Instruments:

He has a thermometer and a stethoscope in a small box. He carries this box when he goes to the patient’s house.

His Work:

He is a very busy man. His mobile phone is always busy. He gets up early in the morning and takes his simple breakfast. Then he goes to his dispensary and examines the patients. He can bandage a fracture; he can set a broken limb দেহের প্রত্যঙ্গ. He knows how to stop bleeding. He can use the catheter মূত্রনিষ্কাশনযন্ত্র if a patient does not pass urine. He attends his patient’s house by a bicycle or on foot. He is kind to his poor patients. He does not demand any large fee. He takes a very little fee. He gives them medicine at free of cost. Consequently এর ফলে, the poor villagers are highly benefited by a village doctor.

A Social Man:

In a word, he is a useful and influential প্রভাবশালী person in the village. A village doctor is kindhearted and is a friend to the villagers. He is, so to speak, a pillar of the village. He has high position in the society. He helps the villagers with money. He is often elected a member of the school Managing Committee.

He is the trusted friend of the villagers. The villagers love him very much. He takes care of their health. Though he is not...
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